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'Bridesmaids' Slap Case

School Stands By Teacher

6/11/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Malibu teacher will NOT be placed on administrative leave after allegedly slapping a black student in class -- this according to the superintendent of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District

The superintendent tells TMZ, the district performed a full investigation and found the teacher only "pat" Dionne Evans -- she did not repeatedly slap her, as the 9th grader told police. The superintendent didn't comment on the alleged "Bridesmaids" reference.

According to the superintendent, the teacher took some time off -- but is now back in the classroom.

The superintendent says the teacher never intended to harm Evans -- and the incident was not racially motivated.
We're told the teacher has tremendous support in the community. The L.A. County Sheriff's Department is still working on its criminal investigation.

As we reported, the Santa Monica NAACP branch is calling for the teacher to be placed on administrative leave, pending the criminal investigation.


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Oh really????? Teacher did not really mean to hurt her.hmmmmm
Then.....why the big breaking news over Creflo Dollar and his daughter....I just don't get it...maybe I miss something.
What about when the cops kill our children ... and the stand your ground disput... I guess everyone has a say over the raising of your children beside the parent who financially and spiritually support them until the ripe old age of death

872 days ago


hmmm, interested.... apparently teacher, police, zimmerman, principal and john public all have the final decision on what measure of punishment is extended to our children. Parents do not have any say as per the most recent event with Dr Creflo Dollar. Then let the state pay and raise our black children since all we can do as parents is to sit back and allow everbody else to make the call of the extent of discipline needed

872 days ago


Kids that witnessed the incident all tell one story, which is totally different than the "victims" story.
Others told that the "victim" was mouthy, rude, and one girl caught this girl stealing her wallet.
Good for this teacher!

Someone has to say it ---- "Hey Al Sharpton, bring that lying little BITTCH over to my classroom and I will slap the living crap out of her"!!!!!!!!!!!! You can even film it for TMZ!!!!!!!!!

872 days ago


Now you know they will stick with each other especially in the Mel Gibson non area for diversity of Malibu. This teacher could have 800 HD video camera, 100 Bose microphones on, dress in a KKK outfit with a Nazi armband and she would still get off.

872 days ago


For ALL of the CAUCASIANS that come on this site daily and CONSTANTLY B-TCH and MOAN about how we(BLACKS) are always playing the race card, just read the comments by your fellow CAUCASIANS like BILL and BIONICDUCK and then tell us why we are always playing the race card. Boy the IGNORANCE and HYPOCRISY by some of you people(WHITES) is MIND BLOWING; and for the person who called the NAACP a bunch of TERRORISTS, you just spit in the face of everyone who lost a loved one on 9/11 because of the REAL TERRORISTS. IDIOT. Yeah no RACISM here.

872 days ago


The fact that almost everything is turned into a race issue just depletes the NAACP's reputation.

872 days ago


You brain dead beatch! You cannot put your hands on anyone, even if it is a pat. Put your hands on me, beatch, just a pat, and I'll put your face in the pavement!

872 days ago

Poopey Poopstein    

Oh what a surprise.. another lying black person..Typical.

872 days ago


This girl is trying to capitalize on an opportunity (as usual). This story played out way diff then the "victim" claims!

872 days ago


oh please, RACE ALWAYS MATTERS. They wouldn't have slapped some little white girl that was mouthing off. People look down on black girls, and no one stands up for them. You're not allowed to slap people, that's assult and the woman should have been arrested.

872 days ago


its ashamed ppl in america play the race card so often that real victims do not get justice...teachers in america becomes lazy or unmotivated bc of the students they teach, they disrespectful and rude. this comes from their parents who do not give a **** abt them.

872 days ago


NAACP shouldn't even be in this. Race has nothing to do with it. It's the putting your hands, in any way, on a child.

872 days ago


So... is the teacher white? Asian? Pacific Islander? Native American? Jamaican? *****ia? South Africa? Chinese? Japanese? Australian? Nowhere is it mentioned the race of the teacher, so I am willing to bet that it does not matter. All that matters is that a good and innocent little black girl was abused by an evil teacher.[/sarcasm]
I demand that the student be placed on educational leaving pending the criminal investigation. Could just be that she is making things up. Which is a crime.
Not saying the teacher or the student is lying. Just suggesting that both explanations are not entirely truthful.

872 days ago


The biggest question should be why does any teacher have their hands on a student, pat or slap?

872 days ago


Why is it so important that you identify her as black in the first sentence, much less in the article? The color of her skin is irrelevant to the story. I have been waiting for you to fairly report this story instead of fanning the flames of rumor and gossip. You took Dionne at her word and sensationalized the whole story and in the process smeared the reputation of a reputable and honorable teacher. It would be different if either Dionne or the teacher were celebrities ... but they're not. You had no right to inaccurately report this story without getting all the facts. The minute you reported this story, Dionne's version was immediately disputed by people who were there. But because she was black and going to Malibu High you ran with it without any backup to her claims.

871 days ago
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