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'Basketball Wives' Nia Crooks

It's Jennifer's FAULT

She Got Slapped!

6/16/2012 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you get smacked in the face on reality TV, it's your own damn fault ... this according to "Basketball Wives" star Nia Crooks in her response to a lawsuit by a fellow cast member.

If you recall, "BB Wives" co-star Jennifer Williams filed a suit against Crooks -- claiming she suffered emotional distress and mental anguish after being hit upside the head on an episode of the VH1 show.

Now Crooks has fired back at the "face-slap" lawsuit -- claiming that Williams brought the slap on herself by the way she behaved.

In court docs filed by Crooks' lawyer, Javier Solano, she claims the slap was "caused in whole or in part by the culpable conduct, carelessness, contributory negligence or assumption of risk of [Williams]." In other words, Williams is just as much to blame for getting herself smacked.

Crooks also says Williams' injuries are bogus and is asking the judge to dismiss the suit entirely.

FYI -- in case you forgot the epic face-slap, you can re-live it here.


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Sin D    

Publicity hungry sad pathetic hags

861 days ago


Typical abuser, to blame the victim. NO one brings on being hit, if you cannot control your own actions and reactions nia, that is on YOU! YOU chose to hit her, you are responsible for YOU.

Abusive people always try to explain away their abusive actions by blaming the one they victimized.

You had no right to hit her no matter what, you lost control of yourself, you are the one with the lack of impulse control. YOU, Nia, are responsible for your actions and reactions to others, that is not on Jennifer, that is on YOU!

The sooner you own your own behavior, the sooner you will be a healthier individual.

When you hit someone, that is a choice YOU made, and the consequences and ramification to your chosen reaction then is on YOU, and only you.

No one ever deserves to be hit nor makes someone hit them, if you chose the reaction, if you lacked impulse control, if you get that steamed up, that reaction is on YOU.

What you chose is not Jennifer's responsibility, it is your responsibility. Own it.

Jennifer has a right to sue you and BBW. she has legal right, her choice, her reaction to YOU hitting her.

Ramifications to actions Nia. The end.

861 days ago


If you are going to hit someone, then be prepared for the consequences to your chosen action!

People who hit, are cowards and lack impulse control, get some anger management.

861 days ago


If a guy on the street looks at you funny or calls you a name, does not mean he made you hit him or deserved to be hit. If you assault someone on the street or anywhere, be prepared to have charges filed against you and to be sued.

The States Attorney has Victim Impact Statements in assault cases for a reason. The State steps in when a person assaults another person. That in itself says how serious "hitting" is and the legal ramifications to an act of violence and abuse.

That show is trash, and BBW, Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami, Nia should all be ashamed of themselves for the bullies they have turned into and the ugly violence they promote. Sick.

861 days ago


Nia Crooks is a bum bitch nuff said!!!

861 days ago


The woman on that show act like a bunch of punks. You'd think grown women could act a bit more ladylike. Seems all the reality tv women act poorly. i guess if you love to scream and fight any network will give you a show. They, the networks and cable, love to pay people for bad behavior. Makes me sick.

861 days ago

Dita Wildflower    

S T O P the bullying. There's kids out there going through a lot of Sh*. Get it together and be an adult.

861 days ago


Had I been slapped while sitting down, it would have been a blur me getting up. She would have never slapped another person for the rest of her life.

861 days ago



861 days ago


Someone has informed her that nothing is going to happen to her. She's smelling herself now that Jennifer has been fired and she has been assured all is good. Which goes to show she is not sorry, none of them are sorry, none of them are her friends. Message, bullies and troublemakers win?

861 days ago


how sad for the people that still watch vh1... mtv and vh1 put out nothing but fake shows. nothing but soap opera shows.. i thought reality meant REAL not shows with scripts... how sad for real actors that have worked hard for they're craft....... boycott vh1,mtv and

861 days ago

Be Be     

Nia is actually ignorant. She does not even have enough sense to know that what she did was not only wrong but against the law. You cannot put your hands on another person. She needs to go to jail. This sorry show is trying to encourage abuse and make young girls think that you are rewarded for being bullies, violent, ghetto, stupid and just plain ignorant. Shaunie is a snake and a poor producer and role model for young girls. I thought that she was better then that. I should have known she was just trash based upon the women that she chose to support

861 days ago

cha cha    

It doesn't matter to me who Beavis (I mean Shaunie) fires from the show. I will not watch anyway. Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie and Suzi are the s*** of the earth and promote violence and bullying (same thing really). I hope they go away. And hope there is a petition to sign and sponsors to boycott. VH1 and Shed you should be ashamed of these pigs.

861 days ago


That isd response. She will lose. Self-control. In America we have free speech. Words, words, words...but once you touch someone, that is where you are no longer free to do what you want. It is also called being anadult who can control never have the right to hit someone, no matter how much they piss you off with their actions or words. It is the law and the girl who did the slapping broke it. She is naive.

861 days ago


I typed too fast. I said THAT IS A STUPID RESPONSE.

861 days ago
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