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Mary J. Blige's Charity

Fires Back at $250k Suit ...

We Were Broke, Duh!

6/17/2012 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mary J. Blige
's charity says the bank that is suing them was STUPID to loan their broke asses any money ... so it's their own fault they can't get it back -- this according to legal docs.

As TMZ previously reported, the Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now was sued by TD Bank ... after taking out a $250,000 loan in June 2011 and only managing to cough up $400 by the agreed upon December deadline to pay back the money.

Now the foundation is firing back at the suit ... claiming if the bank had done their job correctly, they would have realized the group was knee deep in debt already and never should have been loaned the money in the first place.

Furthermore, the foundation claims the woman who actually signed for the loan had no authority to do so ... which is just one more reason they never should have been granted the loan.

The case is still ongoing.


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justin hundley    

If they did not give the loan they would cry racism!!!!!!!!!!!!

828 days ago


why have a foundation in the you deserve it? ...don't think so

828 days ago


"Foundation for Advancement of Women"
March 2012 - "Mary J. Blige punched husband Kendu Isaacs in the face at her record release party at club M2.
"They got into an argument and a man tried to separate them, Mary shoved the man aside, pulled back and punched Isaacs in the face, giving him a bloody nose."
Isaacs was kicked out of the club for yelling.
Blige was...allowed to stay after she punched her husband.
Blige chose to leave after a bathroom break.
Did mainstream media cover the story the way they do with celebrity men who are accused of hitting their wives? Nope.
Did the club kick her out? Nope.
Did the public call her a deadbeat and insult her and petition to boycott her? Nope.
Was Blige arrested for assault? Nope.
Domestic violence? Nope.
Corporal injury? Nope.
I am woman, hear me get away with things men would never get away with ;)

828 days ago


Hmmm, sounds like the same excuse people use for not paying their mortgages.."Well how was I supposed to know that my rate would change and I can't afford my McMansion now!" Imma too stupid to read the fine print and the mortgage/bankers should have read my mind!

828 days ago


One more time, SKANK!

828 days ago


Sounds like Mary J did not have professional REAL non profit administrators running the show. Sounds like she thought all she had to do was lend her name and reap the PR glory of Angel Mary. This is pathetic and if she did not have proper honest, sincere real folks in employ, this nightmare should have NEVER been started in the first place. No respect for Mary J any more. Bad PR is twice as stinging as good.

828 days ago


Well, it looks like the charity did exactly what it said said it would: It (financially) advanced women (Mary J. Blige and the woman who signed the loan) NOW (the second they got any money from anywhere).
That's what it sounds like. Bad form, Mary J. Bad form. 

828 days ago


Mary J. Blige & Steve think the bank is stupid ??? Both of them are lowlife pieces of ignorant trash. With that mindset, they were both scamming from the charity also. Their wake-up call is on the horizon. $250K plus penalties and interest that the judge awards the bank hopefully will put both Mary and Steve in the street next to a dumpster titled "home." It's people like this who are a waste to society. Their payback is coming.

828 days ago


There you go bank. Mary said you were stupid to loan them money knowing they were broke. To bad Clinton wasn't that smart either. Thinking everyone should own a house. Alot of stupid banks, thanks to Dims who brought you the housing bust for stupid loans. Just ask Mary Blige

828 days ago


Seems there will be more to this story. I doubt the bank -- or a court -- will just say, "Oh, well. We should have known better" and just slink away. The bank probably WAS done to make a loan to a charity. Sadly, it's a safe bet they won't be making any in future. Too many celebrities want the publicity -- and maybe in this case, the money -- of forming their own charity, but don't want any of the responsibility of overseeing and running one. The women her charity was supposed to help will be the ultimate losers here.

828 days ago


This is stupid. She slaps her name on a charity and pays no attention to it, hires idiots to run it and wants someone else to pay for it. Should the bank have lent them money? Hell no. But she shoulld cover it herself, she certainly has it. What will happen is that the bank will get their money back through other ways where everyone else pays for this ****.

828 days ago



828 days ago


Yea, but you took the money you stupid bitch. Now what you did is screw it up for other charities to get help from banks. They should take everything you own, your house, car and and put your hoe ass on the street.

828 days ago


WOW! Unbelievable! It's somebody else's fault!

828 days ago


I am so sick of all you rich famous people spending money you don't have. All you people need to pay what you owe. You are why the country is in the state it is in. You all make me sick.

828 days ago
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