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Ashton Kutcher

The Steve Jobs Makeover

5/12/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Ashton Kutcher dressed as Steve JobsWearing a black turtleneck, jeans and New Balance sneakers, Ashton Kutcher was spotted in full character as Steve Jobs as he made his way to the set of the late Apple CEO's biopic in L.A. on Friday.

The 34-year-old "Two and a Half Men" star plays the visionary businessman during his younger years in a movie tentatively titled "Jobs: Get Inspired."


While Kutcher definitely looks the part, it remains to be seen if he can nail the role of a complicated man -- part hippie, part driven businessman, part brilliant, and part crazy.


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Seriously, isn't it too early to start making money off the guy's life? The guy just died. Geez!

706 days ago


Though he looks a bit like Steve Jobs, he is not a good actor.

706 days ago

The Truth    

Steven Jobs Loved Noah Wylie In Pirates of Silicon Valley

Steve Jobs himself said that he loved Noah Wylie’s portrayal of himself because Noah portrayed not only Jobs but his essence, what he was about inside.

Jobs had nothing but praise for Noah Wylie and helped select him for the part in Pirates of Silicon Valley.

Ashton is a far cry from someone in real life who can understand Jobs let alone try and become Jobs on film. The producers missed the boat on this one. All Ashton can do is say “dude” in everyone of his movies. Beyond that he has no depth or range as an actor.

Ashton, bow out now for the part. If you actually read Jobs book you would see you are in real life and in acting everything Jobs found superficial in life, no substance.

Steven had a word he like “Kanso” look it up Ashton and then move on.

To put it into words that you Ashton can understand “Dude, you suck”.

The Truth Hurts

706 days ago


Not a fan

706 days ago


He certainly looks like him as a younger man but I don't know if Ashton can give a good acting performance as Steve. We'll see. I like him on 2 1/2 Men even though it's really Alan carrying the show now.

706 days ago


My goodness! I can't tell the two apart in those pictures.

706 days ago


Your kidding right dumb ass kutcher no talent at all posing as this brillant jobs ...think hollywood ..your saying your skill set is not important

706 days ago


For the full Steve Jobs effect, Ashton will not shower for the next 6-months.

706 days ago


We all just got punk'd!

705 days ago


They must be basing this role on looks alone...if so the stoner guy from the TMZ mailroom could probably do a better job.

705 days ago


Maybe SJ's said "hey dude" alot!!

705 days ago


There are other actors out there that look simular to Jobs they just don't have as much name reconition, LIKE...Chris Marquette, Paul Dano and Patrick Fugit. All have better acting chops then Kutcher and could easily pull off crazy genius nerdy type.

Obviously the casting director was just looking for the famous name. A big mistake a lot of them make. Cause it usually turns what would have been an excellent movie into an okay one at best.

Me personally when I saw "Butterfly Effect" Ashton at his dramatic best (ugh) I would smile at the dramtic scenes. They didn't make me sad or sympathetic. I thought they were funny cause the acting was terrible. He usually has a slight smile when he is trying to be dramatic. Bad acting can turn a serious drama into a comedy at the drop of a hat.

I came up with 3 better choices off the top of my head. Maybe I should be a casting agent. Because unless the critics say that Kutcher somehow became an excellent actor overnight, I doubt I will see this. Same with the Lohan movie. It seems disrespectful to see these movies that are less about being a tribute and more about generating controversy in casting.

705 days ago


The bottom line is that Ashton Kutcher can't act. Full stop.

705 days ago


How can a moron play a brilliant man, unless he's a great actor, which he isn't.

705 days ago


What does it matter that he may resemble Jobs when he can't act his way out of a paper bag? Has AK EVER had a hit movie? Not to my knowledge. Must have one helluva an agent, though.

705 days ago
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