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Miss Penn. to Trump

Psych Training Tells Me

Miss USA is Rigged

6/8/2012 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Ex-Miss Pennsylvania insists the list of top 5 Miss USA contestants she was told about perfectly matched the eventual top 5 -- but sources connected with the pageant tell TMZ her math is way off ... because only one name matched.

Sheena Monnin isn't backing down from her claim Miss U. is fixed -- on "NBC Today" she said, "It's too coincidental for someone to be able to call out in order the top 5. I know what I heard there is no doubt in my mind that the contestant is serious when she laid out what she saw."

Monnin claims Miss Florida told her she saw a list of the top 5 before they were announced -- and although Miss FL now says she was joking ... Monnin says, "I have many years of psychological training. I know when someone is scared and serious. Her body language was serious."

But pageant sources tell us the list Miss Florida saw had only ONE name of the eventual top 5 finalists -- which pokes a huge hole in Monnin's story. As TMZ first reported, lawyers for pageant owner Donald Trump are currently drafting a defamation lawsuit against Monnin.

By the way, Monnin's psych training consists of a master's degree ... from the University of Phoenix.

 update_barMiss Florida Karina Brez, tells TMZ, "I want to make a statement, very firm and very clearly, that I did not at any time tell Miss Pennsylvania USA or other Miss USA contestants that I knew the final five contestants in the Pageant."

Brez adds, "For reasons I don't understand, my name is now being brought forward as the person who released the names and implied that the Final Five contestants were pre-selected. This is absolutely not true, and not the case."



No Avatar


So they admit there was a list, what was it for then?

868 days ago

Jay W.     

All this B.S. with Trump is catapulting Ms. Monnin's celebrity. She loves the attention !

868 days ago


Did she receive her Bachelors from Everest too?

868 days ago

It's Dave    

University of Phoenix? LOL! Because we all know that the top-tier universities routinely advertise during the Jerry Springer show.

868 days ago


so TMZ continues to bash people, now they make fun of her degree...

TMZ you people can't spell let alone have the wits to use spell check, your columnists have terrible grammar as well. FU** OFF TMZ.

Go all the way Sheena, take those frauds down!

868 days ago


I want it to be true, but now she sounds like a real idiot.

868 days ago


Its interesting that Trump is pissed off enough to file a lawsuit. If it wasnt true, why would he care??? To be honest - the thing probably IS fixed.

868 days ago


They admit there was a list? Why have a list if they aren't trying to influence the judges? I don't think Trump is above hand picking the winner, he is a notorious control freak.

868 days ago


Actually, I believe her. This is a hell of a story to just make up and she seems to be following through and not backing down from The Donald. He is a big lying idiot so I would not put this past him.

868 days ago

Laughing at celebrities is fun.    

You lost because you look like janice dickandsome, get over it.

868 days ago


Well spoken and intelligent young lady, you go girl we believe, you.

868 days ago


aaaaah well. i had her back until the whole "psychological training" bs spilled out of that beautiful face. siiiiigh u're going to need more than "years of psychological training" and "knowing when someone is scared or serious" to win this type of battle. shaking my head. i believe her. i just dont think that she's got together to pull it off.

868 days ago


earth to dumb bitch... "psychological training" does not protect your stupid ass from being raped in court...

868 days ago


I just want to say whoever is lying i hope the REAL truth comes make fun of where someone goes to school is immature...atleast she pursued her education...some people have no other choice but to go online due to their cir***stances...working, a life, travelling due to husbands do not know their experience so to make a suggestion that online school is not good enough...well its better than not going and seeing all these people online who cannot spell or properly write...not to mention the people who do not have a trade or anything to survive on when the dollar fails...your talk show job done...your wall street job done...your gonna be begging the little people for help...then i will turn around and make fun of you for thinking a job at TMZ is something to be proud of and it is a secure future...BS idiots....

868 days ago


TMZ are you idiots or what.!!! MUO ADMITTED ON NATIONAL TELEVISION AFTER AT FIRST DENYING THAT MISS FLORIDA HAD SAID IT THAT MISS FLORIDA DID IN FACT TELL MISS PA THAT SHE HAD SEEN A LIST AND QUOTED THE EXACT TOP FIVE IN THE EXACT ORDER BEFORE THE TOP 16 WERE CALLED. MUO got caught in a lie on National Television this morning and outed Miss Florida as the one that told. I mean unless Miss Florida is the next Miss Cleo there is no way that she is that psychic unless she saw the list. TMZ get your stories strraight!!!

868 days ago
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