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Usher's Ex-Wife

Don't Leave Me Homeless!

5/15/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

's ex-wife Tameka Foster will be out on the street in less than 60 days -- if Usher wants it that way, and she's totally freaked out.

Sources tell us, the couple -- who's trying to settle a nasty custody dispute -- is deadlocked in mediation, and the biggest bone of contention is Usher's Georgia mansion.

Tameka's currently living there -- but under the divorce settlement Usher can sell the property whenever he wants ... as long as he gives her a 60-day heads up.

We're told Tameka fears Usher is going to pull the trigger -- leaving her buried in legal debt with no place to live -- so she's asking him for a permanent home for her and Usher's kids.

Usher's response ... no way, no how. He says he's already paid her enough.

And that's why judges are in business. The trial continues later this month.


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In the words of the great Porky Pig....."T-that's why you g-get a p.....a pr......a p-p-p.....a p-pre....a prenup!"

890 days ago

n e person M/F who does not step up to the plateif they are able to should be considered dirt.

890 days ago


Guess she will have to get a job like most single mothers. I don't blame him, if she can't provide her children with a place to live, I am sure he can. I also do not think he would let his kids go homeless.

890 days ago


I really like Usher but this is just wrong. Why is it guys will treat you like **** when the next best thing comes along? #disappointed

890 days ago


well shizzzz. i am so sick of these two. you had TWO babies together, just get the hell along and let the kids have the slightest chance of not being drug addicted, porn players. crap, these two are so annoying!

890 days ago


If i were tameka i would expose ushers secret lifestyle she agreed to a certain amount for the marriage and the kids he is trying to not pay her i would keep taking him to court until i get my money. See these arrangement situations she be kept and usher is trying to get out of not paying tameka i would expose his double lifestyle that he is living in a book. your book will sell faster than his records

890 days ago


People seem to forget that this all started due to Usher canceling her Saks 5th Avenue charge card. Then all of the sudden she comes out with all of these crazy accusations.

This woman is using her children with Usher to fund her extravagant lifestyle. She abandoned her 3 other children with her ex husband when Usher came into the picture so I am betting that the only reason these kids are of any importance is because they are nothing more than a paycheck to her. IMO, Usher was too kind to this con artist (and yes she is a con artist like every other gold digging woman) and gave her more than she needed and deserved. Woman like Tameka need to be put in prison for fraud. They give good hardworking women like myself a horrible name.

890 days ago


Tameka, I am sure you put some money away while married to Usher. I also know that some apartments only cost $500/month. I am sure you can afford that. You won't be homeless. You'll just be forced to spend some of your *own* money.

890 days ago

HEAT Fan    

Sounds like a gold digger. Surely he's been paying her some money and she should have used it to find a place to live. She crying poor. My meter is going crazy!!

890 days ago



890 days ago

Jac Jac    

Everybody need to quit swinging off Ushers balls because you don't know the half you only know what TV allows you to see. Usher is not who is pretends to be he was never a good husband when they was married. He is hella cheap and petty and she really was the victim in the whole relationship. So while everyone thinks they know and you don't Usher uses his celebrity to get what he wants what ever he want's. She need to stop protecting him and call a news meeting and bust his ass out once and for all. If she ever bust him out he will go and hide under a rock.

890 days ago

Jac Jac    

For one thing everybody is so quick to speak on the business and don't know the half. Usher is not a good person and he was not a good husband when they were married. She need to call a news meeting and bust his ass out in front of the whole world so the public can see how he really gets down. Tameka has allowed him to get away with so much because of the back lash of bad press towards her, and he knows the public who is all star struck because he sings is going to ride his balls no matter what he do. If the public only knew the truth about Usher so many would stop buying his music and see him for who he really is. I'm not a fan of Ushers and i'm not star struck, I know the whole truth and nothing but.

890 days ago


The price you pay when you get married, no one told him to get married. He was doing very good single, these guys with wealth will never learn. He doesn't need a woman!!

890 days ago


i think enough is enough ,when concern safety of a man and two girls try to murder him ,this is have to go to a end,even i will be usher girl i will have this think on my mind to tell him to sale the mansion,tameka have money she can go and rent somewhere or if not return to his parents some woman do that they abuse to much and they have a time you must say enough is enough. those hate usher because he want to sale the mansion they have to understand usher divorced since end 2008 mean tameka was know she divorced to get time enough to look a place to stay that mean tameka never want to leave. and when is like that usher will never have a life on both way tameka and grace two crazy pscho girls try to kill usher.

889 days ago

evelyn riggins    

you talk about the man then threat him. You got go. Plus u want full custody. Usher are not your other kids father what he done. If I get u a house it will be a small three bedroom. Cause he only have 2 kids by u. that is not his job 2 find a place for your other 2 kids.

889 days ago
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