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Rob Lowe

You're Gonna Dig

My Casey Anthony Movie

5/22/2012 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Lowe is getting ready to re-try Casey Anthony ... in an upcoming movie about the infamous murder case ... and the actor tells TMZ he's VERY confident people are "gonna dig it."

Lowe was in Malibu yesterday when we asked about "Prosecuting Casey Anthony" -- a Lifetime flick in which Rob is set to play Jeff Ashton, the man who prosecuted Tot Mom for the alleged murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony.

Rob tells TMZ, "It's gonna be interesting ... I think people are gonna dig it ... great script."

Lowe says production starts Monday ... and he's hoping the project will air sometime in January .... roughly 4-and-a-half years after Caylee was murdered.


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Caylie was not murdered. Jose Baez told us it was a terrible accident. She accidently drowned in the pool, George taped her face up, put her in a trashbag and dumped her in a swamp. It all made perfect sense and you should feel sorry for Casey because she was a victim of incest.
Tell Casey your sorry for saying the M word.
Have to go. It's time for my medicine.

849 days ago


No one is going to be watching a show about a baby killer on lifetime. Lifetime is a man-hating feminist cable station that probably consider what Casey Anthony did "Late term abortion" and thus will show her in a sympathetic light. FYI to all the morons... being found not guilty doesn't mean she's innocent. They jury didn't even think so. One admitted he couldn't see sending a good looking woman to prison for the rest of her life. Another had a vacation he had to get to the next morning, and another said she took the sexual abuse into consideration DESPITE it not being proven, and DESPITE being told not to consider it. So no... just cause she was found not guilty doesn't mean she was innocent.

849 days ago



The petition addresses the DOJ policy that guides them in deciding whether or not to bring federal charges against someone after a person has already been tried by a state.

Or go to and search for BREUER

848 days ago


Rob you can't need the money bad enough to be part of this story. I know you played the part of Drew Peterson but he is actually in jail so can't profit this killer is free and will profit from the murder of her child. I know people who were part of the real investigation and if you have spoken to them you know she did this and destroyed her family getting off. Please if you are going to play this character make sure this murder and her sex partner Jose (or the rest of her defense that lied)do not make any money from this. I will not watch and if it is learned by me that they do in fact make money from it I will never watch anything you are in again. I do like your acting but this is wrong in everyway.

848 days ago


BOYCOTT sponors of LIFETIME Network!! You all remember Casey Anthony? She murdered her precious baby CAYLEE. Casey and her greedy attorney have been laying low for a reason. WALT DISNEY, A&E and HEARST Corp. are about to profit from Caylee's horrid death by producing a movie of Casey Anthony and her trial which will be aired on the LIFETIME Network channel.
"SHAME ON YOU DISNEY!" Advocate of children in all manners apparently, and all for the almighty dollar! SHAME ON YOU ALL GREEDY BASTARDS! BOYCOTT ALL SPONSORS IN MEMORY OF CAYLEE,
Please don't let her be forgotten Rest in Peace little angel

847 days ago


Seven Things You Didn’t Know About The Actress Playing Casey AnthonySeven Things You Didn’t Know About The Actress Playing Casey Anthony 2 1

Posted on May 24, 2012 @ 09:30AM print it send it By Radar Staff

Casey Anthony is one of the most polarizing characters in recent American history with her acquittal last year over the death of her two-year-old daughter Caylee, and now the dramatic story is being portrayed in the new Lifetime movie, Imperfect Justice.

The relatively unknown actress Holly Deveaux will play the 'Tot Mom' and star alongside Rob Lowe who will play the prosecuting attorney Jeff Ashton and Elizabeth Mitchell, who will portray fellow prosecutor Linda Drake Burdick.

PHOTOS: Casey Anthony Released From Jail

The Office star Oscar Nunez will take on the part of Casey's defense lawyer Jose Baez. has seven things you didn’t know about this hot new actress:

PHOTOS: Casey Anthony's Secret Wild Life

7. North Of The Border: The 19-year-old starlet hails from Canada and appeared in the TV shows Less Than Kind and Baxter in her native country.

6. Working Her Way Up: She starred in the TNT movie Silent Witness opposite Anne Heche and Dermot Mulroney in 2011. She has only been acting professionally for three years.

PHOTOS: Celebs Involved In Murder

5. Axing Out A-Listers: Deveaux reportedly beat out fan favorites Kristen Stewart, Alyssa Milano and Jennifer Love Hewitt for the part of Casey.

4. Prior Roles: The teen star has appeared in independent films Victoria Day, Wake Me Up, Unlucky and Tile Man.

PHOTOS: Casey Anthony Laughs In Court

3. Getting To Work: Deveaux started work on the Casey Anthony film in Winnepeg, Canada this week and although she is an integral part of the movie, the film will focus mainly on the attorneys at the center of the 2011 trial, which led to the controversial not guilty verdict.

