Rob Dyrdek I'm Selling Burritos Now ... FOR POTHEADS

6/17/2012 3:35 AM PDT

Rob Dyrdek -- I'm Selling Burritos Now ... FOR POTHEADS


Forget Daniel Tosh -- the only beef Rob Dyrdek's got now is in his brand new line of frozen burritos ... and he's marketing them directly to STONERS.

No joke -- the MTV star and his cousin Chris "Drama" Pfaff have spawned a frozen burrito company called Loud Mouth Burritos -- which they claim will "revolutionize the age-old eating experience by combining Mexicana and Americana flavors under the roof of a tortilla."

The "Fantasy Factory" duo is hawking two options for now: Cheeseburger -- stuffed with hamburger meat, cheese, ketchup and mustard ... and Pepperoni Pizza -- with mozzarella, pepperoni and tomato sauce.

And the best part -- the burritos are only 420 calories each. GET IT?!?!?!

The frozen goods are currently being sold at several 24-hour Kum and Go and Maverik convenience stores -- perfect for those late night munchies -- and they're hoping to expand to 10,000 locals by the end of summer.

Taco Bell ... you've been warned.