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Miss USA Score Tabulators

We Didn't Rig Squat

6/14/2012 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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If the Miss USA pageant really was fixed, you can rule out one possible culprit -- the number crunchers responsible for tabulating the girls' scores ... this according to the number-crunching company.

As we reported, Ex-Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin surrendered her sash last week -- claiming another contestant had seen a list of the top 5 girls long before the final competition ... meaning the results were fixed.

But a rep for Ernst & Young -- the tabulating company employed by the Miss Universe organization -- released a statement today, explaining how its firm did NOTHING unsavory.

According to the rep, Miss USA judges submitted their scores directly to E&Y, and E&Y then independently tabulated them -- the scores remained under E&Y's control until the results were handed directly to the hosts for announcement.

The rep says, no one could have seen a list of the top 10 or top 5 beforehand "because they did not exist until they were tabulated by us."

E&Y insists the results determining the top 5 were determined Sunday June 3rd -- AFTER the evening gown competition -- which rules out the possibility of a preexisting list.

Unfortunately, that's not necessarily true -- the judges could still theoretically have colluded independent of E&Y, which basically makes its statement completely meaningless.


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First, this is Earnst and Young, which doesn't enjoy the clean reputation of a firm like Deloitte, for example. Secondly, the E&Y staff who are assigned to these things are typically right out of school, in their first month or two of employment, and unskilled to handle real audits. These are PR stunts for CPA firms, not actual oversight of any counts.

828 days ago

Wendy A.    

Ernst And young have been known to hide things that are illegal like for instance the Lehman brothers troubles. So it would not surprise me if they kept secrets about a beauty pagent.

828 days ago


Really?? What's more likely that all 5 judges colluded for some reason to pick the winners...or that one individual at E&Y left the list lying around like an idiot before the announcement. Think about it...not hard..Ernst and Young are just bored employees like the rest of us.

828 days ago


Miss USA is as phoney as that thing on Trumps head.

828 days ago


Does anyone really expect them to say any different?

828 days ago

hung and dashing    

Firstly, E&Y or any other accounting firm is only adding up those numbers given them. They might do the counting correctly or with impunity. But they can't really determine for certain that which it is they've been asked to count up. They clearly could be handed numbers which have already been doctored or otherwise manipulated and.or predetermined. So E&Y's assessment of the situation would be "limited" to say the least. And as they would probably avow, they don't involve themselves in any of the collecting or gathering or generating of those numbers they're then asked to "independently" add up. So they couldn't know if they're tallying up legitimately garnered numbers or not anyway.

And The Trump has a history of previously complaining about many of the winners of his Miss USA and Miss Universe crowns. I recall a few years ago that he said something about the fact that he didn't ever want another Miss Russia to win Miss Universe because there had been a string of them who proved to be nothing but a headache for the year they were in NYC. And other Miss USA winners proved to be of less than stellar behavior, too.

All which could make for some case that Trump has "worked it" to assure that they don't crown another woman who is either trouble or hard to work with or who otherwise doesn't "cooperate" well and easily. It might be why any of the competitors with a mouth or mind don't even much make it to Top 15.

And what about Miss NEVADA? She was like an Angelina Jolie physically. Her answer to the impossible question about how stupid the contestants might be was answered as diplomatically as anyone could under the cir***stances. She was a stand out and came in FOURTH? The Runner up gave a blumblingly stupid answer to her question. Even on telecast night, VIEWERS knew there was something WRONG with even the placement of the Final 5. And that was BEFORE Miss Penn even came forward to the media.

828 days ago


If baseball and politics can be rigged then T&A cannot be that difficult...Hello!

828 days ago


Trump could have easily told the judges--off the record-- that "these" were the contestants they liked, and then shown them the list that Florida says she saw.

827 days ago


The accountants didn't rig anything. The JUDGES rigged it by giving the crown to whoever gave the PC correct answer to the GAY question. Which was Miss Rhode Island. It was SO obvious. Just look at the hate that was thrown at those that gave the non-PC answer to the GAY question in the past.

827 days ago

Bill Montes    

I watch the show and u had a gun debate segment and this is my twist on it. I have the right to own a weapon and that is given to me by the constitution. Now the debate is what type and size or how many shell it can dispense with one clip. I have the right to defend myself with one more bullet than the intruder so not knowing what weapon he has on him and the easiness to buy a auto/semi weapons then by right under the constitution I have the right to have the auto/ semi auto weapon to defend myself and family. If all I can have is a weapon that holds 10 bullets and the aggressor has one that will shoot 30 I cant defend myself so in retrospect I should have at least a 30 clip if not larger

639 days ago
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