'Half Pint Brawler' K.O.'d by Cement Face Dive ... Hospitalized

6/19/2012 12:15 AM PDT

'Half Pint Brawler' -- K.O.'d by Cement Face Dive ... Hospitalized


-- the badass midget wrestler from the Spike TV show "Half Pint Brawlers" -- went head to head with a slab of cement and lost ... knocking out most of his front teeth and sending him straight to the E.R. 

It all went down Saturday at an independent "midget wrestling" show in Virginia ... Puppet jumped off the top rope of the ring onto a table outside the perimeter -- but seriously fudged the landing.

Puppet tells TMZ ... he overshot the jump by a few feet and instead of hitting the table, he face-planted into the cement floor ... and knocked himself out cold for almost 3 minutes.

We're told he was rushed to a nearby hospital ASAP ... where he was given 8 stitches to fix a gash above his eye. Then doctors gave him some really bad news ... he needs major reconstructive dental surgery to fix all his top teeth.

Luckily the docs numbed the pain with a crap load of morphine ... which Puppet's friends were kind enough to catch on film (below).

Puppet is currently recovering from his surgeries -- and obviously he's not expected to get back in the ring for a couple of weeks.