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Corey Feldman

Has Woman Arrested for

Violating Stay Away Order

5/19/2012 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman was arrested at the home of Corey Feldman last night, TMZ has learned, after law enforcement sources tell us she violated a stay away order the actor had against her.

According to our sources, Corey had allowed the woman to stay in his home (for how long is unclear) but he recently decided he wanted her out. We're told she refused to leave and Feldman couldn't have her kicked out because of a strange provision in the squatter's rights law in California. 

So our sources say Feldman got the stay away order, which she allegedly violated last night. We're told Feldman had his bodyguard place her under citizen's arrest until police arrived. 

The woman was eventually arrested and bailed out at around 1:15 AM this morning. Our sources say she then called the cops herself ... to have them escort her back to Feldman's place so she could get her things. 

Feldman tweeted throughout the ordeal, finally saying last night, "PSYCHO STALKER UPDATE: SHE IS CURRENTLY BEHIND BARS!!! Lets hope she stays there for a while. Thank U all 4 your LOVE n SUPPORT thru this!!"


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One of the few times anyone pays attention to him.He probably loves his 15 minutes refill.

854 days ago


I thought this dude was dead. I mean this dud was dead. Let's just forget we even heard anything about him. He'll obviously call TMZ to tell them anything that will get him coverage. Hey, I hear screech from saved by the bell is on the other line, bet he's got something interesting to tell me...

854 days ago


he is go to jail next day?

854 days ago


Cory Feldman has a home?

854 days ago


does not surprise me that he doesn't want a women chasing him, he is Gay. Who in their right mind dresses up as Michael Jackson?

854 days ago


If I were as famous as Corey Feldman I'd be having the sex with all the hos in Hollywood! Fo reals yo!

854 days ago


I wish I could put my bare ass on his toilet seat....that would be the ultimate number one fan moment!

854 days ago


This seems kind of chicken$hit. He let her stay there so she isn't a stalker. She is some woman he got involved with and now he needs the cops to clear it up. Sitting there tweeting about psychos while the police waste their time handing your business is really weak.

854 days ago

Throwback kid    

There was nothing funnier, and I mean nothing! than when Corey Feldman was in his Michael Jackson faze. He used to wear pancacke makeup on his already white face, and wear a red jacket and fedora just like Jackson. Then he would go into full Jacko Mode and bust out all of Jackson's dance moves. I kind of feel sorry for Feldman, since Stand By Me it's been all down hill for him and he wishes he could go back to 1985

854 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

I found a lost song and video of this douchebag...
I Love it!!!

Michael Jackson - Unreleased song - - Corey Feldman's not my son

854 days ago


He did the same thing at O.J Simpsons house. I dislike him because on the stand in court he helped O.J go free.

854 days ago

BB not bb    

This is weird how if you let someone stay as a guest, they can act like they are entitled to stay there without paying rent or being on the deed or lease or being wanted there. It happnes in ohter states too. I am not sure how he got a restraining order though. I thought there had to be violence to get that.

Sometimes police will just throw people out and sometimes they won't. I think she is more of a moocher maybe than a stalker. Even if she gave him some form of rent, I don't know if she can stay there if there was no contract.

854 days ago


Forget about my previous post. I was thinking of Kato Kaelin.

854 days ago


He should hangout with that 70s show chick. She has had rough roommates also.

854 days ago

Paul B    

When is this fool going to realise we are not interested in him. He is just an absolute waste of space. TMZ must be disparate for a story. Go away Corey...He is a exaggerator of the biggest kind making out that him and MJ were best friends.

854 days ago
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