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Patrick Dempsey

Faces Doggone Dilemma

5/14/2012 3:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Grey's Anatomy" star and real-life car accident hero Patrick Dempsey is in dire need of rescue himself ... or at least his dogs are, but this story may have a happy ending.

Sources close to Patrick's dogs tell us, the actor adopted two American Bulldog-Staffordshire Terrier mixes from an animal rescue in Texas recently -- but the two dogs (sisters and both alphas) were literally at each other's throats ... and Patrick's worried they might kill each other.

So, the Dempseys decided to put BOTH dogs -- Daisy and Ginger -- up for adoption on Ace of Hearts private adoption website.

We're told the Dempseys wanted to keep one of the dogs, but listed both to maximize the chances of adoption.

Here's the good news. We're told it looks like someone from a good home is going to adopt Ginger, though it's not a done deal. If it goes through, Daisy will be firmly ensconced in the Dempsey homestead.

FYI, the Dempsey's are big into animal rescue. Among their adoptions -- an 80-pound tortoise from the Valley Wildlife Rescue Center.


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It's really not about the breed. I have a beautiful 11 year old Collie mix who has loved every kitten and male puppy foster dog I've had in the house. The second I brought in a female Lab/Border Collie to foster (due to my own ignorance), they went at it for all the marbles after one week of feeling each other out! Stunned me - I didn't know my dog could fight, much less would. She's great with male dogs, kittens/cats, children - but no females. It's a female Alpha thing - and it's worse if you have two females from the same litter....they do fight to the death if left to do so. Doesn't make her a bad dog - just makes her an "only child." Good luck with the adoption.

855 days ago


I adopted a beautiful American Bull Dog from Ace of Hearts and what a joke that plastic bitch who runs it is. She gives pet adoption a very bad name. I currently own 4 adopted rescues and have a lot of pet adoption experience. She put me thru such verbal abuse in front of my son and anyone in ear shot, but I couldn't give up on my dogs adoption as my son was already in LOVE with her. She granted us the adoption and then lied about my dog being micro chipped among other things. I support her work but not her tactics.
Good luck to those dogs.

855 days ago


How much for the 80-pound tortoise?

854 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Good man. We have 5 rescue dogs and couldn't be happier. It's one of the best things you can do.

854 days ago


Patrick Dempsey is getting a bad rap from many people who know less about dogs than he does. No matter how good the home, often two dominant bitches try to kill each other. (Male dogs tend to get along better.) Several people in my Obedience Training Club have had to -- with great reluctance -- rehome one of their bitches. As someone who is currently struggling with her first rescue, I admire Dempsey for bringing rescues into his home.


854 days ago


All of the people posting here about how he's giving up dogs without trying to train them must have skipped the part that both are dominant dogs that were at each others throats. He is doing the right thing by giving at least one dog up. It's best for the dogs and best for his family. Hate dumb ass dog haters that don't know **** about dogs and then post stupid stuff!!!!!!!!

759 days ago


Can't believe how ignorant these comments are. The dogs are fighting for the "alpha-bitch" status since both are females -- no matter if they're sisters.
So the Dempseys listed both for adoption -- the first adopted goes to a new home, the other stays with their family.
And having a certain breed -- oh no, pit bulls! -- does NOT mean they are risking their children. Some breeds have been abused and used for fighting or raised to be fighters, but any dog raised with love and discipline and good training is -- a good dog.
We have had pit bull mixes and boxers for many years with lots of kids around, and they're fine. Actually, the bigger the dog, the sweeter the temperament has been my observation.
Our latest puppy is a "masti-bully" -- half French Mastiff, half American Bulldog -- and she's a sweetheart.
Give 'em a chance.

78 days ago
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