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Kat Von D

Sued Over Cat-Killing Fire

5/29/2012 3:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0529_kat_von_d_catKat Von D foolishly set her own house ablaze in 2010, killing her cat in the process -- this according to a new lawsuit -- and now, she's being sued for nearly a MILLION bucks in damages.

State Farm Insurance filed the lawsuit against Kat today in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming the 2010 fire that ripped through the reality star's Hollywood Hills home was her own fault ... and she should foot the bill.

According to the lawsuit, Kat foolishly placed several lit candles in the house -- and the candles then set the house on fire (a fire that killed Kat's feline friend named Valentine).

It was no small blaze either -- State Farm claims the fire caused $909,199 in damages.

State Farm dutifully covered the bill -- but now the insurance company is suing, demanding Kat pay it back for her own carelessness.

Calls to Kat's people were not returned.



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That's funny State Farm, I remember when it happened and she was on an airplane to Europe for a book tour I believe, or she was in New York and tweeted her house had just burned down. Whichever, but either way I remember at the time thinking wow she's far from home, I wonder if she had someone watching her house and THEY accidentally set it on fire.

855 days ago


If you read the whole story and not just what you want you would see that they did pay her for the damages (over $900,00.00 in danages) something else has come up for them to sue her for the what they gave her.....accidental is just that! But if you set up a shrine with a ****load of candles along with whom knows what else thats flamable next to it then your at fault for the fire just as you would be if you set up 100 bug bombs in your house to rid pests and the damn house blows up! It's called common sense!

855 days ago


You stupid, careless, idiot. The inside of your head is a brain-free zone. Why couldn't the cat have been saved and well, you know.

855 days ago

There's a problem here    

OMFG That freaking worthless HUSSY!!! Lit candles! Imagine that! I mean, who the F lights candles???

855 days ago


Note to self: Don't buy insurance through State Farm.

855 days ago


Me, too. Actually, I thought she was in Vancouver; however, nosmartin matter where she was, I recall thinking the same thing when it happened.

855 days ago

Boudica Baby!    

Been selling insurance for over 15 years. Have never sold a policy with "Stupidity" as an exclusion of coverage. If you do something stupid, the insurance has to pay. If you do something on purpose, the insurance does not. There is likely more to State Farms case than they are letting on, or they think she is still stupid, and stupid enough to pay to keep this out of the press. You can light sparklers in your house (for outdoor use only)and burn it down. The insurance would have to prove you intended to burn the place down to deny coverage. Notice they did pay!!! State Farm will get nothing, unless Kat hires the worst lawyer in history.

855 days ago


Wait a second. Unless the fire was intentional, I don't see how State farm has a cause of action. People do stupid stuff all the time like accidentally run a red light and cause an accident. And insurance is supposed to cover it. How is this any different from any other accident? If she INTENTIONALLY caused the fire, it would be arson and if State Farm already paid this, they must have thought it was accidental.

855 days ago

Terminal Tower    

And just like that, having been a State Farm customer for YEARS, I will be shopping for a new insurance company. I'm not even really a fan of Kat Von D (not sure why she's famous) but how dare they try to sue her for this? I just paid one of my policies today too....forget that, if they would do this to someone famous, imagine what they would do to one of us "little guys"...

855 days ago


I hate this bitch as much as the next guy, but why the **** am I paying premiums out of my ass if my insurance doesn't cover something I may have confidently caused?! State Farm Is Not On Your Side /jingle.

855 days ago


I work for State Farm and I can tell you that our fraud department is one of the best in the industry. We are are very fiscally conservative company and would not sue someone (or subrogate, if you want the correct term) for no reason. I guarantee something fishy happened.

855 days ago


WTF? I thought insurance was to cover accidents! If they said it was arson, that would be one thing, but I don't see that here.

855 days ago


I heard about the fire before I went back and watched her show from season one on. And all I could think about was that she must have killed her own cat...because she always had candles burning haphazardly in her house, and even in her office of her shop. Then I wondered why she hadn't learned her lesson and cooled it with the candles. So sad.

855 days ago


So now its a crime to light candles in your abode? Maybe the cat knocked one over. TYPICAL insurance BS.

855 days ago


ah hell, looks like we better never have candles around anymore and while we are at it we better rip out all the electrical wiring just in case we are foolish enough to turn a light on and something happens?

this is what insurance is for and why we pay those ungodly payments every month you greedy bastards

855 days ago
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