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Diddy's Stepson


His Football Scholarship

6/12/2012 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It doesn't matter that his father is ULTRA-RICH, Diddy's son Justin Combs deserves his football scholarship to UCLA and shouldn't feel bad about taking the money ... so says Justin's brother.

TMZ spoke with Quincy Jones Brown -- Diddy's informal stepson from on-again, off-again GF Kim Porter and asked about the controversy surrounding Justin. Should his family's enormous wealth disqualify Combs from scholarship contention?

Brown explained ... it's not about the money, it's about the prestige ... and Justin has EARNED the prestige of being a scholarship athlete.

"He deserves a scholarship," Quincy explained ... adding, "He is a true talented athlete."

Special celebrity appearance at the end of the clip -- check it out.

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UCLA's sports scholarships are funded by one or more of the following:
1. Private donations
2. Media contracts
3. Athletic department ticket sales
4. Corporate partnerships
They're not funded by any of us taxpayers, we don't pay in.
Donors and schools/colleges decide what the criteria is...it's their money.
None of our business who they choose.

871 days ago


Denzel Washington's son had some sort of athletic scholarship as well. Denzel said that he let his son accept the scholarship for the prestige, but then donated a large sum (presumably in excess of the scholarship) back to the University. That approach made sense to me. I doubt Puffy has the same level of common sense.

871 days ago


Dude..if there's prestige with being known as a 'scholarship' athlete, then fine...take the accolades..but do the right thing and donate the equivalent amount to a student who needs it!

871 days ago


if the kid had any morals he wouldn't take the scholarship...he might be a good player yes but if i was his father i would be embarrassed to let my kid take that scholarship knowing i make millions every year...shame on UCLA ,shame on P diddy. or whatever his name is....

871 days ago


Bunch o' crap. There are so many players more deserving of a scholarship than Justin Combs. Stupid moves like this are why UCLA loses to USC by scores of, like, 50-0.

871 days ago


"Scholarship" should be defined. If it's a cash prize for HS athletics it makes them professionals that are competing for prize money.

Brass and plastic trophies are for prestige. Give the kid a ribbon and send him off to college.

871 days ago


Why do I feel like barfing, Screw football, is there really time to study and play, and do a good job at both?? I think not. If you want to play, tryout for a team .

871 days ago


perhaps the kid does deserve recognition for being a solid athelete...but, a classy kid who receives a scholarship when he absolutely does not need it would respectfully decline the money. come to think of it, a classy kid, who was raised with solid values wouldn't b!tch and moan about prestige either.

871 days ago


what diddy should do is find out how much money that scholarship is worth and take that exact amount out of his own money and give it to another deserving kid to use for tuition etc. problem solved......

871 days ago

Big D    

Dude you're wrong! Scholarship's are for people who could not normally get in to college. Him taking a scholarship is taking away from someone who needs financial help.

871 days ago


Great so someone give him a medal and the 'prestige' of the scholarship and give the money to someone that needs it. The person that needs the money cares way more about the money than the prestige.

871 days ago


Yes, Jr deserves the scholarship. But P-****zy needs to pay for it. I would be really embarrassed if I had that much money and someone else paid for it.

871 days ago


Good for this young man! He is living the "American Drea" along with his dad who came up from barely nothing in Harlem. He got the grades, he's got the talent and he deserves this scholarship like anyone who might be less fortunate. This is "Good ole Ameican Capitalism" at its finest people. HIP HIP HOORAY AND GOD BLESS THE USA ALWAYS!

871 days ago


Shut up you moron. I'd just like to see a black kid from whatever side of the railroad tracks, go to school for opportunities other than sports.

871 days ago


Schloarship = prestige? Since when? Webster's states that scholarship means "grant in-aid to student." Maybe we should give Diddy's kids the scholarship, so they can learn what words mean.

871 days ago
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