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Lindsay Lohan Car Crash

Truck Driver Lawyers Up

6/11/2012 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610_lilo_truck_driver_getty_tmzThe truck driver on the receiving end of Lindsay Lohan's Porsche has already lawyered up, TMZ has learned.

TMZ spoke with truck driver James, who tells us he was injured in the crash, and apparently wants money for his pain and troubles ... thus the reason for a lawyer.

James says he saw a doctor Sunday, despite previously telling us he felt fine.  He would not describe the nature of his injuries, on the advice of his hired gun.

TMZ broke the car crash story, and then the plot thickened when James told TMZ ... after the accident Lindsay's assistant removed a mysterious pink bag from the Porsche and asked him not to mention it to the media. He says Lindsay's people asked him to settle up on the spot, but he declined.



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he better.

when dealing with lying, pieces of sh*t like the WH*REhans it's a wise thing to do.

863 days ago

help this young woman    

He blew it because he has already said on video that he did not see anything just felt a bump. He already said on video he was not hurt. He can't change his story and have credibility.

863 days ago


Good Morning....
Good Lohan Inc perdictable or what...They never change up or anything....same tactics every time...
Tell you what folks if it was me I would have "Lawyered Up the minute I know who had hit me because of her past history of destroying anybody that won't take a payoff for something she has done...
Of course its all right for Her to have her lawyer meet her at the damn hospital because she is the famous Lindsay Lohan but let a simple truck driver WHO IS THE VICTEM OF HER HITTING HIM IN THE REAR...get a lawyer the trolls try to destroy him....
What a bunch of hypicatical idiots and trolls you are...
Not only does he needs to lawyer up, he needs to judge up, and any other up he can get to fight the damn buzz saw terror tactics media manipulations that Lohan Inc engages in....
Susan and her other trolls names she come with Mike, Fact, etc etc, gotta tell you ...Its getting old and its not working you have done the same tactics so many times its not selling nobody and as my grandson said...

"Tell it Too to the Hand " !

863 days ago


In most cases it's "BIG TRUCKS = BIG BUCKS". in this guys case it's "LITTLE SLUTS = BIG BUCKS"

863 days ago


brakes failed??? I hope Porshe sues her when they prove her story is BS.

863 days ago


Not all injuries are noticable at first. In fact go to the very first story on this accident and look at all the responses from people warning Lindsay how much she is going to be hurting the NEXT day.

863 days ago


No problem wih him lawyering up to protect himself against those lying Lohans but we all saw the video of him after the crash and he was fine so he damages his own credibility to now claim that he was injured.

863 days ago



863 days ago


People run their into other cars all the time. No one would care whatsoever about her wrecking her car, since thankfully, no one was seriously hurt if she would just admit that it was her fault. No big deal. I've been in a few wrecks in my life--some my fault, some not. When you run into someone from behind.....YOUR FAULT. Period. Deal with it and move on. No one cares. But, this is why she is so unlikable. It can't be her fault, because she's Lindsay Lohan! Ugh, she's like a four year old. I think she's freaking out if the car really was rented by production co., and she wasn't insured to drive it. Ha! What did they expect? If she ran into me, and started blaming me to the world, I'd be getting a lawyer too.

863 days ago


The man is claiming no damages so he can't sue. This is for defensive purposes only. He has to because she is denying it was her fault saying the brakes failed. If the brakes truly did fail she should be going after the manufacturer or the rental agency not him.

863 days ago


Did anyone read this:

"TMZ spoke with truck-driver James, who tells us he was injured in the crash, and apparently wants money for his pain and troubles ... thus the reason for a lawyer."

This is TMZ's SPIN on the story! It says "APPARENTLY" not "IS SUING". Until the entire story comes out and we see who is at fault I will reserve judgement on both. Once again TMZ is sensationalizing this more than needs be - it's their money maker!

863 days ago


Good for him. It takes about three days before all bruising and pain are full blown. Even if he is not hurt that much the hiding of the pink bag and trying to be bought would have personally pissed me off.

863 days ago


IT IS AMAZING how, before this accident, the majority of comments on this site, were fiercely against this woman. Now, since the accident, LL has become a darling by some of the very same people who shouted her down and are now out to destroy the trucker who was just minding his own business doing his job never dreaming he would become involved with a woman whose questionable character as been the topic of discussion in recent memory.

863 days ago


No were in this farce of a article does it say he is sueing for injuries !! pain and suffering can be many things including have your reputation and work perfomane shedded thought the Lohan Meat Grinder on the world wide web.....
She can have her Lawyer , can he and I wouldn't have waited till Sunday..the minute I learned who hit me I would have "lawyer up" NOT to gain money but to protect myself for the Lohan Inc Meat Grinder..
That the reputation she has gotten .....
the proof you say...
You can't count on both hands the civil suits she has against her for injuries and harm she has done...
Damn Staight I'd get a Lawyer hell a whole room of lawyers....

863 days ago


this accident is nothing short of careless driving or wreckless driving..I think both carry 4 points on your lisence...
with her priors and really bad driving recoed I dont know what company would insure her..
at 12 points you Autamaticlly lose your permit for a year..
but her second DUI she was driving on a suspended she might not have one to start

863 days ago
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