2. Looking The Part: The brunette beauty has a striking resemblance to Casey Anthony and her image will be seen on screen alongside news footage of the real woman who was dubbed the most hated mom in America.

PHOTOS: Celebrities Who Died In Bizarre Cir***stances

1. This part could be a breakout role for the young actress and open more Hollywood doors for her. She said in an interview last year that she feels “lucky to have been able to do wide variety of roles in the few years I’ve been acting professionally

847 days ago


Lawyer Suing Casey Anthony: She Is Incapable Of Telling the TruthLawyer Suing Casey Anthony: She Is Incapable Of Telling the Truth 61 5

Posted on May 25, 2012 @ 09:00AM print it send it
LandovBy Jen Heger
Radar Assistant Managing Editor

The lawyer for Zenaida Gonzalez, the woman Casey Anthony accused of kidnapping her two-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony, has exclusively told that he thinks Casey is “unable to tell the truth.”

Zanaida is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Casey, suing her for defamation, and the Tot Mom was finally served with a subpoena this week.

There have been reports that Casey Anthony may be willing to make a public apology to Zenaida, but one of her attorneys, John Dill, exclusively told that isn’t good enough and that she is incapable of telling the truth.

PHOTOS: Casey Anthony's Secret Wild Life

“We have heard those reports,” Dill said. “And let me say this very bluntly, an apology isn't good enough, period. It's meaningless, and Ms. Anthony seems to be unable to tell the truth.”

Dill continued, explaining what they want from Casey.

“We want her to testify under oath, under penalty of perjury. My client deserves answers about what motivated Casey to do the things she did, as our client has suffered substantially because of someone else’s actions," Dill asserted.

PHOTOS: Casey Anthony Released From Jail

The civil case has been moved to January 2013 after Casey's lawyers argued it was unsafe for the notorious 'Tot Mom' to come out of hiding and appear in court.

"We were finally able to successfully serve a subpoena on Thursday to Casey Anthony's lawyers, ordering her to appear at the civil trial which is scheduled to begin in January 2013,” Dill said.

“We had been trying for months to serve her, and we were finally able to get it done this week, after a lot of legal wrangling because Casey wouldn't accept the subpoena at the location she has been hiding out in. Our client is thrilled that Ms. Anthony has now been formally served and it's a successful start in the proceedings.”

PHOTOS: Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty Of Murder Of Daughter

“During the deposition of Ms. Anthony which was done via Skype, in which she wore a disguise, we didn't get much from it, so we are certainly looking forward to having her sit and answer questions in front of our client, and a jury of Casey Anthony's peers."

In the days after Casey's daughter, Caylee, was reported missing in 2008, her mom claimed that a woman with a similar name kidnapped her then two year old daughter. Casey was charged with killing her daughter, and was acquitted by a jury last year.

According to reports, Casey Anthony is “annoyed” that she has to testify at the upcoming trial, and Zenaida's lawyer minces no words and said, "Too bad! Yes, we heard that Ms. Anthony was annoyed that she was going to have to testify at the trial. This was all brought on by Ms. Anthony herself, she is the one that started down this road by, and it's time that she be held to answer for her actions. Zenaida's life has been absolutely upended by Ms. Anthony's actions, so, no, I don't feel bad that she is upset. Again, she brought this all on herself."

PHOTOS: Graphic Crime Scene Pictures Introduced Into Evidence

A jury of six people must come to a unanimous decision on a verdict under Florida law, and Dill said there is a possibility that they could depose Anthony again before the trial starts. "The judge has ruled that Ms. Anthony can't testify while she is appealing her conviction in the check writing case, but that could be resolved well before January, and if it is, we would likely see to have her deposed again, in preparation for the trial," Dill revealed.

A fund has been established to help pay for Zenaida Gonzalez's legal fees, and donations can be made online. Dill also said that Casey's mom, Cindy Anthony, would most likely be called as a witness at the trial.

847 days ago


Who is gonna tune in to this Bull$

846 days ago

Susan Patterson    

Sorry, Rob! I won't be watching it.Saw it the First time and that Travestry was enough one time! We all know know the terrible unjust outcome! Wonder who'll play the dumb jurors? I wouldn't even work as an Extra(what I do) in that production! A great script? I think not! Poor Caylee!

835 days ago


I am so disgusted at Rob Lowe "We are gonna dig this" No you moron, we are not. This is so backwards. I am all for freedom of the media, but this is just garbage. Casey just needs to freak-en crawl into a hole and rot. Casey, you're a parasite.

834 days ago


Shame on whomever goes to watch such movie... That's all I have to say...

823 days ago


Well would you look at that...TMZ just admitted that Caylee was MURDERED...didn't die 'accidentally' like their best girl Casey claims...

768 days ago


Won't be watching any cheesy Lifetime movies--which is all they show. Rob Lowe might as well be in a traveling circus---doing all these stupid shows. More leeches making money off a dead baby.

767 days ago
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