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Kris Humphries

Sicks FBI on Ex-Flame

6/11/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
is no dummy when it comes to alleged extortion, because we've learned his lawyers contacted FBI agents Friday, claiming his ex-flame Myla Sinanaj tried to extort him by demanding a large sum of money, or else she'd release damaging information about their relationship to the media.

As we first reported, lawyers for Kris and Myla were jawboning Friday ... Kris' lawyers were trying to get her to sign a non-disclosure agreement

As for why they want to muzzle her, sources connected with Myla say she has emails, texts and other documents chronicling their relationship that could hurt Kris if they became public. 

Sources connected with Kris say ... Myla threatened that if she didn't get money she would "ruin" Kris. We're told the two sides could not reach an agreement, and that's when Kris' people decided to take it to the FBI.

Our Kris sources would not say whether the alleged extortion was in person, over the phone, via email or text, but we're told it is in some electronic form that would give the FBI jurisdiction to investigate the extortion allegation.

We reached out to Myla ... so far, no word back.

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BB not bb    

I guess Kris thinks he can just control any woman in his life. He was in a relationship with this girl since January and now it is over as soon as the media finds out. He must have told her immediately what she can and can't say. She looked afraid to talk at all when TMZ tried to ask her some questions as she was going into her house. I wonder what could be so damaging? I think we already see Kris for what he is. Maybe he was trying to hook up with her while he was still married to Kim. It is clear he was the fraud while he thinks he can claim fraud against Kim.

For instance, he invited his sister to NYC and didn't tell Kim, so she couldn't spend time with her and missed the chance to get close to her. Kim was hurt by it and Kris acted like it didn't matter anyway because Kim's job means nothing to him.

Kris thinks he is pushing off some goody goody Christian image but I think who he really is shines through. If he made this girl swear to silence for their relationship, then he is extorting her to stay with him. She is just asking for money give up her right to freedom of speech.

If she won't keep his secrets willingly, he wants the FBI to make her. He needs the FBI to help him get along with women.

803 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Well damn. She has turned out to be quite the lunatic. Since she seems to want 15 minutes of fame and some money out of her relationship with Kris why doesn't she just try out for Basketball Wives.

803 days ago


Wait, you come to the girl with an NDA and when she refuses to sign for the amount you offer you accuse her of extorting you? The FBI should be investigating humphries and his lawyer for filing a false complaint.

803 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Kris has brought this all on himself. He doesn't appear to want to be in the spotlight yet he dated and married the biggest fame whore on the planet. Then instead of divorcing quietly he chooses to fight over dumb things like wedding gifts. Now pap pics come out of him and the new chick and he dives off the deep end and dumps her and tries to force her to sign a NDA. If he would just divorce Kim quickly the paps wouldn't even care about him and he could date whoever he wants quietly. He is a very strange bird.

803 days ago


If you really want to get even with someone, you don't threaten not to do it for money as that is extortion, but if you just do it, they have nothing.

803 days ago


His lawyer must just sit back and watch his bank account increase everyday with this guy. Does he have bad judgement or does he make things up about the women that leave his life to make himself look good? There just seems to be a pattern here. If she really did set him up, which could happen but I think it's notso true, then why were they just trying to strike a deal with her?
If there is anything athletes should know rule #1:don't lose your load over a hospitality worker. Tiger Woods was ruined by a "hostess" and now this guy by a "hotel go getter".

803 days ago


The FBI has better things to do than worry about Asperger Boy. Kimye is laughing at him.

803 days ago


Kris is a full fledged CREEP! He's JUDAS! He brings this girl into his twisted world and is trying to nail her to the cross. I remember Kim saying saying she didn't like who she was when she was with him. Now I get it. I have a feeling why Kris is so panicked, it's most likely because he was dating her while he was married. There can be no other explanation for his extreme panic mode. Maybe some of the texts or emails refer to him wanting to extort money from Kim. If there was nothing incriminating in any of the correspondence with Myla he wouldn't be going to such extremes. What he doesn't realize is that he's risking his career all because of money. If I were an owner of a team I would think twice about bringing him on my team knowining that this guy is a liar and a SICKO! Hey Kris was it all worth it. Hey Myla don't let the BULLY intimidate you. If the FBI go through the correspondence and find out that he was fraudulant with Kim and was attempting to extort money from Kim, it will surely backfire on him. God don't like UGLY!

803 days ago


The verb is to SIC ... not SICK.

803 days ago

John the Lawyer    

Hey Harvey, whoever you have doing the writing on weekends needs to go back to school. "Sicks"? WTF? At the least it would be "sic's". Sick writing lol

803 days ago


Just how much taxpayer money do we have to keep spending on idiotic celebs?

803 days ago


I hope I'm not the only one who FLAG's the cash spammers on here.

803 days ago


Let her talk. Who cares. Hope it was worth the orgasm.

803 days ago


Your Kris sources.....yup, like anyone connected to Kris would talk to TMZ. Well, I guess you didn't say "friend".

803 days ago


Jesus Christ, morons! It's sic. To sic a dog on someone. To sic the FBI on his ex-flame. It's in your headline as "sick" -- yesterday you had the word "breaks" in the headline for brakes. WTF -- TMZ isn't actually PAYING someone to write and edit this sh*t I hope.

803 days ago
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