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Lindsay Lohan

Declares Wardrobe

On Liz Taylor

5/21/2012 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's finally looking the part -- trying on some crucial Elizabeth Taylor-inspired outfits for her new movie ... and TMZ has obtained pics of the wardrobe action.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, the actress is dead set on nailing Liz Taylor in her upcoming Lifetime movie "Liz and Dick" -- so she's spending countless hours trying to pick out the PERFECT outfits for the role.

We’re told Lindsay has final say on all wardrobe decisions for the film and has been giving major input into how to perfect Liz’s looks.

As we reported, Lindsay's been obsessing over Liz trying to get into the Hollywood legend's head, studying her constantly for the last few months.

The photos were snapped earlier this week during a wardrobe fitting. The first outfit was selected to recreate a famous photo shoot from Elizabeth's teenage years. The second is based on a Valentino dress Liz once wore.

"Liz and Dick" is scheduled to start shooting next month.



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Those shots are a little bit suspicious to me now....Just how old are they ? . super-thin, no bloat..on puffy lips...NO TATOOs---if this is what she looks like after they detoxed and debloated her ass...they should have left well enough along she looks worse now...No wonder she slipped her chain and jetted off last night..

864 days ago


UM, I could see Megan Fox "possibly" playing Liz Taylor, but LINDSAY LOHAN!?!?? I truly dont get it. Unless its a low budget movie, THEN I would understand

864 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

She looks so good.
So excited to see this.

864 days ago


Good Morning. Top pic. Look at the gorgeous Liz, then look at that SLAG on the left. THIS is playing Liz.

864 days ago


She just doesn't have Elizabeth's lovely,soft figure. She looks boney and scrawny. Elizabeth was divinely beautiful. Hard for anyone to pull off. Elizabeth was no saint, true.She would take who she wanted. Was a little short on morals,like most Hollywood people are.Still,she was special.

864 days ago

Ellie G    

I cant believe she goes out in public with her hair looking like that... Oh wait its Lindsay, I guess I can believe it.

864 days ago


Finally a new thread!These are hideous costumes.Droopy needs a girdle for some puppy support.

864 days ago


Dita Von Teese would have made a much better Image of Elizabeth Taylor. Actually Elizabeth Hated anyone to call her Liz. Dita Von Teese looalmost like Elizabeth looked especially when she was in her thirties and forties. Lohan has bony arms and she is a carpenter's dream: Flat as board. She may not thinks she's flat but compared to Ms Taylor, Lohan is flat. I don;t understand who picked Lonhan to play elizabeth Taylor.. It doesn' t jive..Lookat the two of them or is all the cha g going to be wigs makeiup, padded add ons when if thye chose Dita Von Teese, they wouldnt have had to go thru all that fake stuff. Von Teese is the real thing including the Bristish accent Elizabeth had..Oh it just gets me so pist off having lohan play this part. I don't even want to see the damned thing.

864 days ago


She looks more like a crack head than a true movie star like E.Taylor.

864 days ago


Somebody has got to stop this silly muppet from trashing an iconic figure like Liz Taylor. Aside from that, fueling this girls addiction by enabling her psychosis of thinking she is in the same league as Marilyn or Liz is awful. This girl needs to go away for a year and clean herself out and get away from these sick sycophants who are telling her anything she wants to here just to be around and in the end will likely kill another once promising child actor. She needs a reality check.

864 days ago


Even when you don't consider her terrible acting ability, she'll never be able to pull it off. She has a nasty body and terrible posture. Regardless of what she's wearing, she will look like the trash that she is. Probably not a good idea to give her final say, either, considering how she constantly dresses like a meth addict. Elizabeth had grace and class, two things you either have or you do not. Lindsay will never have either and will never be able to fool people into thinking she has them.

864 days ago


lindsay looks beautiful in that red dress - im glad she's focusing on her career - hopefully this will just be the beginning for her and she'll continue to do well - id much rather see celebrities in more of this light

864 days ago


Why are there price tags on the shoes? Maybe she is really at some consignment shop with a few paps & make believing she is ins wardrobe~"Im ready for my close up"{in brillo pad voice}

864 days ago


it not often (ok, never) that I agree with Rosie O'Donnell...but really..this is disgraceful.... of all the talented actresses in Hollywood, why give the part of an icon to this piece of human filth? She's not pretty, she's not talented, she has nothing to contribute and needs to be put down like a dog (in fact...dogs deserve to live more ).. Liz had more class in her smallest fart than Lilo will ever have in her whole body...

864 days ago

Red Cloud    

Don't know anything about Liz Taylor, but I know Lindsay will get it down as correct as correct could possibly be. She is aware of the opportunity here and has more than enough talent to get it right. Of course you cannot understand this if you're a delusional nut job hater. Now exactly what do you "think" she's doing instead of preparing??? Is she coking and drinking and punching people and stealing???? Is she, really?


864 days ago
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