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'Judge Judy' Show


After Show Taping

6/18/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two women who recently faced off on "Judge Judy" are still battling in real life ... all over a dog ... with allegations of violent threats and pet-napping ... TMZ has learned. 

The dogfight involves Kari Whitman -- who runs the Ace of Hearts pet adoption agency in L.A. The other woman is Teresa Gardenhire ... a former doggy foster parent. 

The two squared off on an episode of "Judy" that was taped May 23 -- after Gardenhire claimed Whitman owed her money for taking care of an Ace of Hearts dog while the org. searched for a permanent owner. 

Judy ruled for Ace of Hearts ... but after the show, Whitman claims Gardenhire began a campaign of harassment  ... and even made violent threats. 

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, Whitman claims Gardenhire warned her, "Watch your back bitch" and threatened to steal Whitman's dogs in retaliation.  

Whitman was so frightened, she filed a request for a restraining order -- claiming "[I am] afraid the threats will become real actions."

Gardenhire tells TMZ she's the real victim -- claiming she thought she had adopted the dog she had been fostering ... and claims Ace of Hearts stole it.  Gardenhire even filed a police report. 

A hearing on the restraining order is set for June 28. As for the dog in question, we're told it has already been adopted by another family.


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Wait, so she was suing for taking care of the dog, but tells TMZ that she thought she had adopted the dog. Why would the shelter pay her to adopt a dog?

Whatever at least the dog is out of the situation. The Gardenhire chick sounds a little crazy.

866 days ago

BB in CA    

It cost money to take care of a dog. If Teresa thought it was hers and then the shelter took it back, she probably felt like they should pay her for the time she took care of it. That's the problem with not having everything in writing. People make verbal agreements all the time but they don't hold up in court.

866 days ago


What a Great show...Judge Judy is the best!!!

866 days ago


JJ musta been hungry.

866 days ago

Mary P    

As someone who has done fostering before, if the foster agency doesn't provide either the cash, or the necessities upfront and she was doing it and then the foster agency refused to pay for the care of the animal (most do sign some sort of contract anyway), then it's easily possible she thought the dog was given to her and they didn't wish to have ownership of it so she kept it there and started treating it like her own dog until the foster agency found someone that wanted it, so they came, took the dog, never paying the foster for all the food, meds, etc., took the adoption cash and handed the dog off.

It's not cheap to foster animals, it can cost even for a healthy dog upwards of $250 a month or more in the first month. Getting them UTD on shots, medical check-up, any spay or neutering, starting heartworm, flea and tick prevention, plus the food and any meds needed. I can't see why the foster agency would claim ownership of the dog if they weren't paying for it's care.

866 days ago


Pet rescue groups LOVE having foster families adopt the pets they are caring for so I'm not buying her story. Also, the formal adoption comes with paperwork. They may have figured out she is nutty and that's why they adopted the dog out.

866 days ago


Geez TMZ, give us the details -- like when is this episode scheduled to air?

866 days ago


Grow up both of u and get a life.......😓

866 days ago


I have been a foster home for many years, and there was NEVER any confusion on whether I was adopting or fostering. Other than vetting, I paid for everything else for my foster dogs. I still new they were fosters. If I adopted, I filled out the ADOPTION PAPERWORK, so the dog could be legally turned over to me. There is NO way she thought the dog was hers.

866 days ago


I just watched this show and Teresa Gardenhire comes across as a greedy, evil, arrogant, horrible mother, despicable person. She was to be paid $50 per week to take care of the dog and then she purposely held up the adoption of the dog so that she could run up the $50/week payments. JJ knew exactly what this sheboon was doing and ruled for the Adoption Agency. Sheboon Gardenhire stormed out of the courtroom and was irate.

698 days ago


Nutjob Teresa Gardenhire was PRETENDING that she wanted the dog and that she was going to adopt it, but that she wanted a "lawyer friend" to look over the adoption agreement. TG dragged out this process for months and then wanted to be paid for those months--although it was all her fault for dragging it out. The paperwork was simple and TG was simply dragging it out, with the hope that she could get paid for all those weeks. Another family wanted the dog and TG wouldn't give it up and insisted on being paid for all those months that SHE held up the adoption over some flimsy excuse.

