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Jessica Simpson

Professional Fat Person

5/30/2012 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jessica Simpson -- Professional Fat Person
Jessica Simpson
is now getting paid for being fat -- the singer just announced ... she's the newest spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

Jessica made the announcement moments ago on her Twitter, writing, "So excited to be a part of the @WeightWatchers family!'

Jess don't come cheap neither -- the Weight Watchers deal is reportedly worth $4 MILLION.

The singer reportedly gained 65-75 POUNDS during her recent pregnancy -- and Weight Watchers must be waiting for a big reveal ... because Jessica hasn't been photographed in public since she gave birth.

WW also released a statement, saying, "We’re thrilled that Jessica Simpson has chosen to join Weight Watchers to adopt a healthier lifestyle and inspire others to do the same."



No Avatar


With all the working out she did, she has great muscle memory to get her figure back. But, even looks incredible with baby weight.

842 days ago


The woman just had a daggon baby and everyone wants to call her fat. Did you guys expect the weight to be delivered along with the baby? Let a pregnancy be healthy instead of starving the baby for 9 months for once. Its good that she wants to lose the weight. That's her business, but don't you dare call her fat after just having a baby. Tease someone else or yourselves.

842 days ago


I already knew about this several weeks ago from She's getting paid to be a WW spokesperson but she's actually getting liposuction. Bitch.

842 days ago

Jay W.     

I like the plump look.

842 days ago


75 pounds? the kid weighs 8 to 10 the rest is just being a pig...she will never be dasiy duke again...her body is wrecked.....who wants to see that thing naked after all that saggy skin flopping around...i just puked a little

842 days ago


Seriously TMZ, I know you are based in the unreal world of Hollywood, but you do realize that most babies do not come out a grass hut in Africa and magically appear in a woman's arms. Most woman still have babies the old fashioned way, which means weight gain and hard work afterwards. It will come off, but not instantly. Stop acting like real normal mothers are fat jokes put here for your amusement. In other words, grow up!

842 days ago


""""The singer reportedly gained 65-75 POUNDS?""

Looks more like 150!

842 days ago


Please!!!!! let her go to hell LOL her belly looked too ugly on her LOL OMG what the hell is that!!!!

842 days ago


Jessica Simpson Professional Fat Person. Really? So in TMZ world, gay is to be vigorously defended from intolerance, but anyone with a weight problem should be destroyed?? The author of this piece of bullying trash is clearly insecure about something in his life.

842 days ago


i think its smart. all they do is teach u how to eat healthier and enjoy it. no weird stuff. if she follows it.. she can still eat really good food and lose weight. its just eating sensible. i wish her luck it could bring back her body and push her career even further. people love when a gorgeous woman comes back healthier after weight gain.

842 days ago


Only thing that separates her from the Kartrashians is that she has some talent. Otherwise, how/why do these chicks make megamillions for getting peed on or gaining a ton of weight?

842 days ago


Kristie Alley got paid, Jennifer Hudson got paid, Valerie Bertinelli got paid. The celebrities that have used ther name for weight watchers weight loss are many. Lay off the Jessica crap talk. Give her a shot. THis bashing overweight women has to stop. Tomorrow it will be someone is too thin. Tabloids & sites like this instigate & flame & we wonder why we have women with eating disorders. Some of the biggest bullies are TMZ.. its not funny nor good journalisim.

842 days ago


She was really pretty until she bought those huge boobs and gained all that weight aside from the pregnancy weight. She definitely needs breast reduction; otherwise, her body is poorly proportioned and looks bad.

842 days ago

Sunset Strip Dealer    

Looks like she gained 60 to 70 pounds on her head alone, say goodbye to your old body. This tub of **** will never look the same. Please put down the triple whopper

842 days ago


I'm not even kidding this pic scared me

842 days ago
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