Pink Taco Boss Wells Fargo Screwed Me Out of $1.3 Million ... Mang

4/24/2012 12:30 AM PDT

Pink Taco Boss Harry Morton -- Wells Fargo Screwed Me Out of $1.3 Million ... Mang


Pink Taco founder (and famed restaurateur) Harry Morton claims he's the victim of a massive money-laundering scheme that defrauded him out of $1.3 million ... and Wells Fargo Bank is to blame -- this according to a new lawsuit.

Morton filed the docs in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming he hired a consultant named Carlos Nieto to handle the day-to-day accounting for his new Pink Taco location in West Hollywood -- and the guy royally screwed up, siphoning over half a million dollars of Morton's money into sham bank accounts.

But Morton isn't just blaming Nieto -- he's suing Wells Fargo too, claiming they weren't paying enough attention to the guy to notice his nefarious activities.

According to the lawsuit, Nieto stole a grand total of $674,000 -- which forced Morton to shut down construction on his new restaurant for 5 months.

As a result of the delay, Morton claims he's had to pay 5 extra months of extremely expensive bills -- rent, bank loan interest, insurance, contractors' fees ... etc.

Morton's suing for at least $1.3 million. Fun fact: he used to date Lindsay Lohan and his father founded the Hard Rock Casino.