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'American Idol'

We Really, Really Want

Jennifer Lopez Back

5/16/2012 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez isn't sure if she'll come back for a third season of "American Idol," but the big cheese on the show says he wants her back in the worst way.

"A.I." EP Nigel Lythgoe tells TMZ, "We want her back. I want her back." Nigel is reacting to Lopez' comment on "Ellen," saying, "I don't know if I can go for a third year. I miss doing other things. It really does lock you down."

Nigel says, "I know how much she loves doing the show and how much she cares for the kids."  That said, Nigel adds, "It's a business. She has to weigh everything. I know she's gotten lots of offers to do movies and other things."

Ever the optimist, Nigel says by saying she "doesn't know" if she'll come back, it's classic negotiations, which means the door is open. Welcome to Hollywood.



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the people dont listen to the people she is a talentless moron

899 days ago


L9opez needs to jump ship or be pushed. All judges need to be let go. Instead of using substance, they went with celebrity. All of them are showing wear and tear. The format is losing relevancy. A.I. is one season away from oblivion. Nigel, you have to repackage with content, not glitz or stunts and manufactured emotions all wrapped up in a lack of sincerity . Man, How I'd love to set you back on track.

899 days ago


In other words, if they offer me anothe couple of million dollars, I'll stay.

899 days ago


They lost a third of their viewers, but can't do without this bitch?!? But what do I care. I'm hoping all the "reality" crap dies a horrible death. When these networks start losing money, then hopefully they will replace all their executives with people that will put on something worth watching.

899 days ago


Wait a Minute , Hold Up - Wasn't this bit*ch career practically over before American Idol stepped in ? She could not sell records or open a Movie anymore . She uses the show to promote herself , and now Oliver twists ask for more . Let her go , Idol - Let see what Happens to her .. Meanwhile - Randy has never asked for a raise

899 days ago


Good riddance. She's just a racist who either cries or throws tantrums every time a hispanic was sent home as if they were supposed to automatically win

899 days ago

Trooper Tom    

I find is some what amusing that some one like Lopez with her limited singing skills judges other people

899 days ago


Yuck. She is such a nasty piece of work. My family can't stand to watch the AI with her on it. btw, she is completely loathed in the entertainment industry. A fake, talentless, monster that is the worst diva possble and treats everyone around her like crap.

899 days ago


I can't believe how no one has speculated about JLO and her boy toy. She most likely cheated on Marc hence the divorce. Does the media have a gag order on that? She cheated on 1st husband(Ohani), she cheated on 2nd husband Chris(with Ben) and she is touted as being so wonderful. Incredible!!! Her music is so so, her acting is so contrived, and if you had her money you would never age.

899 days ago


Just offer her more money, like 5 million more and she will be back.

899 days ago


Every time I read something about "American Idol" it's ALWAYS something about the judges. Is it really about talent anymore? No, just drama.

899 days ago


As if being a Puerto Rican isn't bad enough, when she talks she sounds like a common Mexican FCS! J.Lo needs to take extensive classes in the English language - her Mexican accent is overbearing. She even looks like a Mexican...

899 days ago


I hope she goes, she has ruined this season and I am sick to death of her. I will not watch it anymore if she stays. It is like the JLo show. But, her and Randy telling people who to vote for is just too much. She does nothing to help these people, she just promotes the Hispanic one, that needs a lot of help.

899 days ago


Since anybody can judge bring in Ryan seacrest woman to judge.

899 days ago


Just wants more money. How much is enough?

899 days ago
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