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Manny Pacquiao

Hits Boxing Gym After

'Death to Gays' Controversy

5/16/2012 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hours after a report surfaced in which Manny Pacquiao allegedly insinuated that all gay people should be put to death ... the boxer rolled over to his L.A. gym ... where he was SWARMED by adoring fans.

Manny ignited a media firestorm yesterday over an interview with National Conservative Examiner. Manny was asked about Obama's stance on gay marriage ... and the report made it seem as though he referenced Leviticus 20:13.

"If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads."

After the report surfaced, Manny was reportedly banned from The Grove in L.A. -- where he was supposed to do an interview with Mario Lopez from "Extra."

Instead, Manny hit the gym ... cheered on by his fans.

A rep for "Extra" tells us the interview has been rescheduled to a different location.  

So, we gotta ask ...

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Your choices aren't mutually exclusive. I think he should be ashamed AND I think he was just following the bible. I just wish these same people that are so against gays based on the bible would be true to the entire bible and come out in support of slavery.

868 days ago


The Bible Says:

"Thou Shall Not Butt Plug"

868 days ago


uh kill all the gay men? do you people know that means genocide? genocide is never okay. people spend so much time worrying about "the gays" when they have their own stuff they need to worry about. it is a sad day when someone like Manny says that genocide is okay just because people are gay.. and on quoting the bible? please that was a man written do***ent, the same men that formed the churches and have done many horrible things to one another in the name of power..

868 days ago


People getting mad about him voicing his opinion if being gay was so right then why don't half of hollywood come out the closet because it is millions of them in the industry i rest my case it is and abomination to god and same sex should not marry and god said that and i agree with it

868 days ago


Pacquiao NEVER said that Gays should be put to death. The author, Granville Ampong, just inserted the Bible quotes to add dramatic effect to Pacquiao's opposition to gay marriage. Again, Pacquiao never said nor quoted the bible, he NEVER said Gays should be put to death!

868 days ago

Adelina Benny Lopez    

If he is following the Bible,what happened to "Thou shall not kill?" All people are sons,daughters of God.

868 days ago


The lord decides what's what up in heaven. There are 2 kinds of unions. Churches are private, states r public. That's why everyone has 2 go 2 the regisrty 2 get the license.

868 days ago

News Flash     

That's right! Death to Hispanics oops I mean gays...

868 days ago

Barry D    

Manny and another person who has the view of its in the Bible so we must follow it should be asked this ?.How many slaves should we own? the Bible says"slaves obey your masters"so should we obey this too?

868 days ago


I admire his courage to exercise his right to free speech and express his morals. Nobody should be discriminated...including him and his speech.

868 days ago

Random passerby #100    

He oughta be ashamed. nothing wrong with gay people. they are just like you and me. just they have different sexual preference's

He's a horrible person and he should feel bad for it!

868 days ago


Leave Manny alone. Remember when our parents said, if you want to keep your friends, don;t discuss politics, or religion with them. I guess it's not a good idea to talk about people who are sexually deifferent either. Just add that to the list, of things not to talk about. A person who is not gay, has a problem understanding the concept. They can accept that another person is gay, but don't ask their opinion unless your ready to listen to something you don't want to hear. Just like religion, and politics.

868 days ago

Billy Bob    

Well, Mayweather just gained a new fan. I never thought I'd see the day.

868 days ago
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