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Kris Humphries

Got Himself a New Girlfriend!

6/6/2012 5:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Myla SinanajKris Humphries SAYS he's not dating the chick he was laying side-by-side with on a beach in Miami Saturday, but we know differently.

Kris claims 25-year-old Fatmire Sinanaj (she goes by Myla, and you would too) was just a neighbor whom he had never met before and she just happened to walk out on the beach when he was being photographed. But we found out he flew her from New York City to Miami to spend the weekend with him.

0605_kris_humphries_girlfriend_splash_dateAnd get this ... We're told they've been seeing each other for months -- since mid-January.

Kris -- who has been telling people he was devastated when Kim Kardashian left him and filed for divorce -- has been seeing Myla a lot ... meeting at various basketball games. We're told Kris provided Myla and her family with courtside seats at some of the games, even allowing her in the area leading up to the locker room. Check out the photos.

Myla works at a prominent, 5-star hotel in New York. They met at the hotel, where she sometimes helped him with various requests.

We tried to reach Myla for a comment but couldn't get a hold of her. Kris had no comment.

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No Avatar


She's just a chick who wanted to be photographed with him. You really don't understand Kris Humphries at all TMZ, but then you don't want to.

877 days ago


She's better looking than Kim K...by a long shot...Kim K is trashy....

877 days ago


honestly. you are all ridiculous. this girl is natural and hasnt had to have 0357185 plastic surgerys like kims alien dumbass has had. AND SHE PROBABLY LOOKS 20 TIMES BETTER THEN HALF YOU BITCHES COMMENTING ON THIS ****. and compare her to kim side by side...mylas ten times better looking. and why are people so jealous anyways?! hes got a new REAL girl, and yea its not you. GTFO. stop hating

877 days ago


Getta grip! This man is still so in love with Kim that he had to find a woman exactly like her in more ways than one. Only problem this girl is nothing like classier Kim, she looks like a hood rat trying to be look-a-like to get the publicity. I find her revolting and Kris is even looking nasty. At least Kim had him looking much better than he does now. No, not even close to the caliber that Kim deserves, he wasn't mature, he wasn't manly and was really too much of a little punk who lost out on a good deal to be in her family. Now he is making himself look bad by flying hookers in that like a woman who dissed him, and left him in the cold. He was fine under wraps, but now coming out with the look-a-like, he really looks desperate and pretty raw.

877 days ago


good for him..he was just a pawn in the kardashian claw up your greedy life

877 days ago


You're right. That's his type. He likes Armenian girls. What's the big deal? She couldn't be any more trashy than Kim, she has the market on TRASH!

877 days ago


I'd let Kim sit on my face and I'm a girl!

876 days ago


FYI..Myla's a Jersey Girl!! Lives in Rutherford NJ. Gets her body waxing at a small neighborhood salon a few blocks from her very tiny apt. dwon by Passaic river. Word is she had complete wax done before trip to Miami to meet up with Kris. Kris can deny & deny..Myla says thy're an item. Supposedly Myla's BBF dates a basketball star and did the introducing...... Carry on....

876 days ago


Fatmire is an Albanian name meaning "good luck". It's a good name in Albanian.

876 days ago


Oh My she is doing everything she can and more to look like Kim K. Too bad she can't look half as good as KIM no matter how hard she tries. Her body sucks too! Lose some weight before you get in the public eye sweetie.

875 days ago


Fake ass Kim Kardasian with psycho Kanye West. A relationship made in a mental institution. I am glad for Chris that he is moving on. Something is not right with Kanye West. Looks like a serial killer. Since Kanye go for bad, I wish he come to my neighborhood so we can whip his ass. We got your back Taylor Swift (LOL)!

874 days ago


I hope Kris did his home work with Myla. How did all her pictures get out? Kris just wait a min before you call this girl the real deal. Myla is doing a little to much in the public eye. TMZ go get paid by the Kardashians, TMZ tell Kim K that Kris H is entitle to date and be seen with who ever you want to be with. Either Kris H knew he was being photographed or he just did not look all in to her like that was his woman. Have the girl met Kris H parents since he supposed to have dated her since January? Time will tell!!!

874 days ago

Kenneth John    

so i see exactly whats going on here, let me break it down.... K hump is denying and trying to hide what ever is going on between him and this sleez strictly due to the fact of embarrassment. He obviously still wants kim, likes kim love her w.e... so now when he goes out and meets new girls naturally hes going to compare them to kim. with out a doubt his first hook up is going to resemble of have some sort of similarities to kim.... hes not denying this chick to save his ass from loosing his 7 mil lawsuit. Him dating this chick is not going to hurt his case what so ever, if anything i could help it. the hump is sad as **** right now so him going out and smashing some hotel sleez a typical grade A coping mechanism that 94.8% of all men use. then the fact that he picked a chick thats trying to be kim and resembles her... that shows even more that hes hurt! so there you have it.... humdumb found this low budget kim solely for coping purposes and was denying he was smashing her due to embarrassment. case closed... sorry humphries, i had to break it down. say it like it is. peace

874 days ago

Daphne Johnson    

Good for him!! He is a gentleman and unlike Kim did not flaunt it!!

873 days ago

KardASSian Butt    

This means I save some Kash in the divorce right.... Doin' da booty dance!

873 days ago
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