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Kris Humphries Ex Flame

Voicemail Threatens

To Expose 'More S**t'

6/17/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries' ex-flame Myla Sinanaj threatened to release sordid details about her relationship with Kris ... and TMZ has the voicemail.

Sources say ... after photos of Myla and Kris began leaking, Kris broke off all contact with her. Myla became enraged after trying in vain 17 times to reach Kris and then called one of his friends.

Myla left a message, demanding that Kris stop stonewalling her and return her calls.

Myla says, "If he's going to play me like that, I have way more sh*t I can put out."

The voicemail does not show alleged extortion on Sinanaj's part, as Humphries claims. Nonetheless, we're told Kris' lawyers gave it to the FBI when they made their extortion complaint.

Myla's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, tells TMZ, there was no evidence of extortion and unless Kris and his lawyer apologize immediately they will both be on the receiving end of a defamation suit.

Tacopina says Myla was indeed angry when she read that Kris was calling her a "booty call."  Tacopina says hundreds of emails and text messages show Myla and Kris were in a "substantial relationship," with Myla meeting Kris' parents, helping his sister shop for furniture for her new apartment and spending many evenings together at home cooking meals.

After we posted the voicemail, Myla posted a flurry of tweets to Kris Humphries saying “I Thought u were a good guy & a good person but something so Intimate as a VM left when I was hurt is a new LOW for 4u….. its sad that I had such a good heart & trusted u. U ASSUMED & Jumped the gun & attacked me for NOTHING. u intentionally hurt me……..

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Sarah, that's why I wished you had not put her Twitter on here. Now, azzes like Rainedrops will go and bug her and talk sh*t.

Anyway, people, girls get hurt. Humans have emotions. It's natural to feel hurt and frantic when someone you bonded with cuts you off with no words and no reason.

865 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

So? She has proof they were better than friends. And? That's supposed to make us sympathetic towards Kim or something? Not happening. Ever.

865 days ago

Bad Dog    

So he is on the receiving end of crappy treatment like he did to kim kartrashian? Sounds like karma is paying him a visit

865 days ago


Myla's lawyer is full of crap, wasn't he supposed to have filed a defamation suit a week ago? What happened to that? The truth be told, he doesn't want to expose that ugly gold digger any more than she has been and as for Kris, give it up dude. You are the dumbest duffus, while I've NEVER seen the Kardashians and can'f figure out how they are a media sensations [will, I do understand, the same machine that has manufactured the pop chart] I did see a clip when you SLAMMED Kim in the water, and laughed. Your stupid ass didn't get it... but that explained to me why Kim bailed,

865 days ago


Going off on him on twitter is not wise, when there are lawyers involved, it just makes her look less credible and instead feeds what he is saying about her, and looks like she is further harassing him. Why do that when lawyers are involved? Her lawyer should advise her to not have contact with him and to be careful what she says online where screen shots, etc can be used against her.

Just stating the obvious, that is not rational thinking to go on a twitter rant. If he is implying she is harassing him, it just further shows that maybe she is, for she is tweeting directly to him.

Just sayin.

865 days ago

BB not bb    

Myla is sounding broken hearted in this page of tweets I found. https://twitter.com/#!/nyangel24

I hope she runs for her life now that she is free of this toxic dufus. Kim did and seems happier than ever. Kris has crushed her spirit making her keep his dirty secrets, broken her heart by ignoring her, and if she doesn't give up wanting this psycho, she will lose her mind as well. He is a dirty low life person and if she is a nice person with real feelings he will never respect her. People are only happy with their own kind. He is not her type if she really cares about others.

He can do all the chairty he wants to boost his image but honestly, that is all for show and shallow. If you really want to be honored by God for givng charity, you do it is secret so not even your left hand knows what your right hand is doing. Kris uses psycopathic charm to seduces people, but that is all it is, the selling points of the devil.

865 days ago

BB not bb    

This tweets are so sad that she is writing. It makes me sick trying to read them. She is just a simple girl trying to deal with this all alone. She is begging Kris for answers when there are none. At least Kim was savvy enough to get it, she just cut and ran. There was no trying to figure out this piece of garbage, she just knew he was turning her into a bad person and put a stop to the whole relationship.

Myla needs to know that Kris seeks nice women to be his victims. It is nothing you do wrong but what you do right that makes you his target. You need to be with someone who loves people who are good. You are wasting your energy dealing with this self centered egomaniac.

865 days ago


I felt sorry for him before but now I think he is a complete douchebag.

865 days ago


Kris gets some of his own medicine.

865 days ago

Who Knew    

He's choice in women is not good to this point.

865 days ago


yo thAt bitch is crazy ! ..........she sound like my ex...lol...ofcourse...she Threatens him, that's hurted crazy chicks.....KRIS HUMPHRIES better watch his back..she sound like those chick that would slash your tires..why would she think kris was so in love her... its clearly kris just wanted some booty.. do you expect kris to go with out sex for 5 months?

come on people used your head....tmz is trying to make kris look dumb & a a'sshole...kim is still losing she bought kayne west 700,000 car for his birthday..lol...now who does that...

865 days ago


She's more likely to score crack in Tijuana than get remorse or knock sense into this toolbag with grudges..

865 days ago


i laugh at people on here that think they know Kris Humphries...they swear they have everthing figure out..lol tmz twist this whole thing-up ...too make kim look good...

865 days ago


Say sorry so you can get crazy bitch off your back .

865 days ago


This skank actually called his FRIEND and left that message?! You know, I understand being upset over how a man chooses to dump you, but to call his friend.....that's just pathetic and wrong. His friends have nothing to do with your relationship. And just because she was trying to ingratiate herself with his family, and they were nice, doesn't mean he considered her significant. I suggest she take this as life lesson and move the f*ck on.

865 days ago
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