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'AGT' Fraud

Family is Getting

Death Threats

6/8/2012 7:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of the stuttering veteran Timothy Poe who sang on "America's Got Talent" tell TMZ they have been receiving death threats since our stories revealed Poe is a fraud.

As we reported, Poe gave producers of "AGT" a photo which he claimed showed him in Afghanistan, but in reality the pic is of someone else. And Poe could produce no documentation to prove he suffered a debilitating brain injury in the war -- as he claimed on the show.

Poe's family tells us ... several family members have been getting death threats. We're told Poe's sister-in-law went to the store Thursday with her kids and someone came up to them and said, "We're going to kill you and the whole family."

Several family members have received phone calls. We're told Poe's fiancee answered the phone (after Poe's number was leaked on social media) and the caller said, "You made American vets look bad and now you're going to suffer."

And we're told another vet called to warn that he and others would be coming to Poe's house, so "watch out."

As for Poe himself, a family member says she fears he's suicidal. He hasn't left the house since the scandal broke, and he's been crying incessantly. One family member says Poe is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

But ... we're told no one has called the cops about the threats.


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Mystery Guest    

The guy is an idiot, but death threats are a little over the top.

846 days ago

buzz kill    

The fool brought it on himself. What kind of man tries to get ahead by lying to play on peoples sympathy? Idiot!

846 days ago


I don't think anyone should receive Death Threats, but lets be honest...he chose the wrong angle to win this show, or at the very least get notoriety. You're messing with something that many Americans hold very dear, and to attempt to exploit that for personal gain...soldier supporters don't take kindly to it at all.
I would have stuck with this "I'm a backwoods hick with a speech problem...LOOK I can SING!" Angle and left the War Vet element out. He could have made it worse by saying he survived the 911 attacks. Why not go for a hat trick?

846 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

lol no one buys this stupid b(tches story do they? So some person walks up and says your going to die and you run to tmz and not the authorities? Great plan stupid.

846 days ago


wait, how do you know he actually IS lying, how do we not know that the people at AGT fu**ed up and showed the wrong picture, we don't know sh**, everyone leave him alone. MY GOD, why do you make fun of his speech problem, WTF is wrong with you TMZ, I hate you for this. Poor Guy, leave him alone.

Poe, not all of us feel this way, please stay strong.

846 days ago


Death threats?!? Only in ameri-KKK-a.

846 days ago

Seriously wtf    

Ok peeps, he lied, he got caught, he is embarrassed. He obviously has mental issues. Let's be big about it and let it go. Hopefully he will get the help he needs.

846 days ago

Cheryl A.    

To lie about war injuries to try to win a talent contest is one of the WORST things anyone can do. OK, so you were in the war and we appreciate your service but you pretty much screwed up your reputation and screwed with WAR HEROS who made it out alive, and those who did not make it. That just sickens me.

846 days ago


You know damn well they won't disqualify him, they want him back on stage so Howard Stern can rip him to shreds which I would find not a good idea either. It's time they showed him the door and he fixes what he broke. I'm just stunned this guy thought he would get away with this.

846 days ago


While I don't agree with the death threats, I do think that POS deserves his *ss handed to him.....and while we're at it, his girlfriends is in on it can't tell me she didn't know and if she didn't, she has got to be the stupidest b*tch around

846 days ago


meh the usual someone lies , or expresses their opinion on something/someone thousands of people make the situation worse than it should be by sending death threats. and it only makes people more famous this is a f*cked up world we live in

846 days ago


Death threats from a bunch of loser keyboard warriors lmao.

846 days ago


GI Joe, crying? Because he's busted. WHAT THE HELL DID HE EXPECT, HE WAS GOING TO LIE AND NOBODY WAS GOING TO OUT HIM. What a numb skull.

846 days ago


Why would someone threaten his family? Its not their fault this guys a total dumbass

846 days ago


While I question what this guy says is the truth, I don't think that anyone deserves death threats, especially his family. It's not like they were the ones that went on there and said that, he did that himself. But even then I don't believe that he should recieve a death threat. But he should have expected that his story would have been caught eventually. Just tell the truth, that is more resepectable than the lies

846 days ago
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