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Warren Sapp

Please Don't Take

My Condo Away!

6/9/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former NFL superstar Warren Sapp didn't shed too many tears when he lost his Super Bowl ring, but when it comes to losing his home ... he won't go down without a fight, TMZ has learned. 

HSBC bank is on the attack, claiming Sapp -- who recently filed for bankruptcy in Florida -- owes them $781,879.39 from before his filing. They are asking a judge to allow them to foreclose on his beachfront condo to help settle the score.

The football legend filed a response this week, pleading with the judge to let him keep the fancy digs. Sapp claims he's still living in it ... despite not making payments on it since May 2011.

Sapp vows to cough up the cash as soon as he sorts out the bankruptcy.

A judge has yet to rule.


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No Avatar


I may be wrong, but I believe in Florida you're allowed to keep your homestead in a bankruptcy. And during the bankruptcy proceeding, the mortgage company is not allowed to foreclose

864 days ago

northern gypsy    

no kidding..i wouldn't want to move either !!! sorry...the time to "sort out' your financial situation was before the $780,000 bill !!! cut your losses and pack up your stuff pal the party over...

864 days ago


Another reetahd that couldn't live within his means...which was a fortune to the average Joe. Zero sympathy for this clown. Pack your crap and go ask your neighbor what they are going to do with the box their new refrigerator came in.

864 days ago


I want what i didnt pay for and just because i made a promise to pay and didnt does not give you the right to take your property

864 days ago


People get into.trouble sometimes.He needs to keep his home.Bankruptcy allows that.If Donald Trump can file for bankruptcy over and over again and keep all his stuff Warren should keep his home.

864 days ago


It's ridiculous that famous people get exceptions that hard-working, everyday people don't. Hasn't paid anything in over a YEAR?? Give me a break, any regular Joe/Jane, would have been forced out after a month or two. Idiot. Warren,it won't kill you to live in a smaller, less fancy house. Trust me. .

864 days ago


When a run of the mill NFL (or other pro league) player goes bankrupt after leaving the sport I feel kind of sorry for them. They made good money but not "set for life" money, and they just lacked a decent financial education. Superstars like Sapp I feel ZERO sympathy for. He made phenomenal amounts of money and was in the sport long enough to have learned how to manage it. He could have lived very comfortably for the rest of his life had he been smart about his money. Going broke after only 5 years out of the game with as much money as he had is ridiculous.

864 days ago


How do these old football players who made millions, have no money???

864 days ago

Bad Dog    

Another idiot who made a ton of money and obviously pissed it all away.

864 days ago

Bad Dog    

What I want to know is, who forced him to sign to pay the amount? No-one? Then he should still be forced to accept responsibility

864 days ago


You know why TMZ;s getting kind of boring? Every other story is about a celebrity behaving irresponsibly, refusing to take responsibility, and getting away with it. Same story, different name. "I'm a celebrity! How dare they expect me to pay my mortgage!" "I'm a celebrity! Why should I have to pay attention while I'm driving?" If this guy couldn't afford the place, he should have sold it and moved to a place he could afford, instead of staying there and expected somebody else to pick up the tab.

864 days ago


ha...I have made a payment since march 2011 on my house and i won't until they lower the interest rate or payments!

864 days ago


I don't think that is his main residence. Pretty sure he has a house on the Butler Chain in Orlando. Nice view of those blue waters though, can see why he wants to hold onto that

864 days ago


Maybe the NFL and NBA should give these guys a class on:
Your career won't last your entire life .... neither will your money - if you blow it all in the early years!!
No sympathy for this crap.

863 days ago


HSBC owes me 700,000 dollars. They ignore my calls and emails. Maybe its time for me to take them to court

863 days ago
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