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Kris Humphries' Girlfriend

Likes Her Coffee Black ...

6/7/2012 10:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries GF Myla Sinanaj is in a tight spot -- she's been dating a guy for 5 months who says he's single, trashing the in-laws of his estranged wife, and acting a little "Single White Female" by impersonating KK. Short story -- she needed a coffee break.

It's no surprise Myla was mum on her way out of a Starbucks in New Jersey this AM. Funny thing ... on the other end of the country Bruce Jenner -- whose face Myla calls "scary from too much plastic surgery" -- was at a Starbucks getting a java of his own.

Fact is ... her dress is tighter than Bruce Jenner's face. 

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Personally, I think she looks like a jersey shore idiot. Tan, laundry but I think she missed the gym!

868 days ago


TMZ must get a lot of money from the Trashians, specially that fatso who wears a black t-shirt, he always deffends Kim, loser!

868 days ago


She does not look like KK. Sorry TMZ...you got this one wrong.

868 days ago


This bitch looks like one of those skanks who hooks on the side.

868 days ago


"5 months who says he's single". There are really only two main categories of status and they are as follows:

1) Single, which Kris H is because he doesn't fit in category # 2; and

2) Married

All the other categories are non-sense. So TMZ, get your facts straight.

868 days ago


If you want to talk about tight dresses, maybe you should re-read your piece about KK, where her dress was sooooo tight, it split open in the back. And really, full on leather in June?

868 days ago


I agree with others that this is a new low for TMZ and they've been dragging bottom lately as it is. This girl is pretty, not famous, and does not deserve the crap TMZ is dishing down on her. It really comes across like you guys are paid to be pro-Kardashian.

868 days ago


Impersonating KK???? TMZ she looks like a Jersey girl to me. How much is mama Kris paying you to slam this girl?

868 days ago


Why are you guys not calling her by her real name-FATMIRE? So it is true she pastes her face on other peoples bodies. I didn't believe it till I saw this video. She's also very sly, she's blocked her twitter and in order for you to see her tweets you have to follow her. Kris has basically dissed her himself but she's not that smart to realize. this girl is a poser and is in heaven that one photographer was ther to ask her questions. Kris deserves this golddigger. I can now understand as to why Kris was hiding her(look at her). Don't think for a minute that Kris didn't know about those tweets.

868 days ago


tmz, that would be afro-american coffee.
pc correctness. cant say 'black'. or
black holes
black listed
black balled
black out etc;

868 days ago


Girl looks more like Snooki than KK, but that's not saying much since both of them are trash whor*s

868 days ago


Stripes are not forgiving on you hun...

868 days ago


Not right to pick on this non-celebrity person. I'm sure she doesn't have a huge team of people to do her hair, makeup, clothing, plastic surgeries. Kris unloaded a huge albatross by getting rid of Kimmy Kakes, anybody would be an upgrade for him. Even a homeless woman.

868 days ago


I can't believe how ignorant and immature some of the comments are.

Her real name "Fatmire", while it might sound strange to most of you, is an average name with a wonderful meaning in her native language, (one of the oldest/ if not the oldest language in Europe); unfortunately not all words/names cross over well into different cultures, just as certain popular english names sound quite odd in other places around the world.

It's sad to see some of you criticizing her weight (she's a regular girl who has been suddenly thrown into the gossip world....never claimed to be a model. Kim K is 99% plastic (boobs/ass/liposuction/botox etc), whose career depends on her looks. There are millions of girls worldwide who are curvy and wear their hair similar to Kim K, that doesn't mean they are trying to be Kim....she wasn't the first one. The hypocrisy that goes on this blogs is funny, plp love to hate on Kim ...yet continue sucking on her tits all day long lol.

Tmz stop reporting on Kris/Myla/Kim, no one cares about these individuals

868 days ago


if kris is dating this girl, he is a fool. iwas behind him 100%, but this is a poor choice, he has made.

868 days ago
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