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Wayne Newton

Accused of

Creepy Old Man Kisses

5/17/2012 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Wayne Newton
is a sexually deviant kiss fiend -- this according to a new lawsuit filed against Mr. Las Vegas.

70-year-old Wayne is being sued by a former business partner, who claims he invested millions to turn Newton's Vegas mansion into a museum -- and Newton torpedoed the project.

According to the lawsuit, Newton and his family continually interfered with the development plans -- refusing to vacate the mansion to allow construction to take place, failing to remove his horses and "vicious" dogs from the property, and refusing to turn over memorabilia crucial to the operation of the would-be museum.

But the shocking part ... Newton's ex-biz partner claims the Vegas icon was "so sexually reprehensible and intimidating" to a young female worker, the girl not only quit ... she threatened to sue.

According to the lawsuit, the girl claims Newton "engaged in obnoxious sexual behavior" -- forcing her to withstand constant "wet, sloppy, and disgusting" kisses that were "clearly of a sexual nature."

According to the lawsuit, the alleged affronts left the girl feeling violated -- "She had to brace herself every time she saw him for this inevitable assault."

Newton's ex-partner is suing for breach of contract and fraud, demanding unspecified damages. The girl mentioned in the papers has yet to file her own lawsuit.


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Another piece of garbage to extort money from a wealthy, famous senior citizen. I don't think Mr. Wayne Newton is only 71 because when he did Dancing With the Stars a few years back he was already in his 70s then. And Chery Burke her prefessional dance partner then had ONLY GREAT WORDS describing Mr. Newton and the two even became good friends. Why do gold digging blackmailers would wait for yeeeaarrrss to press charges? These extortionists are sickening.

858 days ago


I met Wayne Newton 9 years ago and hung out back stage with him and his wife. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He was very friendly and not in a creepy way. Him and his wife have done alot of things for our troops and they are just really nice people. I'm not buying this crap.

858 days ago

Steve Kam    

Give it up.................
People will do anything for a Buck.....................
Wayne is a Great Guy, Mr. Las Vegas!
Met him, Great Guy!

857 days ago

Tom Jensen    

I worked with Wayne on a movie and he was a complete gentleman to everyone.

851 days ago

Jerri Glendening    

If Wayne's kisses were so offensive to her and she knew he would be in her vicinity-then why didn't she go to another area away from him. Don't blast Wayne if you don't like him, then go somewhere else. And, I'm sure he didn't just grab you and 'slobber' all over you! I defitnately think you gave him the 'famous come-on' why else would you continue to stay in the same place all the time? And, I'm sure you were getting some pretty good money working for him too. Just trying to make money quick and make a bad name for him. You probably worked a deal with someone to share the money you would be getting. Get a life and a 'new job'.
Loyal to the end for ever, Jerri Glendening

834 days ago

been threre...    

you should not have to leave a job you love-in this case caring for horses-just because you have caught the attention of some old fossil with a big libido. this is 2012 people and that is why there are laws to protect us. To run away allows him to do this to someone else. Besides what better way to teach the relic a lesson than to hit him in the purse I always say, You go girl!!!

826 days ago

been threre...    

First off this young woman you have all maligned has yet to bring her side forth or file a suit. And this is 2012 people no one has the right to sexually harass you in the work place. You shouldn't have to run and hide or quit your job. You women out there should be ashamed of yourself! For the record this young woman- a college honor grad in her field of equine management- is only guilty of loving her job-which meant caring for horses- who were abuses at that, and she shouldn't have to put up with some old fossil trying to get a cheap thrill. And there are always 2 sides to a story. And the kissing, as disgusting as it is isn't even the crux of her side.Just because Wayne Newton is a celebrity don't for one minute believe that he is being persecuted. Steve Kennedy and Lacy Harber made that mistake when they attempted to bail the man out. His home was in foreclosure because he owed so many people money. If you don't believe what a lying fraud Newton is then ask O. Bruton Smith ( Motorsports Raceway) who was glibly talked into signing for a 3.35 million dollars loan by his good friends Wayne and Kat Newton and they never made a payment. Or even bothered to talk to the man after they got what they wanted. Or how about Monty Ward the pilot and loyal employee who Wayne promised but never paid to the tune of $500,000 or the 19 year-old hay supplier who Wayno owed $32,000 or the mason, or the seamstress, or the dry cleaner who was put out business because they couldn't afford a lawyer to sue for what was owed. Wayne and Kat Newton are very very good at conniving what they want out of people and always at that person's expense. Why is it that we all see celebrity and are immediately taken in. This valley is full of people that Newton has screwed. Come on 2 minutes on a movie set or on stage does not an opinion make! The man is a carefully packaged image that has definitely worn thin. And that comment here from Ken Sasaki -who by the way is Wayne's lawyer and one who stands to make the most from this suit if Wayne decides to pay him that is... is only one side and chock full of lies. Before you throw stones people do some research. The truth is out there!!! the internet is full of it...

826 days ago

been threre...    

