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Donald Trump to Miss PA

Time's Up ...


6/7/2012 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Never say Donald Trump isn't a man of his word -- we're told the Miss USA owner is going forward with legal action against ex-Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin ... for saying the pageant is fixed.

TMZ broke the story ... Donald issued a 24-hour ultimatum yesterday -- apologize and retract her statements that the Miss USA pageant predetermines its winners ... or face a lawsuit.

Well, Sheena didn't retract squat -- and now our sources say Donald's lawyers are meeting to draft a defamation lawsuit.

It's unclear when the suit will be filed.


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donald you should be ashamed to show your ugly mug do you have jaundice or something whats with the yellow skin why dont you talk more about your offspring that killed those wilkd exoctic animals you and your spawns go hide under a rock

815 days ago


I think this woman has truth to her story Because from a business sense what she said will not hurt the miss USA pagent, So why is it so important for Donnald to sue this woman and spend so mucn money to eventually collect nothing unless he was afraid of something.

815 days ago

standyour ground    

You go girl!!! It is time the public knows that Kuo has been picking girls for years and replacing judges picks with whom the pageant wants. Sheena is tellling the truth. I wish the other contestants would come forward. It is just a crown.

815 days ago


When President Obama looses the election in November can he then go out and sue Trump for Billions making the false claim that he was not born in America.

815 days ago


who cares? stupid contest anyway

815 days ago


Won't he ever STOP being a "BULLY" ?
Now degrading women even more.


815 days ago

billy cema    

I think it was some years ago, that Trump complained about the winners of Miss USA being ugly, or a similar description. This was around the time Miss Massachusetts/USA and Miss Tennessee/USA won.
It was reported he'd from the on, have his say about the semi-finalists, cause after all, he owned the show.
Similarly, the Miss Universe Pageant has had his orange nose in the thick of it.

815 days ago


Me, I don't care about the pageant, but I care even less about the women who think that being in such events gives them credibility to speak authoritatively on politics, society, morality, or, for that matter, current fashion.

Anyhoo. A true female beauty pageant would have rules like no implants, no body shaping clothes, and no make-up. A beautifully painted shell is still just a shell and then substance inside is more than likely rotten by the time you find it. ;)

814 days ago


He should sue his self tanner...YIKES!

814 days ago


He doesn't have a lawsuit...
He knows it.... any law school student knows it!!!

An "entity" cannot sue for defamation... and if it were an individual, can't prove all the elements of defamation.
Question is... where is NBC on this... they co-own the entity.
This is just a bully tactic by Trump and a way for ratings, etc.
Betcha Gloria Allred represents Ms. PA.

814 days ago


Dear Right-Wing Bully With the Horrible Hair Weave: No one with a brain has cared about the Miss America meat parade (oh, "pageant") for years. It's LONG overdue for this prostitution ring to be shut down!

814 days ago


Trump should be worrying if Obamas Birth Certificate
is real and t leave Miss Pennsylvania alone.

814 days ago


Does this guy OWN a mirror? He is crazy to claim she would not make the top 12. His wife looks like a hag next to her. Maybe Melania should go door to door in their building to see if his next dumb bimbo is being put up there. He has a history. And how does he expect anyone to take him seriously when he looks like an oompa loompa, ergo Trumpaloompa. Or at best an extremely jaundiced liver cancer patient. He is such a joke the republicans asked all their candidates to distance themselves from his crazy ass.

814 days ago


Since Trump stated that he or MUO did not care who made the top 16 could someone explain the "cattle call" photo with Trump definitely holding a pen and pad in his left hand!!! Why is he holding a pen and pad while holding his famous "cattle call"? Makes me question the results!

814 days ago


Most likely this case will be thrown out of court.
Tons of people say that Trump University is a Fraud.
People should get wise to this guy.
He is the only so called billionaire that brags
about his money. I never heard Mayor Bloomberg
brag, Bill Gates brag or Warren Buffet brag.
When someone has to brag about how much
money they have to me that means they do
not have very much.
For all the people that got screwed with
Trump University the attorney general should
demand they they be given back their money
plus interest, Those people who give the
seminars do not tell the truth.
How come they dont mention all of
Trumps Failures. He no longer owns any
casinos in Atlantic City. He no longer has
an airline only one airplane He no longer'owns
the Plaza Hotel. Everything that gets build now
with his name on it is with others peoples
He is some billionaire.
Why does he not build with his money?
Could it be that he really doesnt have
very much?????????????

814 days ago
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