'America's Got Talent' Star My Smashed Nuts Are Fine!

5/22/2012 11:55 AM PDT

'America's Got Talent' Star -- My Smashed Nuts Are Fine!


Don't worry America -- the guy who got his nads bashed about a million times on "America's Got Talent" this week, tells TMZ ... his family jewels are totally fine.

In case you missed it ... Zac Gordon -- known as "The Horse" -- shocked the audience with his talent when he let people KICK HIM IN THE NUTS ... break boards on his nuts AND smash a cinder block with a sledgehammer ... on his nuts!!!!

Now Horse assures TMZ ... contrary to how painful his act looked his balls suffered no injuries and tells us, "No cup! I've been doing this 10 years and I'm healthy as a horse!"

Gordon also tells us he's previously consulted with his uncle -- who is a doctor -- and his "talent" is not a medical concern.

Good thing because Howard Stern, Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne all said yes to his nut-smashing skills ... sending him through to the next round, where he's sure to take another beating.

Balls. Of. Steel.