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Pauly D's a Hack!!!

5/22/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pauly D
's a no-talent poser -- at least according to electronic music legend Deadmau5.

The famed mouse-headed DJ was shooting a music video in LA over the weekend -- when we asked if he thought the "Jersey Shore" star had any real DJ talent. Deadmau5 responded, "No, not really."

DM's Pauly D jab comes in the wake of a little Twitter feud last week -- when Mr. Mau5 publicly bashed Pauly's new music video, saying it looked embarrassingly cheap ... "like it cost about $150 to make."

Pauly said he was flattered that DM even deigned to criticize him -- but now, Deadmau5 says the entire embarrassing Internet standoff could have been avoided ... if Pauly did ONE thing differently ... watch the clip.


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Legend? Really?

886 days ago


First things first, Pauly D is a horrible DJ. But Deadmau5 is the last person that should be talking about this. He's a producer and a laptop DJ. He lets computers beat match and all of his mixes are pre programmed. If it was a real DJ slamming Pauly D it would be different.

But he is right, Pauly D is a joke. Easily the worst big name headlining DJ in the world. And nobody else is even close. Nobody goes to see him twice.

886 days ago

My Big Salami    

Legend? This guy is somebody who plays other peoples music? Hmmm.. but cant play any instuments or sing or write?....Ya this sounds like everyone on the 405 freeway stuck in traffic listening to tunes coming home from work!....According to TMZ that makes us legends! Cool!

886 days ago


I've never seen an episode of Jersey Shore, but I know Deadmau5 sleeps with underage girls, so he should probably keeps his critical opinions to himself because he'll look really stupid when he gets busted some day.

886 days ago


Also, Samantha Ronson has to be #1 worst DJ, I'd actually rather have Pauly-whoever than that sour-faced super c*nt that hooks up her Macbook to her Ipod and pushes buttons, calling herself a "DJ".

886 days ago


Wow!Deadmau5 in one fell swoop has dissed the very people,DJ's...who buy his music.Quote"Does any dj really have talent....Is this song player better than this other song player".I'm speechless.He's dumbed down and minimized what it is the DJ does.The very people who play his music out at clubs,events and parties.I've lost a lotta respect for him.Read between the lines.

886 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

deadmau5 is entitled to critique paully d in my opinion , paully d is not a good dj/producer or anything in music

886 days ago

BB not bb    

I don't think Pauly D sounds musical either. I think it is his personality that draws people. People want to be at a party where he is. Then he has the whole turntables setup to play music, but I don't hear him adding much to the music if anything.

I don't think most people who go out know how to listen to music any more. I think they go there to adopt the personality of the performer, and Pauly D has an appealing personality, so there you go. They want to worship the performer or act like they are united by his personality.

I think musical events are turning into cult rallies. It is creepy and sickening. People cheer at just about anything that happens. I have never been to a Pauly show, but this is the impression I have from other shows and what I see in clips.

I think DJs's do add to the music if they know how to line up the songs or say something interesting. I know this from the radio or a few DJ'd events. I don't feel that way when I hear Pauly. I just think, I don't get it.

I really don't even know about this Deadmau5 guy except that he is popular. It seems to me like he couldn't give a straight answer. I think he wanted to say Pauly had no musical talent but then backtracked.

They do say the right attitude takes you farther than talent, so maybe this is proof.

886 days ago

She's baaaack    

... and we needed *you* to tell us that?

886 days ago


The way the story was written was in no way how Deadmau5 spoke about Pauly D in the video. "Does Pauly D have talent?" "No, but do any of us have talent?" A lot different than Pauly D is a HACK like the writer exclaims. Either way, I would rather listen to Deadmau5 over Pauly D. Just my opinion.

886 days ago


Of course TMZ would find a way to screw up Joel saying that Pauly D shouldn't have asked for people's opinions. Instead they infer that Joel calls the [pretty ****ing ****ty] DJ a "hack" and "no-talent poser." Wow this was a waste of time.

886 days ago


wtf tmz did you not hear your own video DEADMAU5 did not say Pauly D's was a Hack.

You twist what people say all the time, ****ing liars.

886 days ago


I don't get it. He didn't really say anything bad about him at all. Pretty obvious case of sh*+ starting.

886 days ago


LOL I know the name Pauly D but have never heard of this Deadmau5 fellow. Maybe that's his problem, he's been working at this for a long time and along comes this upstart and more people know who he is. Sour grapes maybe.? BTW his critique of Pauly was no where near as harsh as your headline makes out.

886 days ago


Wow, you guys really took Deadmau5 's words out of context.

886 days ago
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