Jerri Glendening I hope you check back because you don't have a clue what you are talking about. You must be one of those Wayneiacs- an endangered species because anyone who knows anything about Wayne Newton will tell you the man is a fake. first off he pays crap to his workers that is if he pays them at all. He is more likely to sic his dogs on them than anything. Don't you know you are supposed to work for Wayne just for the privilege of working for Wayne. The young college grad NEVER did a come on to him but treated him and his horses with respect and complete professionalism despite his wife's petty jealousy and Wayne's unacceptable behavior. And for the record he did grab and slobber all over her. And furthermore, most people who are in the equine field are not doing it to make money but for the love of the animals. The young woman has not filed suit and Wayne did not fire her because she did not work for him, but for CSD. And no one is in cahoots because if a suit is filed it will be against CSD too as they knew what was going on an failed to take preventive measures so it would not happen again. When the entire events come out I dare say that even you Jerri will be shocked and horrified over what your idol is capable of !! Because Wayne is a celebrity everyone bent over to please him that is until he finally went too far. Now he will be taken to task from all sides as he should be. Enough is enough! Someone has to take him down!

826 days ago

been threre...    

I can’t believe that I am reading this garbage—you women should be ashamed of yourself! This is 2012 people and there are laws against sexual harassment in the work place—male or female. And because this continues to happen thank goodness for the Gloria Allreds of the world! This young woman should not have to run and hide when a horn toad comes to the barn. Or make a stand and lose a job she loves—which in this case is caring for horses —abused horses at that, just because she has attracted the attention of some old fossil who wants a cheap thrill. For the record; she is a college honor grad in her field of Equine Management and has been riding horses all her life. She could be your daughter or even you. And she did go to management with her complaints and the kissing was not the least of it. The young woman you are maligning has not even presented her side nor has she filed a suit—yet.
And just because Wayne Newton is a celebrity don’t be fooled into thinking that he is being persecuted. His currents business partners Steve Kennedy and Lacy Harber were suckered in by the same BS line. Nice guy? You have no idea…. Three minutes spent in his company on a movie set, or on stage or even reading of his great troop sacrifices does not an opinion make unless you are totally naive. The sacrifices are from our troops not him or any other visiting celebrity— just saying.
. Wayne Newton is nothing more than a carefully packaged image, despite all the plastic surgery, which should only go to prove how fake he really is. He has made a career out of screwing people who try to help him. If you don’t believe me just ask O. Bruton Smith (Motorsports Raceway) a longtime friend of Wayne and Kat who was suckered into signing for a 3.5 million dollar loan rewrite from Bank of America. And it must have been some persuasive conversation too as the Newton’s put up their house and broken plane as collateral. They never made a payment on the loan nor did they have the class to even respond to their good friend when he tried over and over to contact them. With no options left, Smith foreclosed on the property.
You can also ask Monty Ward, Wayne’s former pilot and long-time employee who was also suckered in by a glib tongue and empty promises and was never paid to the tune of $500,000. He too foreclosed on their property; remember the moving vans of 2009? You can also ask that 19 year-old feed grower who surely thought he hit pay-dirt when the great Wayne Newton wanted to buy his hay. Well $33,000 later—he too was in court disillusioned by celebrity, no doubt. And then there is a mason, a dry cleaner, a seamstress, a caterer and so many, many more who were put out of business because they didn’t have the money for a lawyer to fight for what was owed them. Seems like the only real friend Wayne Newton has is the legal community. God knows he gives them a lot of business. Which by the way, Ken Sasaki, on this comment board, is one of Wayne Newton’s attorneys who himself stands to make a lot of money from Wayne’s newest foible that is if Wayne decides to pay him.
And now Wayne is suing the newest duo to bail him out; Steve Kennedy and Lacy Harber. And I do mean bail him out despite all the lies that have been written. His home was in foreclosure and at the 11th hour Kennedy and Harber (CSD LLC) gave Wayne and Kat the ultimate bailout. With several liens against the property they bought it for 19.5 million and even paid off all Newton’s debts. We should all be so lucky. Just ask anyone across the Vegas Valley and you’ll see that he is no beloved Mr. Las Vegas— a weasel would serve as a better city mascot. And now he wants out of the contract. An incredible contract by the way, which included a new mansion, a dinner theater and museum had Wayne not sabotaged the entire project including forcing CSD to let go more than 100 local workers.
And now he has finally been accused of sexual harassment and animal abuse instead of simply not paying his bills. The true portrait of the man and his wife is now complete. I, for one, hope his newest victim— because I am sure there are many more— does sue the pants off him because to run and hide or just quietly go away assures the fact that Wayne will inflict his disgusting behavior on someone else.
There is sooooo much more to this story which will come out eventually and when it does read it with an open mind and minus the celebrity blinders. And next time before you seek to malign someone— at least have the common decency to do your homework. It’s all on the internet. Wayne Newton is a pompous ego-maniac and a complete fraud!!!

826 days ago
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