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Tanning Mom Salon Owner

We Didn't Make Her Skin

Look Like 'Tree Bark'

5/10/2012 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0510_patricia_krentcil_splashThe owner of the salon where Tanning Mom went for regular UV treatment insists there's NO WAY he's responsible for turning her into a walking baseball mitt -- because her kind of tan isn't from a normal tanning bed.

City Tropics owner Anthony Ruccatano tells TMZ, Patricia Krentcil's extremely dark tan is more likely from a special sponge-on tan used by bodybuilders -- and it was NOT provided by City Tropics.

Anthony claims, "On stage [bodybuilders] look normal because the lights are so bright, but when they come outside it looks like tree bark." He adds, Patricia looks like she was "dipped in chocolate."

Anthony says Patricia paid $99 a month for unlimited tanning treatments at his facility -- tanning approximately 20-25 times a month.

Anthony also tells us, to the best of his knowledge ... Patricia's 5-year-old daughter was sitting in a car with her father the day she was allegedly burned on a tanning bed. Anthony previously told other media outlets the girl was in the building, just not in the tanning room.

As far as a Tanning Mom ban goes -- Anthony says, "I don't know if that's legal to do. So I wouldn't do it."



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Folks, please don't take this wrong but the first time a saw a photos of this nuked-skinned nut I thought she was in black-face. WTH!!!

862 days ago



You already proved this oompah loompah is a whack job. MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!

862 days ago


Oh my! I never want to see this woman again!! Please desist with her coverage!!! Its like seeing the inside of a diaper but even worse. Please tmz drop this hot turd

862 days ago

terri beck    

does anyone else think it's odd for a woman in the 55 plus age group to have a five year old daughter ?

862 days ago


i'd rather have tmz report on stuff like grandma.. it's better then hearing about the people who's sold their souls to the devil like the krapdashians or octougly or snookie(sounds like a pig call). this old lady is funny and not selling out or thinks she's something she is not like the devil people mentioned above...... hear snookie snookie snookie,lmfao...

862 days ago


She look like SH$T

862 days ago


she looks like she had a hard day under a car.. being dragged at least 20 miles, and the oil pan broke. gross.

862 days ago


In this pic, it looks like it's about to sneak down the hill into Whoville to steal their Crhistmas presents...

862 days ago


Thanks TMZ! You have show us exactly why our children think nothing of torturing and bullying classmates to suicide. It's a great example and so much fun!

862 days ago


She would probably feel like having sex with a cheese grater or Brillo pad!

862 days ago


Oompah Loompah doobity deeth...even the little guys have some teeth...

862 days ago


the fact that she looks like the crypt keeper makes her ugly obviously but this chick thinks shes hot too...i cant believe she has the balls to call somebody else fat, ugly and (this is my favorite one) jealous...omg it its interesting like looking at a car wreak

862 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Looks like we' ve found the next official SlimJim spokesperson.

862 days ago

The PR Verdict    

The PR Verdict: D (It's a Dud) for the tanning salons. Now that she's been threatened with police action they're banning her, but they had no trouble taking her money before--despite the fact that she's clearly baked herself beyond reasonable thought.

862 days ago


Are you kidding me? "tanning approximately 20-25 times a month." I can't imagine what that is doing to her health. This woman needs some serious therapy.

862 days ago
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