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Kris Humphries Ex Flame

Voicemail Threatens

To Expose 'More S**t'

6/17/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries' ex-flame Myla Sinanaj threatened to release sordid details about her relationship with Kris ... and TMZ has the voicemail.

Sources say ... after photos of Myla and Kris began leaking, Kris broke off all contact with her. Myla became enraged after trying in vain 17 times to reach Kris and then called one of his friends.

Myla left a message, demanding that Kris stop stonewalling her and return her calls.

Myla says, "If he's going to play me like that, I have way more sh*t I can put out."

The voicemail does not show alleged extortion on Sinanaj's part, as Humphries claims. Nonetheless, we're told Kris' lawyers gave it to the FBI when they made their extortion complaint.

Myla's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, tells TMZ, there was no evidence of extortion and unless Kris and his lawyer apologize immediately they will both be on the receiving end of a defamation suit.

Tacopina says Myla was indeed angry when she read that Kris was calling her a "booty call."  Tacopina says hundreds of emails and text messages show Myla and Kris were in a "substantial relationship," with Myla meeting Kris' parents, helping his sister shop for furniture for her new apartment and spending many evenings together at home cooking meals.

After we posted the voicemail, Myla posted a flurry of tweets to Kris Humphries saying “I Thought u were a good guy & a good person but something so Intimate as a VM left when I was hurt is a new LOW for 4u….. its sad that I had such a good heart & trusted u. U ASSUMED & Jumped the gun & attacked me for NOTHING. u intentionally hurt me……..

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THIS STORY IS TOO CONVENIENT.....GREAT TIMING PR WISE KARDASHIANS..........Kim is getting a great deal of negativity about the Oprah interview that airs tonight so they attack Kris some more. Myla and the Kardashian are working together. Kris was not wise enough to recognize game being played on him. Thinking with the wrong head. They do this mess on father's day smh. The K woman are vultures and kris is the injured animal they are chewing apart for survival. Only in America that an atthlete is trashed and a woman who get money every time her sex tape is viewed is glorified.

861 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Ok, so it's official then. Kris is a world class a__hole. I also believe Kim had to see that trait in him immediately which strengthens my belief that she married him for entertainment value.

861 days ago


He sounds like a douche. Move on there are over 7 billion people on the planet and you will do fine.

861 days ago

BB not bb    

Ah the irony of life is sweet. Kris played the easy going California girl Kim real hard, treating her like a dog and a servant and whatever for months until she ran out for her very sanity, which she was losing due to having random fits of anger. Now Kris is trying to play off a Jersey Girl, who is going to get revenge and has a temper. Maybe she even has a pack of foreign men in her family looking to avenge her honor. I think she is from Tunisia. She might be like a Bedoin even.

Kris thinks he can say he loves women one minute and treat them like trifling nothings the next. I am sure he did what this lady number two says. I am sure she is mad as hell but really, who wants a creep like this? I think he is a psycopath. He hurts a girl by dumping her after having a deep relationship with her, and then calls the FBI saying she is extorting him for complaining to his friend that she wants to see him. This guy has all the tact of a bull in a china shop.

Kim is easy to play but once Kloe stepped in, that all came to a fast end Kloe is not under the Kardashian curse because her dad is really the hairdresser. It seems that Kim and Kourtney have had a rough time in romance, maybe because their father helped set free a man who chopped off his ex-wife and boyfriend's heads.

All I can say is, it is obvious what kind of man Kris is already and anything this girl has to say is just further proof. Just calling her a booty call to pretend to show love for Kim in order to take half her money shows what a total pig he is right there. He already used Myla to destroy his rep, she didn't have to say anything. Same as on the show where he tried to make Kim look stupid at every turn and ended up looking like the dumbest guy ever on TV.

Kris has his own rage issues agaisnt women and it will be his undoing. Could he be the one secretly gay? Is that why he was trying so hard to out Kim's friend who was very shy? He is a passive agressive type but he is very very nasty and dangerous.

Most people do break up by just ignoring the other person. That is common but it isn't nice at all. It just makes it easier on ther person doing it. If someone is toxic, you have to just ignore them, but if they were really a sincere woman like Myla, then this is very mean and I can see why she is furious. She picked the wrong guy.

What can he tell her, that she really is a booty call in his mind now becuae he loves Kim's money more than he loves her, that a girl like her is easily replaced in his mind, that he needs to stop seeing her becuae it just isn't convenient for him any more? I don't think she would take that too well either, but at least she could hear from the horse's mouth that he is a beast. Maybe he hopes to somehow get back with her in his twisted mind, like if he just ignores her for now, he can get back after he gets the money.

I am glad she is enraged and refuses to be treated like dirt. If someone has deep feelings for you, you can't just ignore them out of your life. People do it all the time, but it is asking for trouble. Kim tried in every way to get along with Kris but he just made it impossible. She made it clear she was unhappy and had good reason to leave.

Oh me oh Myla.

861 days ago


Reminds me of the movie Single White Female

861 days ago


awww kris tried to get a girl that looks like Kim Trashian

861 days ago


Chris your in the bigs now!! ??? what in the hell are you thinking?? Haven't you learned that for the bitches you choose are in it for the $$$ only, Quit trying to hit the 3 pointer and stick to FREE THROWS.

861 days ago


The truth about Kris Humphries will all come out soon enough. HE is the fame seeking male whore that seduced Kim, and now he finally will be exposed as the low-life he really is. Happy to be able to watch him loose everyone's respect

861 days ago


Gold Digger!

861 days ago


I felt sorry for him before now I think he is a complete douche bag. Of course she freaked out. Things were fine one minute and the next minute she has his lawyers all over her big butt. What a jerk he is.

861 days ago


everybody check out @NYAngel24 <----Thats Myla's twitter. She's going in on Kris for what he did to her & i feel bad for her to be honest. Guys a d***

861 days ago


Kris is such a dumb f*ck. Last year during free agency, the storm over his divorce was raging and no team picked him up until after camps had already started. Now, he's about to go on the market again: he's still not divorced cause he refuses to sign and now he's causing more controversy by dogging a girl he introduced to his parents but dismisses as a booty call. Wow, teams will really want him, eh? Get ready for more booing, Kris. Get ready to be picked last after all the other free agents are signed.

861 days ago


When some people are rejected, they go ballistic. Fatal Attraction Ballistic.

Stop the threats Myla and move on, he lost interest in you after you put yourself into the media attention like Kim Kardashian does, and now your smear Kris Humphries campaign, again, just like Kim Kardashian did to him.

Of course he would lose interest after what you tried to do, going public and making a spectacle.

Glad he is exposing you and Kim Kardashian for the opportunists and sick attention seekers you both seem to be.

861 days ago


He's just not that into you!

Move along.

861 days ago


She is going all psycho on twitter at Kris. IF this is her...NYAngel24

Why do women do that when rejected? They only hurt themselves and then doing this publicly, only further humiliating herself.

Why do people go on rants on twitter, and harass?

Move on, so he was not what you thought and vice versa.

861 days ago
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