'Jersey Shore' Fight Alleged Victims Already Talking Lawsuit

6/9/2012 5:43 PM PDT

'Jersey Shore' Fight -- Alleged Victims Already Talking Lawsuit


The lawyer for the two guys who claim they were attacked last night by members of "Jersey Shore" tells TMZ ... his clients are planning on suing the guys involved, the bar where the fight went down AND Viacom and MTV ... this according to their lawyer. 

Matthew DiBrino, the lawyer representing Justin Viterito (see above) and Devon Chichele, tells TMZ ... Justin was drinking with Ronnie and Roger (JWoww's boyfriend) for some time last night at Bamboo Bar in Seaside Heights, NJ.

DiBrino says at some point, Devon approached the bar to join his friend Justin ... but someone else who was with the "Shore" crew pushed him in the back.

DiBrino claims Justin then went to help his friend ... when Ronnie clocked him in the face. DiBrino says a bouncer for the bar then grabbed Justin and put him in a headlock and Ronnie then punched him in the face a few more times ... causing the laceration in the photo above.

Justin and Devon were then escorted out, according to DiBrino, and everyone from "Jersey Shore" was gone by the time they pulled themselves together.

DiBrino says his clients plan on suing Ronnie, Roger, the bar, the bouncer, MTV and Viamcom ... who they claim promote this activity for ratings.

Calls to reps for Ronnie and MTV were not returned.