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Kim Kardashian

Skechers Got

My Ass in Order

5/16/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
doesn't care WHAT the Federal Trade Commission says ... she says Skechers worked for her, and THAT'S why she became the company's pitch person.

Kim made a 1-year deal with the company, which touted Shape-Ups as a shoe that promotes toning and weight loss. The FTC now says the claims are bogus ... that there's no proof the shoes do squat.

But Kim is telling friends and family ... when she signed the original deal, she was a habitual Shape-Ups user and it toned the back of her legs and her considerable ass.

Kim says she signed a 1-year deal that ended in January, but even before the expiration she started to hear about the new research which showed the shoe didn't work, so she stopped promoting it all together.

Even though she wasn't about to promote the shoes for other people to wear, Kim had conflicting feelings about using the product herself.

Kim says she wouldn't endorse the shoe now -- but she's not throwing her Shape-Ups out.  She still has them and might still wear them.

Hope springs eternal.

11:00 AM PDT -- A rep for Skechers tells TMZ, the company stands by its toning claims despite agreeing to pay out $40 million in settlement costs. Under the settlement agreement, the rep says Skechers is still permitted to market  Shape-Ups as a toning shoe.

According to the rep, Skechers only agreed to settle because fighting every single lawsuit would've been really expensive.


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she just want a contract...thats that Kardashian Game lolol Kim u r hilarious!!!!

854 days ago


what's wrong with her tongue? looks like it is fungus coated and like a triangle shape...? oh, and anything she would advertise, I WOULD NOT BUY~~~~

854 days ago

Wow ...    

Of course she will defend the shoes, because she does not want her name associated with fraud ... again. Here is the thing, if it was all the shoe, why did she have a personal trainer??? She knows it is BS.

854 days ago


Enough with this lard ass bitch!!

854 days ago


I HATE Skechers they are the worse shoes company.... i will never wear them or feel them. I am Sorry KIM i will get anything but no Skechers for me....

854 days ago


I am really sick to death of this stupid, talentless, whore shes like a cancer that wont go away. Anyone that brought the trainers because they actually believed what this dumbass was saying about them deserve everything they get. This creature is a big fat liar nothing about her is real and all the endorsements she promotes are either frauds or she doesn't even use the endorsements. She is a disgusting human being and I pray to Go this bitch gets whats coming to her after all the horrible things shes done. Shes a disgrace to all women and a greedy, money hungry hag. I dont usually feel strongly disliking someone especially someone I dont know but this woman an her family just make my blood boil with their scams and tricks to make more millions and them getting away with it all. It needs to stop its a joke now.

854 days ago


The mother is a voodoo priestess~

854 days ago


Why hate on someone so much? What has she done to you? How does her life effect you soooooo much that you KK haters wait for any story on her and then bash her? If you don't like her - then don't read anything about her. Bunch of jealous haters is all any of you are!

854 days ago


While I'm not one to blindly trust the government, when the choice is to believe Kim Kardashian or believe the FTC, I'll go with the FTC. Heck, if the choice was between trusting Kim or the drunk homeless guy that sleeps under the overpass, I'd go with the drunk.

854 days ago


Sounds like a witch hunt! FTC is busting them for false claims that they can still claim post settlement... Harvey, does that make much sense to you? Something is fishy... TMZ should dig around on this one!

854 days ago


Does anyone out there believe this woman? The same woman who took a vow of marriage of love that ended several months later? She is all about money, lies, ratings and the bottom line. She is low class, fake in all ways--physically and as a person, and is a horrible, horrible person who's 5 minutes of fame are way up!!! HArd to believe a girl with fake everything who did a sex tape made it this far!!! It sickens me that she has made so much money off her inadequacies!

854 days ago


The more she is in the spotlight the more I dislike her. Shady shady shady

854 days ago

Jay W.     

Every time I see those lip glossed lips, I want to test her gag reflex. Dislike her or not... she's still
an attractive girl.

854 days ago



854 days ago


This skank would endorse anything for a paycheck. I can't believe companies don't realize the public is just sick of this entire family.

854 days ago
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