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When in Rome ...

Flash Your Ass!

6/13/2012 9:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Madonna unzipped her pants and exposed her lacy thong-clad 53-year-old buttAfter flashing her nipple in Turkey the other day, Madonna continued to strip down on the latest stop of her body part peep show tour by showing off her mother-of-four butt in Italy on Tuesday.

While performing her hit song "Human Nature" again, the Queen of Pop unzipped her pants and exposed her lacy thong-clad 53-year-old taut backside to the crowd at Rome's Stadio Olimpico.

With controversial swastika references, Lady Gaga jabs and plenty of MILF nudity, Madge's MDNA tour has something for, er, everyone.


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Hey, Madonna...your time is up. You are too old for this kind of stuff. It doesn't work anymore. Stop it now...and retire.

806 days ago


Does she think people really want to see her naked anything? Seems like she is grasping at straws here....

806 days ago


I think her body still looks pretty damn good for a 50 year old lady. Great ass.

806 days ago


I'd hit it.

806 days ago


It is just sad that Madonnna is trying to keep up with the young girls by flashing her body. It was bad enough when she was younger. What is the message her teenage daughter is getting from her--Madonna seems clueless to that.

806 days ago

Throwback kid    

Why can't this washed up pathetic 53 year old woman figure out no one wants to see her boney a-s-s? she has not been relevent in music for 20 years now, she looked like a grandma at the Super Bowl trying to dance next to dancers that were half her age.She is as bad as the Kardashian's when it comes to wanting attention all the time. Remember when Madonna started talking with a phony British accent a few years ago? Any time you see this woman in an interview she is so self absorbed and insecure you wonder how someone could put up with her for 5 minutes? But then her boyfriend is young enough to ber her grandson and doesn't speak english so he doesn't know any better. Hey Madonna, it's not 1985 anymore, deal with it

806 days ago


This old broad needs to take her meds.

806 days ago


MILBF figure out the BF starts with Butt.

806 days ago


does she really need to do that?

806 days ago

moe l.    

Why would she think people want to see a grandma's arse???

806 days ago


Her age is showing when she thinks this is controversial. I have seen artists moon the audience at concerts. And they didn't keep their undies on, lol.

Gee...when was the last time I saw a strangers booty...oh yea, there is one on the top stories right now.

806 days ago


WTF?!? No,no,no,no! That's just not right

806 days ago

Trevis Miho    

I generally let sh*t-talking come out of my mouth concerning Madonna nowadays before I give her credit for anything anymore - but at this moment in time I'm not going to front on the fact that she's been around (and successful) since I was a kid. Yea, she's in her 50's now (hopefully we ALL see our 50's), and she's doin' some 20yr old sh*t, but she's always been in this mode - you can't deny her accomplishments or deny that this woman, even in her 50's, is still DOIN' IT. One day after she's gone, we'll miss these moments (even if you don't admit it) and she IS an icon of an era (even if you don't admit it). Sooo, do your thing, Madonna - at this moment in time, I stand down and acknowledge.

806 days ago


For the love of God and all that's holy ... I'm going to need to wash my eyes out with bleach!

806 days ago


WTF is up with the No Fear on her back? That's what all the bros plastered on their lifted trucks back in the '90s.

806 days ago
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