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Chris Brown / Drake Fight

New Victim Comes Forward, Threatens Lawsuit

6/17/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman who claims she suffered a gash in her arm that required 12 stitches after she was caught up in the Chris Brown/Drake fight madness has hired a lawyer and plans to sue ... TMZ has learned. 

Javier Solano, a lawyer representing a woman named Lucy Pavlovsky tells TMZ his client was in the VIP section at W.i.P. Nightclub when the fight went down. He says Lucy ducked down when the bottles started flying and didn't notice her arm was cut -- "gushing blood," in her words -- until she was making her way out of the club. 

Solano says Lucy took a cab to the nearest hospital, and got a total of 12 stitches to close up two cuts on her arm -- and also got a tetanus shot.

According to Solano, Lucy was interviewed by NYPD officers on Friday ...who said they were gathering evidence for a possible criminal complaint. 

Solano says Lucy's lawsuit would be against the club -- but hinted Drake and/or Brown could be included, saying ... "At this moment we are exploring all options on who will become a defendant.

He added, "I can assure you that regardless of fame, money or stature, the people responsible will be held accountable."


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So Sad    

CHECK OUT THIS GIRL's TWITTER PAGE - she sounds like the typical cheesie LI girl acting like a city trend-setter. Look at some of the comments she makes on her twitter profile:!/lpavlovs

This is a joke. Look at how her attorney speaks: "At this moment we are exploring all options on who will become a defendant." Surprised he's not telling this tart to shut her mouth and remove her twitter page because of how money hungry she sounds as she sells shoes at Macy's HaHa. Her game is exactly the same BEFORE & AFTER the incident.

Just look at the history of her comments and interaction with her friends. Check out her JAP comment (Jewish American Princess) and her acting like a hoodlum just like a "JAP" would sound from Manhasset (<- not! read sarcasm here).

Real money from Manhasset and real city girls are classy, go to events or fundraisers at the theater or museums and not $20 cover loser clubs. I wonder how many clubs she'll get invited to when she continues to get older - haha.

Guess the grind in the city is getting a little tired - can see it in her face and globs of make up covering it up. She prob smells easy money - hopefully the court can look at her history online and know she's full of it! OH...

sounds like she was really traumatized. How about this great tweet to show how down she is: Lol wow the NY Post just came knocking on my door!

Another favorite: "young Russian girl who just wants to dance parties with hoodlum rappers & gets injured as a result"

or this one:
yea I'll live... I'm sending them my hospital bill though! Wtf so Grimey

or this one:
Never going out again! Done done & done.

one more and then check it out - ridiculousness:
PB&J for dinner since all my money is going towards clothes/shoes/bags #russiangirlproblems #hoodrichproblems #chornproblems ;)

guess a nice lawsuit will bring more money for those important things like skimpy dresses for those so cool clubs in basements of NYC

861 days ago


Sue the HELL out of them! Losers can't be responsible members of society: they should GIVE BACK some of what they've taken!

861 days ago

Mama Gump    

Her bra matches the rug - classy!

861 days ago


im not buying it....

861 days ago


If I ended up with a big gash on my head as one girl did, you bet I'd sue. The whole thing was BS. You take that **** outside.

861 days ago


This is the way things are in the African-American community. One dumb thug sees another dumb thug lift his leg on his fire hydrant and the fur starts to fly.

861 days ago


I am FURIOUS that these IDIOTS think because they are "Celebrities" they can DO WHATEVER THE F**K THEY WANT and get away with it. They should all be thrown in jail and left there. USELESS people. GROW THE HELL UP. You are not entitled to anything. How about acting like a gentlemen? SPOILED F'N BRATS. GO AWAY.

861 days ago

Zach Swan    

If you're going to worship and try to hang out with low life gangsta thugs like these guys, you are assuming a high level of risk that you're going to get hurt. Now you and the rest of the whiteys need to stop trying to blow rappers, hike up your trousers, quit pretending you're gangsters, and start acting civilized. You're less likely to get hurt then.

861 days ago


How are ppl responsible for their friends' actions?

861 days ago


TMZ is constantly trying too demonize Chris Brown, even your lying azz's cant spinm this in drake favor in black america see what you are doing. shameonya.

861 days ago

Latch Johnson    

Drake and brown are a couple of d bags.

861 days ago

Soulful Sagittarius     

The new American get money from suing someone.

861 days ago


Only person I feel sorry for his Chris bodyguard Pat because he actually got hurt.People showing up out of nowhere.Stop coming to the media to get money.

861 days ago


These losers deserve jail time and i am sure more litigation will come out of this gangster behaviour!!

861 days ago


Im sorry she has two little cuts on her arm some people were hurt muh worse

861 days ago
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