698 days ago


Once you watch the show, there will NO DOUBT in your mind that this evil, greedy, horrible Teresa Gardenhire is a violent whack-job who NO DOUBT threatened the lady from the adoption agency. TG was irate and stormed out of the courtroom. She needs to be locked up ... in jail first and then a mental institution. Bet that she is a welfare ho.

698 days ago

Elizabeth Bennett    

Judge Laura Drager, a New York City Matrimonial Judge is being urged to resign by several hundred of her litigants. See Change.Org. Laura Drager is known as the most corrupt Judge in the Country. Law enforcement calls her the CEO of the divorce company. She makes rich men richer, by making rich lawyers richer. She uses the Howard Rubinstein PR machine to cover up her horrific activities and has no qualms about using the Press against innocent litigants.

She has become a very very rich woman, by being the "Madame" of the Divorce Court. Next we have to make her stable of accomplices public. Justice Laura E. Drager...the Matrimonial Madame.

See Change.ORG

She has become a very very rich woman by New

618 days ago


I saw this show. Gardenshire even said she didn't
want to keep the dog and it was totally obvious she
only prolonged the dog's stay so she would get
$50 a week. Judge Judy asked her if she was willing
to return the dog even though her daughter had become attached and she said yes! She was an
arrogant person trying to get money for herself
the people running the shelter need to feed the dogs.

598 days ago


I am going through something very similar right now with this rescue. I haven't watched the tape but in my case this rescue pay's people to foster the dogs , the lucky ones sometimes get gas money for driving the dogs to vet appointments and adoptions.
I have been fostering this wonderful boy who came to me with his brother, both skin and bones and a week out of the shelter.
From day one, one of the dogs had liquid diarrhea . I made several attempts to let the rescue know he was emotionally doing great but his health and weight were not improving and he was constantly squirting liquid everywhere and now three weeks later blood is appearing. After a month of asking to take him to a vet I just decided to adopt him and take him to my own vet ( I was told by the rescue founder when they finally agreed to get him to a vet that ONLY their vet can see him).
I let the rescue know I wanted to adopt him and they agreed and said I would just foster a second dog to pay for the first. I said yes and a second dog was dropped of at my home. She was very stressed out but sweet and had a bad case of Kennel Cough. ( I would have liked to know she was sick being that I have other dogs) .
Two days later I drove her to be spayed and took her back home. I gave her a warm towel for her incision and the next day drove her to adoptions. I once again talked to the rescue about how bad the poop was and how the blood was still there.
The vet results had come back negative for parasites but they said it could have been because there was so little inside to get a good sample. I drove back two days later to drop off a second hefty sample they could work with and have yet heard the results. I was treated very aggressively and like I was a pain in the butt about the whole thing and left unhappy but ok knowing I would be able to take him to my own vet now that he was mine....or so I thought.
I drove to pick up the new foster when the rescue founder informed me that she has decided to find another foster for the new dog because I didn't give her a bath and she was filthy?
1. I've only had her for 31/2 days the first day and a half she slept on her bed and decompressed from her ordeal at the shelter, then she went to the vet and was fixed and down a day from the drugs. then she went to adoptions. She only wanted to be outside the whole time to pee and poop she wasn't running and rolling around going crazy.
2. You can't give a dog who was fixed not even 24 hours before a bath. The water will ruin the stitches.
I was then berated by the founder in-front of everyone at the adoption event, told she always gives dogs baths right away and that I don't know what I'm talking about and she's been doing this for years.
She then said my adoption now will be treated like a regular adoption or I can give the dog back. I have no idea how much she is going to charge me and the only thing I have going for me is every text,email and poop that has transpired.
Also because this decision was so rash I have all of the new dogs meds and she NEEDS them. Kennel Cough is no joke, she has discharge coming from her noes.
So sorry for the rant but I feel like I may be in for a wild awful ride and all I wanted is for the poor dog to get some help. My new boy loves his new pack is also most likely in for some heartbreak.

566 days ago

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