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Mena Suvari

Broke Ex Wants

Spousal Support

5/14/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mena Suvari's soon-to-be ex-husband is an admitted business failure ... so he wants Mena to fork over a whopping $17,000/month in spousal support as part of their divorce ... TMZ has learned. 

According to court docs filed earlier this week, Simone Sestito claims he has "negative balances" on all his personal and business accounts and has been forced to pay his bills with credit cards and loans from his parents. 

Sestito claims Mena makes $750,000/year, which includes a terrible Captain Morgan ad campaign she did that netted her $225,000.

Sestito claims he got used to eating out "almost everyday at high end restaurants" and lists his estimated monthly eating out expense as a whopping $3,000/month. A Happy Meal every once in a while wouldn't hurt!

Sestito is looking for $17,151/month in spousal support, plus an additional $10k for attorney fees. 

A judge has yet to rule. 

Mena's lawyer, Mark Gross, tells TMZ ... "It is unfortunate that Simone has chosen the spotlight of litigation over the privacy of mediation."



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My Big Salami    

$17,000 a month is little much. My ex-wife gets $383 dollars a month. She also was use to eating out (she loved Del Taco) So just to be fair I think his numbers need readjusting?

891 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

why does everyone say that this guy her ex husband made her get gang tattoos? I am pretty sure they are referring to the many tattoos of the number 13 they both have tattooed on them so that would mean it is either a La EME Mexican mafia tattoo or a sureneo or southern hispanic gang member tattoo or maybe some micro brew gang that is less well known to me please someone enlighten me.

891 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

why do these losers get divorced and say that they are used to a lifestyle and ask the judge to make someone pay for them to continue that lifestyle? seriously people who get used to having sex everyday while they were married should be able to ask the judge to rule that the wife has to pleasure them or pay for them to go to nevada to get their rocks off at brothal by this bs logic

891 days ago


Other then the american pie movie, I just saw her guest star on Psych a couple years ago. And she got the liqour add this year I'm assuming. But as for all the other years... where is she getting all this dough?

Anyway, women ask to be supported all the time when their ex was the breadwinner. Men should be able to aswell. I wouldn't think that would make them feel very manly though. But if it doesn't bug them...whatever.

891 days ago


maybe he should get a job.instead of being a failure and expecting her to take care of him

891 days ago


He got used to eating at high-end restaurants? And what? How is that his ex-wife's problem? Time to adapt to his new reality.

890 days ago


Women want equal rights...well here you go, sweetie!
If women can get alimony from their rich husbands for doing nothing then so should men.

890 days ago


Lifestyle should have nothing to do with deciding support. Both are able-bodied, and should just get jobs.

890 days ago


If I was a celebrity, I would never marry. This spousal and child support these ex-s expect are ridiculous. Just looking for a free ride the rest of their lives

890 days ago


I'm all for man or woman getting spousal support just until the person can get on their feet. However, not so you can have a 5,000 a month rent home and plastic surgery etc. Just because your spouse made a large sum of money during your marriage doesn't meant that when you divorce you should get enough money to continue that life style. As for your children, well as long as the house the children visit isn't a DCYF red flag then a child can live good with one parent and a little poorer with another. Happens all the time, and those kids are just fine. You divorce a spouse you happened to make more money than you is called "tough ****". That's life!!!

890 days ago

Just Reading    

Unless your a "stay at home" spouse who was essential to your former mates success aka raising the children, maintaining the house hold...this idea of being "entitled" to a lifestyle that you have become accustomed to is ridiculous. He needs to stop running up the credit cards he obviously can not pay, accept that he should get a job rather than continue to fail at business ventures most likely funded by his parents....oh and move back in with the parents if he can't afford a place to stay. Loser.

890 days ago


He has no shame what a loser asking a women to support him. Go get a job even at Berger King

890 days ago


This kid needs to get a job. Sounds like he was living off Mena for the enire marriage. Enough is enough.

890 days ago


Since this loser likes to eat out, has he considered getting a job?

890 days ago


He is a golddigger, and she is a fool. Did he ever work? Get a job! I understand huge monthly payments when there are kids involved, but not for a single spouse. In a childless marriage, I can understand spousal support to help the other spouse get on their feet, but a reasonable sum, and for a year tops! After that, you are on your own.

890 days ago
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