Miss USA Score Tabulators We Didn't Rig Squat

6/14/2012 10:30 AM PDT

Miss USA Score Tabulators -- We Didn't Rig Squat

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If the Miss USA pageant really was fixed, you can rule out one possible culprit -- the number crunchers responsible for tabulating the girls' scores ... this according to the number-crunching company.

As we reported, Ex-Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin surrendered her sash last week -- claiming another contestant had seen a list of the top 5 girls long before the final competition ... meaning the results were fixed.

But a rep for Ernst & Young -- the tabulating company employed by the Miss Universe organization -- released a statement today, explaining how its firm did NOTHING unsavory.

According to the rep, Miss USA judges submitted their scores directly to E&Y, and E&Y then independently tabulated them -- the scores remained under E&Y's control until the results were handed directly to the hosts for announcement.

The rep says, no one could have seen a list of the top 10 or top 5 beforehand "because they did not exist until they were tabulated by us."

E&Y insists the results determining the top 5 were determined Sunday June 3rd -- AFTER the evening gown competition -- which rules out the possibility of a preexisting list.

Unfortunately, that's not necessarily true -- the judges could still theoretically have colluded independent of E&Y, which basically makes its statement completely meaningless.