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Kardashian Sisters

We're Not Shameless

Snake Oil Peddlers!!!

6/9/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Kardashian sisters did NOT sell bogus diet pills to millions of gullible consumers ... they just coaxed 'em into buying them -- this according to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ.

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian just filed their response to a $5 million lawsuit that accuses them of peddling lies to the public about the diet pill QuickTrim. The product's main ingredient is caffeine, which the FDA has decided is not an effective weight-loss drug.

But Kim & Ko. are now firing back -- claiming they're NOT the sellers of QuickTrim, they're just the pretty faces promoting the product ... so they shouldn't be held responsible for QuickTrim's lies.

The sisters claim there's currently no law that holds spokespeople accountable for false advertising -- and it should stay that way.

The Kardashians want their names dropped from the lawsuit.


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They not only put their faces on the product, they claimed to have been using it and telling people/their "fans" that the crap actually works for them and that's how they were losing weight. Meanwhile, Kim sheds her pounds by getting lipo and then they inject that fat in her ass. (Brazilian Butt Lift). She also claimed to use that hair removal thing she was promoting which is B.S. I can't believe people waste their money because it has these whores faces on the products. Dumb fu*ks.

829 days ago


Photoshop much?

829 days ago


Looking at the ad, it seems like someone should be suing photoshop.

829 days ago


Of course not Kardashians, maybe it's because you'll sponsor anything that has a dollar amount in front of it. You reap what you sow. Learn to educate yourself about a product before sign on the dotted line. Money grubbing dirty Armenians.

829 days ago


Why does every picture of Kim look exactly the same in the face? Does she force the person to be at a specific height with the camera and then she has to be looking down to get that exact same face every time?

I swear if you look at every photo, you could just copy and past her face into ever any photo and they would be an exact match.

And she's fugly as hell.

829 days ago


Of course they're responsible, they and their airbrushed, photoshopped pics. It's like lying to people to get their money.

829 days ago


The KfatTRASHians are guilty for just breathing useful oxygen required by humans who contribute to the true betterment of human existence.

829 days ago



829 days ago

U suk    

Is there ANYTHING that these slime ball tricks won't do for money? The only thing these TV tricks investigate is how much money they will make..they NEVER check what the actual product does. Remember their now defunct credit card scam? Their worthless and wish people would stop watching their lame ass show so they'd go away like a tumor

829 days ago


When is their contract up with the devil??? I am so sick of these w h o r e s, btw, Khloe is enormous, who are they trying to kid???

829 days ago


The whole family are pieces of worthless no-talent morally bankrupt fame wh0res.


829 days ago


I never buy anything these airheads endorse because I cannot stand them. The only way to lose and maintain a healthy weight is a good diet and exercise. However, I do feel celebrities have a responsibility to know the products they endorse inside & out. It's just good business & common sense. Just proves to me what I already knew: ANYTHING TO MAKE A BUCK. Fame Whores!

829 days ago

Oh Ren Ishii    

Khloe is totally photoshopped.......b!tcH doesn't have a body like that.....she's huge!! KIm's photoshopped as well her abs aren't that ripped. Cows!

829 days ago


Like others they're definitely responsible for peddling crap to morons who believe in them and who aren't aware of the Adobe's Photoshop concept. Plus these itches are as fake as a Canal Street watch.

829 days ago


If you take money and make false statements then you are culpable in the fraud. Its as simple as that. They claimed these products helped them get the bodies they have. They knowing lied for a check. They convinced many of their fans to purchase this product. Which in my book is pure fraud on their part.

829 days ago
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