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'Bridesmaids' Slap Case

School Stands By Teacher

6/11/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Malibu teacher will NOT be placed on administrative leave after allegedly slapping a black student in class -- this according to the superintendent of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District

The superintendent tells TMZ, the district performed a full investigation and found the teacher only "pat" Dionne Evans -- she did not repeatedly slap her, as the 9th grader told police. The superintendent didn't comment on the alleged "Bridesmaids" reference.

According to the superintendent, the teacher took some time off -- but is now back in the classroom.

The superintendent says the teacher never intended to harm Evans -- and the incident was not racially motivated.
We're told the teacher has tremendous support in the community. The L.A. County Sheriff's Department is still working on its criminal investigation.

As we reported, the Santa Monica NAACP branch is calling for the teacher to be placed on administrative leave, pending the criminal investigation.


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Mary P    

Because the NAACP totally knows what's going on and what happened far more than the witnesses, the school AND the community.

866 days ago


sounds like the school feels if they don't support the teacher they will be held accountable.

866 days ago


This is one of those cases where school teacher union is destroying kids education this country needs to get rid of the teacher union.

866 days ago


Of course they support her, they're in a union. You can't fire them if they're inept, only if they're pedophiles. All tenure means for a crappy teacher is that they get to be a crappy teacher for life.

866 days ago

Fat Mike    

America, the most racist country in the world, needs to stop mentioning the race of every person who feels hard done by. Why is it that every time there's a story on someone who isn't white, the media feel the need to mention their race?

866 days ago


Kids that witnessed the incident all tell one story, which is totally different than the "victims" story.
Others told that the "victim" was mouthy, rude, and one girl caught this girl stealing her wallet.
Good for this teacher!

866 days ago


BY all accounts (except the girl who made the complaint) the student is an habitual truant who is rude and mouths off to all the teachers, and often tells stories to get out of work. I'm certainly no fan of teacher unions or the NAACP, but in this case it sounds as if the school standing by the teacher is the right thing and the student's claims are bogus.

All too often these days, teachers are bowing to spoiled students because they are afraid of getting sued or accused of a crime. Heaven forbid a young child hug his teacher for fear of being called a child molester. And... often these teachers spend more time with the children each day than their own parents.

866 days ago


NAACP appears not to investigate & evaluate whether incidents really are racial. NAACP doesn't care to know the truth, they automatically pick a black person's side. It gives the impression that NAACP wants to prolong & escalate racial discord. Does NAACP ever admit they were wrong backing a person who was proven to have lied?

866 days ago


OK this is nothing NAACP why not take your resources and investigate blacks murdering whites in this country now. A whole lot of racial crimes going on since Trayvon please I know this seems important but go to other news sites and read about all other more important matters of Africans and whites at it in this country this want stop if Naacp keeps going for the petty crimes go BIG!!! you wonder why people hate naacp and think they are racist come on slavery is over stop dragging it on. Naacp YOU I SAID YOU ARE THE RACIST AND NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN!!!

866 days ago


This country needs more people like scott walker to get rid of teacher unions and fire lousy teachers and hire good ones. If this teacher laid a hand on the student the teacher should be fired.

866 days ago


We need to stop all this racist crap. I'm sick of it. Why can't we all just be good Americans. I don't see British, Asian, Australian, Finnish, Swedish, German, French, etc acting like this.

Get a grip MERICA

866 days ago


naacp sees money so the leach on..they dont even know the full story and they make false claims.see the duke lacross case.see the jena six thugs assaulted ONE WHITE kid.they actually marched saying the thugs didnt deserve jail time.

866 days ago


I had this teacher in high school. I doubt very, very much that she slapped the girl, she was a hard working teacher, and actually cares about her students. She did however joke a bit too much with students, and treated students as friends, so something completely harmless meant as a joke could have been turned by the girl's family for a payday.

866 days ago

Scott Levy    

Wow, this is seriously messed up. Regardless of whether or not it had anything to do with race, the teacher's actions were demeaning, humiliating and cruel -- bullying in it's vilest form. She should be fired, without question!

866 days ago


the teacher was only doing the parents a favor, am I the only parents that has 0 tolerance for acting up in school.

866 days ago
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