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Lil Wayne and Drake

We Are NOT Paying

A $400,000 Judgment!

5/29/2012 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0528_lilwayne_drakeLil Wayne and Drake say there is NO WAY IN HELL they're gonna fork over $400,000 to a company that sued them for allegedly bailing on a club appearance ... because they claim they were never told about the gig.

The rappers have joined together to fight a default judgment entered against them.  The judge ordered the duo to pay $432,337.50 to Cahuenga, Inc. The company sued, alleging L.W. and Drake promised to perform at a 2011 event but were no shows.

The rappers now claim in legal docs ... they were never told about the appearance, never signed ANY contracts and were never even served with papers to show up in court.

Drake and Lil Wayne allege that IEG used a third party to book them -- Melanzh Enterprises -- which they claim had no authority to book them.

The two want the court to cancel the $400k plus judgment ... STAT.


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My Big Salami    

From this pic it looks like Drake needs to add more fiber to his diet?

879 days ago


Ignorance truly is bliss. Maybe.

879 days ago


Seems like IEG should be suing Melanzh Enterprises, since they are the ones who didn't provide the promised artists.

It sounds odd that two seperate performers didn't fulfil their obligation and didn't respond to the court either. That leads me to beleive them when they say they didn't know about it.

Who knows...the contracts should prove everything either way.

879 days ago


The little black on the left with the tattoos and the piercings is digusting... and the guy on the right looks like he is constipated and trying to squeeze one out.


I don't know who these people are, but if they let the lawsuit default, then it is their problem now. Why didn't they fight it in court instead of allowing it to go into default?


The lawsuit may or may not be bunk. I have no idea, but waiting until something goes into default, then coming in afterwards to fight it - wastes tax payer money...the courts money... and everyone's time.


No sympathy from me - if they were getting a shake down.. They should had their lawyers fight it.

879 days ago


I'm going to particularly withhold judgement on this one. I said particularly. I'M THINKING, that there were attempts to address this before resorting to the courts and if all is as they claim the folks suing them would be idiots. BUT THEN that they would want to book either of these guys would challenge their intellect TO ME. BUT, IF they were not served notice [which should be easily verified], then no, they shouldn't have to pay. Time will tell... or it will all just fade away.

879 days ago


You can't help but wonder what's going to happen to us if people say they aren't going to pay a court ordered judgment. People will start thinking there's no point paying because nothing will be done about it anyway.

879 days ago


That should work go with the I don't know defence it's not like the company that sued them has paperwork proving they were served. I bet the judge says Pay up Bitc-h"s

879 days ago

Sunset Strip Dealer    

You guys keep posting pictures of man named Drake but when you listen to whatever Drake is, it is quite obvious the sound is coming from a computer. Please explain

879 days ago


Can't wait till the big dogs come back and counter sue IEG don't mess with the big boys if you don't know the business ,but the funny thing is, half of these fools
Don't know music, don't know business
Have no business in music, what is this?

879 days ago


the guy on the left needs to get those ugly things off his teeth. While he's at it get rid of the stupid tattoos all over his face and get those stupid rings out your mouth. You look like a fool. ugh. Disgusting.

879 days ago

lexington marlow    

I am surprised that the racists have not yet made any comments. America is truly changing.

879 days ago


you rap about being rich....ymcmb....whats 400,000? I heard thats how much u paid to get the press to stop talking about how you french kissed Baby (aka your "daddy") ! i still have that

879 days ago


And they'll get it thrown out....if everything they state is accurate.

879 days ago


That "dude" is the ugliest thing Ive seen on TMZ. He should be in jail just for his looks!

879 days ago


I look like Drake when I'm constipated and have a hard sh**.

879 days ago

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