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Hollywood 'Midget' Theater

Threatens MASSIVE Protest

Over 'Snow White'

6/6/2012 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Little people across Hollywood are rising up against the producers of "Snow White and the Huntsman" -- for casting tall people in the role of Snow White's dwarfs -- and now, a prominent "midget" theater group plans to stage an over-sized protest.

The wee man leading the charge is a guy named Matt McCarthy -- a 4'1" self-described "midget" who works for Beacher's Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel, a theater troupe that features more than 20 little people.

Like Little People of America, McCarthy's pissed "midgets" weren't cast as Snow White's dwarfs in the new movie -- producers cast normal-sized actors instead, digitally resizing their limbs or transplanting their faces onto little people's bodies.

But McCarthy's not fuming in silence -- he just fired off a letter to Universal Chairman Adam Fogelson, informing him, "In response to and in protest of this incredible injustice and prejudice, the Beacher's Madhouse midgets and I are coordinating a 100-midget march to Universal's offices."

McCarthy adds, casting average-sized actors as Snow White's dwarfs "is the equivalent of Universal casting a white actor to play a role written for an African-American person and digitally changing the color of their skin."

So far, a date for the march hasn't been set.



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This is stupid. They can't have it both ways. Weren't they MAD a couple years ago because Universal only hired them for MIDGET roles. GTFOH!!!!

809 days ago


This is so stupid. These little people can't have it both ways. One minute they are upset because they are cast only as dwarfs in movies, next minute the get mad because they are not cast as dwarfs. GTFOH!!!

809 days ago


It reminds me of a line from the movie "Bad Santa" -
: I'm talking about firing a little black midget. A small, colored, African-American small person. That's what I'm talking about. I'm talking about your face all over g*ddamn USA Today, that's what I'm talking about. I'm talking about 150 of these little motherf***ers all over the sidewalk out there. Holding picket signs and using bullhorns and sh*t like that. Screaming and hollering your name out. Unfair practices, get me? "

809 days ago


I will bet dollars to donuts that they asked some Little People to audition and they were like, "We don't want to be type cast as dwarves and hobbits anymore. Give us regular sized roles or nothing." Well, there you go.

809 days ago


why dont you little farts get over yourself! if a studio is going to spend $100 million or whatever on a movie they can surely hire whoever the hell they want!

809 days ago


I am leaning towards the Midgets side on this one.... Poor little darlings..... Is there any law against (maybe) buying one and dressing them up in cute little costumes????? I'd love to have a few up on the roof at Christmas time..... Cool!!!!!

809 days ago


Looking at the concept art for the film, I think they tried to find faces that fit the pictures. At least they are very similar. It's possible they needed faces to go for the look they were looking for. There's more tall people with faces to choose from than midgets. Not sure if it makes it "OK", but this was something I was even thinking about before the article.

809 days ago


I see the Little People's guild has come out of the woodwork and created nics to post about the injustice. I just might have taken up this cause except the fact that the last "BLOCKBUSTER" Trilogy that Hollywood produce, "LORD OF THE RINGS" franchise didn't hire a dwarf for the lead role, neither did they hire FOUR MIDGETS to play the Lead Hobbits, where were your cries of injustice then. You can't pick and choose your bitching, you have to stay consistent.

809 days ago


I can't remember if there was ever an outcry during the Lord of the Rings Trilogy? They after all had hobbits in their movie and dwarfs, none of which were actual little people. Same can be said for the upcoming Hobbit movie, all of the dwarfs are not little people. Where is all of the complaining about that?

809 days ago


Well I'm glad they did because the dwarfs in the Mirror Mirror were horrible!!! Ruined the movie. Dwarfs are notoriously terrible actors so to me, it makes sense to use 'real talented' actors. It was refreshing and I loved it. If little people want more roles then they should be better actors - it has nothing to do with height.

808 days ago


It is kind of stupid to cast average height people and then digitally make them shorter.

808 days ago


Sorry, angry midgets. In order to sue, you have to meet the height requirement.......

808 days ago


Maybe Universal should go to the March with a box of Pampers and some bottles. Since they want to act like a bunch of babies and complain over the fact that they were not used in the movie.

808 days ago


Wasn't this the same group who complained a while back about "little people" being overlooked as actors by being cast only as dwarves and midgets? They got what they wanted, so why the grumbling?

808 days ago


Poor little guys are still being called midgets but if I type a ***s I bet it'll be censored by the ***s who run TMZ.

808 days ago
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