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Gwyneth Paltrow

Triggers Racial Controversy

after Using N-Word

6/4/2012 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0604_gwenith_paltrow_on_stage_twitterGwyneth Paltrow ignited a firestorm of criticism after blasting the N-word to her one million Twitter followers this weekend ... while describing a Jay-Z and Kanye West concert in Paris.

Paltrow was rockin out Friday at the "Watch the Throne Tour" ... when she decided to send a twitter pic of herself on stage (above) with the rappers and the caption "Ni**as in paris for real." If you've been under a rock -- or if you're Kris Jenner --  that's the title of a Jay and Kanye song.

The tweet triggered a tidal wave of negative internet buzz ... with fans questioning whether Gwyneth was using the term in a derogatory way. GP later responded unapologetically, "Hold up. It's the title of the song!"

That said, Jay and Kanye did go on to perform their hit song "Ni**as in Paris" a whopping 11 times that night.


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Jay got exactly what he wanted by naming the song, a white girl saying that to make it a buzz on twitter, and tmz...

835 days ago


It's the title of the damn song! Chill out!

835 days ago


"Hold up. It's the title of the song!" so dont judge her for saying it.....

835 days ago


My thing as a Black man fk the word in general!! Let's keep it all of the way one hunnit!! The fact that this is even a post is weak! I guess me taking the time out is even worse.. but, first off I don't believe that she would do anything to offend Black people in general. She appears deeper than that. 2nd, she knows the words to NWA songs hard body!! 3rd, her pops, if i'm not mistaken, created the "White Shadow show" back in the days which means that if she was on set, she was with the likes every day! 4th she's a hip hop head and know's the culture heavy!! If that's not hard then I don't know what is!! This is some circus shhht!! My two pennies but, who asked me???

835 days ago


Big deal. Get over it people. It's in the song title. If they don't want people to say it then they shouldn't promote it.

835 days ago


I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight, now that I know this. Big woop!

835 days ago


lmao people need to grow up obviously the people bitching about this are the racists

835 days ago


they, the black community, use it all the time , its everywhere, so they need to get over it cause white people want to use it apparently . it just a word.

835 days ago


WTF, dont put the word in a title if you get offended by people saying it..

835 days ago



835 days ago

Lilttle Darlin NYC    

This is ridiculous. I'm white and I'll say *****s anytime. Its 2012, get a life. We have a black president, white people are the minority in this country. Hate is everywhere... move... on. Go volunteer somewhere instead of cry about nonsense like this. Shut the F up! Im so over this ***** s*^T

835 days ago

Trevis Miho    

Ugh, this'll always be a topic and it's not even soo dificult no one can figure it out. If you're not black, you should not be saying the N word. If you're white and you use it, just know that when you're not around we have the best time talking about you. White people who use it look like IDIOTS, no matter how cool they think they are.
Now, if you're a rapper and have songs that have the N word in it, then I personally think YOU are the one's who should be vocal in this debate. ESPECIALLY if you're someone like Jay-Z, whose music OBVIOUSLY go beyond color lines - and bringing Gwyneth on stage?? That's setting her up for a situation. Personally, I think the title Ni**as In Paris is uncalled for for such huge artists releasing a single, and I guarentee there were 1,000,000,000 (white) peeps out there like "yo, you hear Ni**as In Paris"? "I love that song Ni**as in Paris"...I mean, that song was on the Billboard charts with that title! They could've used another title. I'm a Jay-Z and Kanye fan, and as soon as I heard that song (when it came out), then saw the title, I was prepared for it...then there it came - "Oh, Ni**as in Paris" was my favorite, etc, etc..AND these white kids just look at you like "What? That IS the name of the song, isn't it"? Someone who is on the level of a Jay-Z needs to set a standard, I (as a black man/ hip-hop FAN to the GRAVE) think that word is played out nowadays. Hip Hop artists need to grow up.

835 days ago


she said "*****" not "******", in my book its fair game for all. if you dont say er it dont count! and besides she was telling her followers what song they performed, she wasnt using it as a derogitory term towards anyone so absolutely no foul.

835 days ago


So white people can download the song but they cant actually say the title? How dumb. " He guys look I just downloaded the N words in Paris for real!!!!!"

835 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    


And I'm not talking about Gwyneth,

835 days ago
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