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Kat Von D

Sued Over Cat-Killing Fire

5/29/2012 3:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0529_kat_von_d_catKat Von D foolishly set her own house ablaze in 2010, killing her cat in the process -- this according to a new lawsuit -- and now, she's being sued for nearly a MILLION bucks in damages.

State Farm Insurance filed the lawsuit against Kat today in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming the 2010 fire that ripped through the reality star's Hollywood Hills home was her own fault ... and she should foot the bill.

According to the lawsuit, Kat foolishly placed several lit candles in the house -- and the candles then set the house on fire (a fire that killed Kat's feline friend named Valentine).

It was no small blaze either -- State Farm claims the fire caused $909,199 in damages.

State Farm dutifully covered the bill -- but now the insurance company is suing, demanding Kat pay it back for her own carelessness.

Calls to Kat's people were not returned.



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I thought Kat was on a book tour when that fire happened? How would she be able to set the fire if she wasn't at home? It was only a day or two after she was here in Orlando.

820 days ago


This story is clearly false. Kat was not even present when her house caught on fire. She was on a book tour and had to cancel some of the dates in order to deal with her losses concerning the fire. It's sad enough that such a wonderful person had to deal with such a tragic event, and having to deal with vicious rumors makes it that much harder. Believe what you want to believe, but Kat and her fans know the truth.

820 days ago

vicki Colodny    

My neighbor killed his mother, shot himself, blew up his house, damaged my house and 2 cars in the process, state farm (both homes insured by st. Farm) covered damages, then turned around and charged it against my policy, cancelled our policy, then thought twice about it and raised rates outrageously, I know have AAA. Screw St. Farm, not a good neighbor

820 days ago


I feel bad about the cat dying, but if any of you actually knew Kat, you would find this whole thing as hilarious as I do. She's not a nice person at all. The way she was portrayed on her show is practically the complete opposite of what she is really like. She's a nasty, despicable human being. There's a reason she has the reputation she does. There's a reason no one here can stand her.

820 days ago


Wow. It's obvious that many of you on here either have no homeowners or renters insurance or your just plain ignorant. Homeowners/renters insurance does not cover blatant carelessness. None of them cover fire damage caused by candles. There are MANY things they won't cover, like fires started by wood stoves, stoves you cook on, and electric heaters, if the fire was because of your carelessness. If insurance companies covered things like this, people would be setting fires with candles all the time just for the insurance money. Why lose your house to foreclosure when all you would have to do is light a candle and have it paid for? Think logically, people, or at least do a teeny bit of research before you post about insurance companies.

820 days ago


What a moron she is. Let's light a bunch of candles and get high and hope for the best! She should also be charged with animal cruelty. I can't believe i'm actually saying this but i'm pulling for the insurance company on this one.

820 days ago


The thing that really chaps my a*s is that she is posing for a picture looking sad in front of her burned house that her pet died in front of. These acts of "look at me" are obnoxious. Mourning is for a time of privacy. It reminds me of whe Bam Margera went to the scene of the car accident that Ryan Dunn was killed in and took a camera crew. When my family members die I never crawled in the casket and took a picture then posted it on facebook. Its pure ignorance like that that makes me see her as a phony. She looks more happy that she will be on TMZ rather than she looks sad for her beloved pet not to mention her belongings.

820 days ago


From what I understand, she had lit several candles (so gothic and romantic and deep is she) and LEFT her house, candles still alit. I knew an idiot acquaintance years ago who left candles burning on her bathroom counter, then she went to the store and her apt. was ablaze when she returned. Turns out a candle caught a towel on fire and hence burned the place down--along with killing a cat. It happened in the 909, and now it happened in the 323 to a privileged moron. Pay up, Kat!

820 days ago


What they don't say in this article is that Kat Von D rented this house. SHE DID NOT OWN IT. State Farm paid the owners the $909k to repair the home and are now going after Kat Von D for negligence for leaving candles burning unattended. If she had Renters insurance the liability part of the Renters policy would cover this (if she had enough liability coverage).

820 days ago


Dumb bitch. I hope they sue the hell out of her. Killing her cat? She should rot in jail

819 days ago


Kat Von D = hideous plastic face, fake ass attitude, tattooed dumbass, and speaks like a burned out hollywood wannabe...oh thats right she is/was a Hollywood wannabe. who cares about her lame ass anyway. I have more compassion for her know... the one that she got so she could say"look how weird and freaky i am with my egyptian cat with no hair....god i'm soooo cool. Please go away now.

819 days ago

big bobo    

kat von D... sweet.... insurance companies are the biggest scam... nothing but forced leagalized gambling put on us by our government.... have to have it, but company always look for ways not to pay out on an accident....

276 days ago
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