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Kris Humphries Negotiating

Confidentiality With Girlfriend

6/8/2012 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
' lawyer has been speaking with the lawyer for girlfriend Myla Sinanaj ... trying to negotiate a non-disclosure agreement ... for a price.

Sources connected with Kris tell us ... his lawyer reached out to hers earlier today, trying to muzzle her from talking about their relationship. Our sources say Kris is nervous about the texts, emails and other documents she has relating to their relationship -- things Kris wants to keep under wraps.

As for why Kris wants to muzzle Myla -- his lawyers are demanding millions from Kim Kardashian, alleging she defrauded him and broke his heart. It's hard to make the case when Kris is banging another chick two months after Kim files divorce docs.

We're told, in addition to a non-disclosure agreement, Kris wants Myla to sign some sort of joint statement ... again, for a price.

Stay tuned.

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1. Does anyone care about Humphries?
2. Does anyone care about who he's with?
3. Does anyone care what I think?

Nope to all, but hopefully they'll both go away (sorry, but I'm staying)...

865 days ago


Kris is a baby. No one forced him to ask her to marry him. He is a grown ass man. It did not work out so move on already. You are wasting your life embarrassing yourself. Stop picking up women for booty calls or else you will have this kind of trouble always. Find a nice girl from Minnesota. There are plenty of them. You signed a prenup. Take what is yours and move on.

865 days ago


Kartrashian is s***, but this new "girl" is a cleat chaser, gold digger, and extortionist. I can't believe that he would be had 2x so soon. Obviously, he needs to break up with this jump off today. If a girlfriend of mine hired an attorney to keep quiet, I would flip out and breakup in a second. The ironic thing is that Kartrashian has her own sob story and she was banging little boy West while she was "together" with Hump. Kartrashian is a ho and famous for nothing but a sex tape and a fat a$$, but Kris is finding the worst type of person possible.

865 days ago


Why date a girl you have to pay to hush up about your pirvate initmate mommenst and life? Dewd you need to start dating realer women. Find a NICE girl....maybe if he based his relationships on more then the size of their fat asses...............

865 days ago


seriously! when your lawyers are negotiating your relationship , i don't think it actually qualifies as a relationship. what a idiot !

865 days ago


Really TMZ, sources connected to Kris are telling you this, just like the sources are saying she's his girlfriend yet his Rep says they are NOT.
BTW, TMZ, nice of you to assume because some SOURCE told you they've been dating since January that he automatically is BANGING her. You people really are the spambots of the Kraptasian world. Let me know when the SEX tape of the two of them arrives on the scene

865 days ago


tmz doing everything to make kris look bad..i dont believe does statements tmz wrote

865 days ago


kmz still kissing the fat ass ho bag Kim's ass. Make a story so Kris looks bad---------- big surprise coming from KMZ

865 days ago


Kris Humphries starts to look more and more like a liar everyday. His side of the story (behind the divorce) becomes less credible with every new story about him. He makes some serious bad choices, and his new girl is a KIM K wannabe; typical trash trying to look like class!

865 days ago


Well that didn't take long. He really needs a better wingman to help weed out some of these women.

865 days ago


Loool so how much longer are you gullible yanks going to feel sorry for this idiot? "Oh, he got hurt by kim! boo hoo hoo!!". This limp wrist tosser got everything he deserved. The fact he needs a lawyer to talk to his "Girlfriend" just about says it all in my book. He's not the "Who me? Nah never!" nice guy from Minnesota he pretends to be. Is it Karsnookian's fault that Kris can't get over her? The fact he got a fat indian KK lookalike says it all. Give it up Krissy boy and go back to being the guy no-one cared about before you got with Kim.

I suppose I'll get a bunch of thumbs down from a bunch of holier than thou TMZ arm chair critics but I don't buy this guys act.

865 days ago


Poor guy just keeps ending up with money hungry skanks.

865 days ago


Come on Kris! One would have tought you already learned that the fat assesed superficai will do anything for fame women are no good. Wise up dude and go find yourself a down to earth could care less about money and fame regular girl.

865 days ago

pink floyd    

ugly.... why do all the girls from the east coast look like snooki.???

865 days ago


Come on folks, can we plug our brains in. Is there REALLY someone close to Kris leaking this BS. My problem here is, his lawyer is working on his case for Fraud, do you think they'd go talking to her "Lawyer" and I don't believe that for a minute. This whole thing sounds like a setup from you know who. The only reason they aren't filing a defamation lawsuit with all of this is because it's all going to be used in the Fraud case.

865 days ago
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