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John Edwards


5/31/2012 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

John Edwards has just been found NOT GUILTY on one of six campaign fraud charges stemming from his 2008 run for President -- the judge declared a mistrial on the remaining counts after jurors deadlocked.

Edwards was found "not guilty" of receiving illegal campaign contributions.

The jury failed to reach a verdict on the other charges -- including three additional counts of illegal campaign contributions, one count of conspiracy, and one count of making false statements.

The jury -- 8 men, 4 women -- reached today's verdict after 9 days of deliberations.

The two-time former Presidential candidate was charged with the six counts of campaign finance fraud for allegedly using nearly $1 million in campaign contributions to hide his mistress Rielle Hunter and their lovechild from the public.

Edwards faced a maximum of 30 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine.

In closing arguments, Edwards' lawyer had told the jury the money to hide his mistress came from a former campaign treasurer and an elderly supporter -- both of whom gave Edwards the money as a gift for his benefit ... not as part of his campaign.

Edwards' lawyer said the money was used to hide his affair from his dying wife, claiming, "John was a bad husband, but there is not the remotest chance that John did or intended to violate the law."

Edwards spoke briefly outside the courthouse after the verdict was read, saying how grateful he was for his children -- and when he got to the 4-year-old daughter Quinn (whom Edwards fathered with mistress Rielle Hunter) he choked up, saying, "My precious Quinn, who I love more than any of you can ever imagine, [who] I am so close to, so, so grateful for."

We don't know if prosecutors will push for a retrial.


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The court system is messed up, they should of gave him something.He's a joke and SOB for what he did to his wife and children

882 days ago


Major Creep. Yuck.

882 days ago


Yeah, way to demean your other kids again. Wasn't bad enough while their beloved mother is dying you're dipping your wick in a putrid excuse for a female who knew the situation as much as you. I'm sure your older children are so thrilled to hear you go on about the HALF child. DOUCHEBAGGERY at it's best.

882 days ago


If you hate the decision then stop sending excuses to the court when they ask you to serve for jury duty. As one comedian said "The only people serving jury duty are the ones too stupid to get out of it." It's not so funny when people like Casey Anthony and Edwards and soon to be George Zimmerman get of totally free.

882 days ago


He is one lucky criminal.

882 days ago


Very disappointing verdict. This man is nothing but a slime. I would not want to face God with his soul when I die.

882 days ago


We the TMZ Jury find the Defendant, John Edwards....NOT GUILTY of being a decent human being.

882 days ago


Go to and order the book "The Politician" by Andrew Young, who was John Edward's aide during this entire fiasco. It is dirt cheap right now. What a story. Keep in mind that it is extremely self serving, and Andrew Young isn't really too much better than John Edwards. It details how shady JE was about his affair with Rielle Hunter and how he had so much help in covering it up, and it gives a first hand account of how they together bilked this rich elderly groupie out of an incredible amount of money. Also, I was never a fan of Elizabeth Edwards, I felt that she just wasn't a nice person, but guess what, after reading this book my attitude towards her totally changed. Think she was kind of bitchy at times? Well guess what, pretty much every person she came in contact with lied to her face continuously, and it was at the direction of her devoted family man husband. She could not trust anyone or believe a word that anyone said to her. Yeah, if anyone deserved to express her anger, it was Elizabeth Edwards. And if anyone on that jury had read this book, they would literally have thrown the book at him instead of voting NOT GUILTY. He is seriously a terrible person, in my opinion. Karma should aim right at him.

882 days ago


Got to love white privilege. Rest in Peace Elizabeth.

882 days ago


Bad behavior does not equal criminal behavior. And if people like Bunny Mellon want to make good use of their excess funds, give to charity, and don't expect politicians to be choir boys.

882 days ago


guess the old women with all the money afforded him a not guilty verdict. It's good to be the KING!

882 days ago


This creature makes my skin crawl!! He i, without a doubt, The Biggest loser, slimeball ever!! I feel bad for his children!! I hope he rots in Purgatory Hell!!!!!!!!!

882 days ago


Good! That someone can serve 30 years for that and OJ & Casey Anthony & lots of others who 've murdered & raped are free. His kids need him. He's an idiot but shouldn't be in jail.

882 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...I agree with Missy's comment...bottomline...he has damaged his children so much with his selfish choices...honestly can't say one more than the other...I am glad his eldest daughter doesn't have too be MOM & DAD to his two beautiful but suffering children with his wife.....she gets a lil break on that...the child from the goldigger...well..too young for any impact....with that media will have impact on her down the road...just a terrible terrible " man"...?????????????...friggen belongs on a farm! in a barn...imo...

882 days ago

Porcelain Cougar    

100% Swine, to be sure!

882 days ago
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