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John Cena's Wife

You Can't Divorce Me

... Yet

5/18/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Cena
's wife REFUSES to let the wrestler file for divorce -- at least the way he's doing it now -- and to prove she means business, she's asking a judge to throw out the WWE legend's divorce papers.

Elizabeth Cena just filed legal docs in Florida, claiming John's recent divorce petition is riddled with errors ... and should be dismissed.

According to Elizabeth, John inaccurately refers to her by her maiden name (Huberdeau) instead of her legal name (Cena). As a result, Elizabeth says John fails to bring "a proper dissolution of marriage action" against her.

Elizabeth also claims John failed to attach the prenup he references in his initial divorce filing -- a copy of which MUST be attached in order for the filing to be valid.

Elizabeth also takes issues with John's claim that there's no marital property -- Elizabeth insists there is ... and she wants her share.

For all these reasons, Elizabeth wants a judge to dismiss John's petition and force him to re-file ... if he dares.

Calls to John's people were not returned.

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No Avatar


If John Travolta has any more accusers come forward, he should just have a penis for a head.

887 days ago


Looks like this divorce is going to get nasty very quickly. Too bad since these two were high school sweethearts and knew each other for years. I think she should simply accept that he doesn't want to be married to her and proceed legally. You can't make someone want to stay married to you and forcing him to refile serves no purpose but to cause him trouble which she clearly wants to do. John probably wishes "he can't see her". ;)

887 days ago


Well they said there is a prenup. So maybe in it if they are married a little longer she gets more money, so she is stalling the court process. Who knows...

887 days ago


LOL....He has a right to take away his name from you....lol.....so how about you be happy with your original maiden name? And hell he's not your property....let him go than trying to be a clingy with nonsense excuses.

887 days ago


Drive-thru divorce windows coming soon to a city near you...

887 days ago


Good. Take him for everything he's got because he passed down to her whatever the ring rats have had over the years.

887 days ago


I see this is going to be nasty. And she is just a gold digger. I wish I could read that prenup.

887 days ago


That's her attorney talking and a lawyer legal move. She wanted a big shot lawyer and all her attorney is looking to do is rack up legal fees and to make this really messy with stupid legal motions that are meaningless so she can line her pockets a little more.

887 days ago


I wonder how long it will be before she starts claiming he is gsy or abused her & then the bint will try & him for everything he has. BTW i tought these losers who post thses lame ad websites were bsnned from advertisisng thier lame virus laden sites.

887 days ago


Cena is a 'roid head. His testicles are probably like bb's now. Yuck.

887 days ago


I see some lies in her story from the beginning. First she says he "blind sided her". How can someone blind side you, when you are approached with a pre-divorce settlement paper prior to John filing? then the same day John filed, she hires the same attorney that Linda Hogan hired. So that tells me that she is trying to get as much as Linda did from Hulk. But the only difference here is that John was smart, he has a prenup on his side. Hulk didn't. You watch she will request to keep her married name and then try and cash in on the name "Cena" later down the ilne. Remember Linda Hogan wrote a book after her divorce was settled. Making all these false accusations again Hulk. I see some mud slinging coming very soon. All this woman see is $$$ signs.

887 days ago


Wow, I can see why John wants out. She sounds pretty creepy.

887 days ago


I can never imagine forcing a person to stay married to me. Why would you want to be with someone when they no longer want to be with you?

887 days ago


She needs an attitude adjustment

887 days ago


So another wallet chasing woman wants half of what a man has built over his life. In John Cenas case, 15 years. She been married for just 2 years, (End of 2009), and think she is entitled to half of his riches he made before he even met her. How about women doing this. You not handicapped. get off your lazy behind and get a job. And people wonder why more men and especially rich men are not getting married these days. lol

887 days ago
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