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Amber Portwood

Checks In to Prison

6/14/2012 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So it begins -- TMZ has learned "Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood officially checked in to an Indiana prison this morning to serve out a 5-year sentence stemming from her December drug arrest.

Law enforcement tells TMZ, 22-year-old Amber was transported from a local jail to the Rockville Correctional Facility at approximately 7:45 AM.

TMZ broke the story ... Amber was sentenced to 5 years in prison for drug possession back in January -- but the judge offered to keep her out of the big house if she completed a drug program.

Amber took the offer, but eventually quit the program -- deciding to serve time in prison instead.

Amber said she decided on the prison route because she was depressed in rehab -- so depressed she tried to OD on pills.


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I thought she was already in pris... oh wait, I just stopped caring as I typed that.

799 days ago

Dita Wildflower    

In like 5 days she's gonna be like dafuq did I do?..... nice going genius.

799 days ago


She made a dumb choice. If she is put into GP it will be a matter of time before other women start threatning her for money. It happens all the time in jail. Amber is an easy target because she has money from that horrid MTV show. Actually knowing how corrections work I am going to be shocked if Amber is not put into protective custody.

799 days ago


She was depressed because she missed her daughter... So she thinks going away for 5 years will make it worse!!!

799 days ago


shame she just didn't od

799 days ago

Peter Sc    

Rehabs are fake, sometimes abusive and when not abusive only for the rich people trying to envade justice.

She will be so much better off in the prison system.

799 days ago


This is the second worse decision that this girl has made, the first being getting pregnant at 16. Doesn't the Judge realize that this was not a rational decision and that throwing someone into prison when clearly they have mental health issues?

Throw the people who kill, or hurt our children and the elderly into prison. She will come out worse then when she went in and sadly she will probably never have a meaningful relationship with her daughter because of her mental illness.

799 days ago


White Trash.....

799 days ago


I've been in Rockville before and depending on her attitude, she might be happier there.See, she isnt doing a straight "5 yrs". Depending on how her 5 yrs id broke down and her "executed time" is (executed time is time u actually serve) she could be out very rapidly. If she was setenced to lets say " I hereby sentence you to 5 yrs. 4 yrs suspended and 1 yr executed which would mean she would only serve 6 months. Since she is on a TV Show they would Im sure allow her to obtain her GED and go to classess. Typically, someone serving such little time like that wouldnt qualify for GED classess or really any other classes. I doubt Amber will work either. If she has that little time to do, she will be placed on "idle". All she will have to do is make her bed, shower and eat, watch movies and when they call wreck movement, decide what "activities" she would like to engage in while there. Oh, and she will also learn how to be a better criminal and new drug connects too. Now if that 5 yrs is broke down where lets say all 5 yrs is executed time, this means she will serve out 2 and a half yrs within them walls and some time will be shaved off in the event she gets her GED or other class certificates. Now if she pops off at the mouth, which I highly doubt, then of course she's gonna get smacked around. Amber isnt about that life. I know I put the lock to my locker in a sock and swung it on a few bitches when I was there. Or, soda can until it exploded on the bitch head. Chicks are scandolous & I dont take to well to sexual advances or disrespec,t but see, I can handle myself. I been fighting all my life. Amber aint got no hands about herself.The majority of the chicks there are street chicks (prostitutes) who have had to fight all their life, drug runners and murderers. I'd say that well over HALF the population in there is women convicted for drugs, probably around 70%. Not sure why they say she was transported to Rockville from the jail she was housed at though because thats untrue. I mean, its not even possible. Perhaps she will end up at Rockville, but NOBODY goes directly to Rockville from jail. You go to IWP and go through IWI while at IWP and they determine where you will be placed, be it staying at IWP, Aterbury Correctional or Rockville. Ive been placed at both IWP and Rockville. Amber isnt bad ass like she seems to think she is, she wont be staying at IWP, she is either Rockville or Aterbury bound. They aint leaving this Amber chick with the likes of chicks like Paula Cooper or Cindy White just to name a few.Paula is hands down the single most evil human being I have ever met. I can honestly say that I have truly met Satan in the flesh. As far as drugs inside, well, sure, they definetly make their way in but it isnt as thick as people might think. The White Hats dont play in there. She will always always be on watch in fact, I highly doubt this Amber chick will even be placed in open population. She will be placed in P.C. or A.S. which A.S. I doubt because Amber isnt a threat to other inmates or staff, other inmates ARE a threat to her. They will punk Amber every chance they get. Amber will be ordering off canteen (commissary) every two weeks and the majority of that order would be for OTHER broads, but again, depending on how that 5 yrs is broke down, ****, Amber could be out in days. DOC just wants people to get a number. Ive seen people go too IWP and their outdate is THAT DAY or the next day but the State just wants to assign that DOC number. Theres alot of money in that. DOC is a huge huge money making industry.Dont be shocked if you hear she is being released way way wayyyyy before 5 yrs nears. And I do mean wayyyyy before. Then, she will probably come out thinking she a tough guy knowing she wasnt even in O.P (open population) the whole time. Protective Custody (PC) all day baby. Ill say this in ending though. Clearly jail and prison is NOT fun, however, Prison time to me is by farrrrrrrr easier and much better than JAIL time anyday! I wont be returning either way though. That was when I was so stupid and young when I made dumb life choices. I wouldnt make the same choices today that I made 5 yrs ago much less 15 yrs ago. Take Care.

799 days ago


She was probably high when she made this stupid decision. Who has ever heard of volun"tripping" to go to jail. Definitely no reality show there.

799 days ago


she was depressed because she missed her daughters so why be away from her for 5 years... Thats Will Only Make her sadder

799 days ago


If ONLY Hoehan was given 5 years! We'd all be FREE from hearing about her dysfunctional ass and it might do her some least maybe she could stop doing drugs!

799 days ago


She's going to be more depressed in jail. I don't understand her logic here at all. In the show she complains after one month of rehab that she misses her daughter and needs to see her... yet she's going to go to jail for five years? Okay then! We know it won't be the full five years.. but still. I feel so bad for her daughter. Instead of having a mom in rehab... she has a mom in jail. I think rehab would have been the better choice.

798 days ago


I wonder if she regrets doing the show now. I feel the show has A LOT to do with her mentality.

798 days ago


Amber needs our prayers, more than all the contempt of the commenters here. She did what she thought was best to stay well and off of drugs. Just sayin!

798 days ago
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