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Snooki's Downfall

Being Pregnant in Super High Heels

6/1/2012 6:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0601_jersey_shore_snooki_pcn_2Snooki is no stranger to losing her balance and falling on the floor, but this time alcohol wasn't what caused her to almost bite it ... it was her huge platform wedge heels.

While arriving with all her crap to the infamous Seaside Heights crib -- where she won't be living this season -- the pregnant "Jersey Shore" star lost her footing, but luckily recovered avoiding any sort of injury to herself or her unborn baby.

This may be Snook's first fashion misstep that didn't involve a low cut top, leopard print spandex mini-dress, or Ed Hardy.


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There's a problem here    

Who belongs to the chick truck?

877 days ago


Vile creature, cheap tramp. Poor baby to be-rotten genetics!

877 days ago

small asian penis    

this has to be a PR stunt, no one is that stupid

877 days ago


Snooki's downfall is being alive. She's a pig.

877 days ago


this is what happens when you're more concerned about getting your picture taken rather then the life of your child

877 days ago


Geee, anyone else picture her tripping in some ugly ass shoes and dropping the baby after its born...mother of the effing year...

876 days ago


Snooki! Stop wearings such high shoes! Your balance is off when you are pregnant and its hard enough to see everything when your belly is in front of you. Please don't risk your baby's life there are too many decent shoes out there to wear. You don't have to "prove" you can still wear heels honey you have a baby on the way. You have something a lot more special than trying to hang with those people who wear such shoes when pregnant!

876 days ago


Call child protection...what an idiot!!

876 days ago


it looks like she has club foot both of them

876 days ago

Nancy Rivera    

Anyone in their right mind would know better than to wear stuff like that!!! Think of the baby and not the way people are looking at you. You don't have to be stupid in high shoes to be a pretty expecting Mother.

876 days ago


true she was not thinking straight wearin those heels!

874 days ago


You don't have to be black to be a ******!

874 days ago

The Prolific Mr. Anonymous    

A proven idiot with no maternal instinct who can't even take care of herself shouldn't be allowed to breed.

874 days ago


Just because you wear high heels and fall does not mean you will harm the baby and have a miscarriage. I'm sure she's not trying to attract attention by doing stupid things such as this, she's just used to "Jersey Shore" life. I pray and hope she will be a great Mom. People have miscarriages more often than not, most not even knowing they're pregnant and it's not from falling in heels. I had a miscarriage four days after my son turned one year old and I cried what felt like forever but I know I did nothing wrong.

Just as a woman who has been pregnant before though, take some advice:
1. Your hair looks like it's had some dying *bleaching* (stay away from the smelly hair salons and DYES *BLEACH) I'm also taking a look at those pretty nails :/
2. You don't have to completely abandon high heels, just go a little bit lower.
3. You look fine in the clothes you are wearing. You don't "have to" wear maternity clothes because you're pregnant. As long as you're comfortable and not squeezing your stomach with some tight jeans. Even then, you can try the whole elastic hair band trick and move your pants a little lower.
4. EXERCISE! It will make delivery and recovery much easier and faster.

Blessings to you and your family ;)

874 days ago
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